Chapter 27 – Conclusion (Part 1)

Name: Haiee
Race: Human
Class: Swindler
Level: 12
HP: 0/290
MP: 0/72
Strength: 160
Endurance: 140
Agility: 81
Magical power: 26
Dexterity: 73
Luck: 91
Skills: Trickery Lv 1
Titles: Kidnapper, Murderer.

Name: Sudedan
Race: Human
Class: Axeman
Level: 15
HP: 0/331
MP: 0/81
Strength: 213
Endurance: 202
Agility: 98
Magical power: 27
Dexterity: 105
Luck: 171
Skills: Axe Combat Lv 1
Title: Rapist, Murderer.

First name: Kedanke
Race: Human
Class: Accountant
Level: 7
HP: 0/181
MP: 0/82
Strength: 115
Endurance: 102
Dexterity: 126
Magical power: 31
Dexterity: 211
Good luck: 117
Skills: Arithmetic Lv 2, Speedreading Lv 1
Title: Rapist, Fugitive.


I could only laugh at this bunch of junk, I can’t believe these guys are so weak.

Even my initial stats were around 600, while they only have 100 to 200… And their MP is lower than Iluna’s.


Are humans this weak? I’m glad the dungeon changed my race when it summoned me.

“Hey, where is the blond girl?” While sitting in a formerly luxurious room, now filled with corpses, I asked a man that looked like a pig.

“Bastard, who do you think agyaaaaaaa!”

“Bad, pig… I really can’t see any difference between you and livestock, maybe I should give you to a farmer.” I said that while pinning his hand to the desk with a dagger taken from a corpse.

“Do you have any idea what will happen if you keep this up!? The nobles won’t keep silent!”

I kicked his face, “If you don’t stop babbling, I’ll kill you.” he shut up with that.

I’m interrogating them because I couldn’t find Iluna. Even after searching every nook and cranny of the mansion she was nowhere to be found, so I used the ‘Enemy Detection’ skill to find the survivors and cornered them in this room.


Fir on the other hand, Is outside trying to trace Iluna’s smell, but he got no results so far.

“For a moment I thought you didn’t know her whereabouts, so I’ll ask again, make sure to remember this time, alright?” I put my sword on his neck and started pouring mana on it, the magic circuits instantly reacted.


So far I didn’t get the chance to use the poison because the enemies were too weak, but it should be a good way of threatening them right now.

A purple liquid fell from my weapon and hit the floor, instantly melting it and making the pig tremble in fear, he looked like someone that just received an electric shock.

“If you can’t answer, I might feel saddened, and the blade might touch you… The blond girl, a vampire, seven or eight years old, about this high.” I used my hand to show her height.

The pig didn’t give the answer I wanted though. “… I don’t know!”

“… Ah?”

“N-no! I really don’t know, I swear! When I noticed it, she was already gone!”

“… Where to?”


I pulled my sword away from him a bit, and the pig told me the whole thing.

* * *

Apparently Iluna successfully escaped on her own, they didn’t expect it because there was an expensive magical tool imprisoning her and there was also a guard, but by the time he realized it, she was long gone.

Since Iluna had a buyer already decided and would be sold for a high price, they tried to search for her in a hurry, but there was no time to find her due to the dragons’ attack.

I would like to hear the exact story from the people involved, but the guards assigned to Iluna are already corpses, so this isn’t possible.

Thinking about it though, Iluna had ran by herself when I first found her. She is a really smart child, but I wonder how she actually escaped… Well, it’s fine for as long as Iluna is safe.

“Boss! The reinforcements arrived!!” A man arrived at the room shouting.

“Well done! Hahaha, idiots! I was just buying time to-“ An ally of the pig appeared, but his words were cut short…

Because Fir blew the new guy away as he entered the room, “Fir, Iluna doesn’t seem to be here.” the one that was hit had his head stuck on the wall, his blood coloring it.

“The-there are still the reinforcements!” Their boss muttered.

“Could you be referring to those guys that spread their organs over there?” It seems Fir got rid of them on the way here, there were some corpses I didn’t remember on the corridor.

“Da… Da-damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!” The pig seemed to realize there was no hope, so he rolled away and picked a sword from a nearby corpse.

“Pathetic… Exercise more, pig.” I avoided his attack and made a small cut on the pig’s shoulder.

“Ahhh…? Awaaaaaaaa!” The pig started writhing and shouting as the poison started to erode his body, sweat dropped from the pig’s agonized and ugly face while he desperately pleaded for help.

“You look somewhat sick, I have some important matters to attend to though, so please take care of it yourself.” With these words I left the room, as the pig’s body gradually changed color.

* * *


Outside the mansion, there were many people waiting in a semicircular shape, they pointed their weapons at me, but their entire body was trembling.

… I suppose it can’t be helped with all the ruckus I caused, but I didn’t want to get the attention of the guards. They seem experienced, their equipment is of high quality and they seem properly organized, differently from those idiots from earlier… This is such a bother.


I took a deep breath and released my voice as loud as I could. “Iluunaaaaa!!”

And a voice came in reply. “Big bro!!” It came from closer than I expected.

I turned my face towards its direction and noticed a spell being dispelled, and from within that spell, she appeared and ran towards me.

“Iluna!!” I gave her a big hug as we got back together. “… You did your best, your brother is proud of you.”

“Uhm! I did my best! I did my very best!”


I stroked Iluna’s head gently while we hugged, however, she raised her head and showed me a tearful expression. “Many others aside from me were caught… Please help them big bro!”

“Alright, I’ll do something about it, so could you please go back with Fir for now?”

Iluna gave a very cheerful smile and nodded. “Okay, thank you very much! I’ll be waiting with Fir!”

“Leave it to me!

Fir, go ahead and leave town, I’ll follow you soon.” Fir seemed anxious, but nodded, put Iluna on his back, and ran.

“Th-the wolf escaped!” One soldier shouted.

“Alright, fire at will!” Another exclaimed.

For a moment they got distracted by Fir, but they immediately turned their attention back to me.

“… I’ll kill all of you!!” Forgetting I was once a human, I let out a huge roar. My mana started overflowing and the surroundings got impacted by it, breaking the glasses of the surrounding buildings.

The violent crushing sound, added to the wave of magical power, made many of the group nearby faint.


I was angry.

On Iluna’s cheek… There was a mark of a hit.


What a joke.

To think they dared hitting such a young child… My anger dyed my sight red and it filled my whole body.


I clenched my teeth and grasped my sword with enough strength to deform its handle.

At that moment…

“Calm down, Yuki.” A warm feeling wrapped itself around my back, I could feel it slowly melting the anger that was swirling inside me.

“… Lefy.” Before I could notice her, she had approached me and wrapped her arms around my back, then put her head on my shoulder. A sense of security came from Lefy’s presence.

“Calm down, you already accomplished your purpose and got back on whoever hurt Iluna. We have no reason to remain here.” I couldn’t reply to her words… “Besides, I’m hungry, instead of spending effort in dealing with those guys, wouldn’t it be much better to cook something for someone as great as me?”

She said this with a very relaxed voice and I felt there was a faint smile on her face… I took a deep breath and smiled as well. “Alright, let’s go home, I’ll give you something to eat.”

“You better make something great, my expectations are very high and I won’t forgive a mediocre meal.”

“Idiot, if I give you my special recipe, you won’t be able to enjoy any other sweets for a few days.”


… In that case I don’t mind if you restrain yourself a bit.” As Lefy switched back to our usual banter, so did I move along with her flow, before I noticed, my mood was back to normal.

“… I’m sorry to interrupt, but could you be a demon?” Slowly, a man that did not lose consciousness approached us to talk. He seemed to be barely standing though, probably because of the impact of the mana wave.

“… What is it old man?” I replied.

“I-I am Raylor Lu-Luvia, the lord of this town. If I may make an assumption, I presume you came here to take one of your relatives back?”

“Yes my sister was kidnapped, so I came to pick her up.” I confirmed.

“I am truly sorry for that. As an apology, could you come with me to the Lord’s Manor?”

… Why is this man bothering with inviting me when he noticed I’m a demon and hostile to mankind?

Also, he is looking at Lefy with a face that indicates pure terror… Could he be…? I activated my analysis to be sure.

… As expected. He is a person with the analysis skill, in other words, he knows Lefy is the Supreme Dragon.

Lefy said that she was a legendary being in the human world… Judging from his reaction, it seems to be true.

I guess I suddenly don’t look that much like a big shot anymore when compared to her.

“What do you want to do, Yuki?” Lefy asked.

“Let’s go with him, there is something I need to do.” After all, Iluna requested something of me.

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