Maou ni Nattanode

Chapter 39 Warning at Night





Time to time, the soldier on night duty yawns while patrolling, comes in front of the open-fire and groups with the other soldiers on standby.

What’s weird is that even though such weak and easy preys like humans are just in front of their eyes, the atrocious monsters who always jump on me are nowhere nearby and are observing the situation from afar.

It’s possible that they are using a magic tool similar to the one used at Riru — and because of that, the demons can’t come close even if they wanted to.


In front of those sleepy tents, I advanced boldly without even trying to hide.

Even when the soldiers come in front of me, they don’t notice me and just pass by.


This was due to the skill ‘Spy’.

The lower the skill points, the lower the effects get but… Seeing how these guys can’t notice a thing, I can tell that they are just small fries.


And like that, after proceeding through the campsite without being noticed by anyone, I arrived in front a certain tent. Compared to the others, it was one size larger and more grand.


–This is probably it.


After taking a glance at it, I slipped inside without hesitation.


“….Who is it?”


As soon as I went in, a low, cautious voice asked my identity.


“….Oho? You can tell?”


As I thought, pretty strong.


In front of me, I saw the person get up from the bed, take his sword and be wary of the ‘something’ that came inside the tent.


This man has the highest level among all the tents. Among the humans, that is. But if it were one of the war-level monster Ryuu was talking about the other day, they could easily crush this guy. I have also already confirmed that his skills were mostly to make use of squads, as he had ‘Tactics’ and ‘Command’.


There’s probably no mistake that this guy is this army’s commander.


I controlled my mana and slowly decreased the skill’s effect to reveal myself.




“Don’t shout. I will kill you.”


-Zoom- I raised my mana just for a moment to make him aware of my bloodlust and overpower him.


This is a mana operating technique I learnt when I had gone to the city before. If I clearly call to mind the intent to ‘kill’, and apply it into my mana to emit to the surroundings, I can make my bloodlust known stronger than the opponent.

Small or big, there is an organ to sense mana in all living beings in this world, which makes it possible to shower them with the ‘flood’ of bloodlust.


Its effect is quite high. Although it doesn’t work on people stronger than me but if they are the same level or lower than me, I can use it to make them falter. If they are even weaker, I can also make them faint.


And even this time, although it wasn’t as high as to make him faint, the guy was now dripping cold sweat from his face and shut his open mouth.


“You’re the supreme commander here, huh?”


I asked, with as much dignity as I could.

I am a demon lord, after all. Must make it so they don’t make light of me.


“….N-no, that’s wrong….”









Eh? Seriously?


Although the man looked like he was really cautious of me, it didn’t feel like he was lying.


…… Seems to be the truth.


Uwaah, this is bad, what do I do? This is so embarrassing. I was completely wrong after I confidently went and said ‘You’re the supreme commander, huh?’.

Or rather, I see. That’s right. When I think of it normally, just because he is the strongest doesn’t mean he would be commander.

Crap. I wanna get into a hole if I can. Better instead, I wanna dig one myself and get in.

….N-no, wait. Calm down. Think properly.


There’s no mistaking that this guy is the strongest among this army. If so, he should have befitting influence as well. His tent was also larger and better than the others and even though he is not the supreme commander, he is definitely of commander class.


That’s right, there’s no way my calculations are that wrong.


“Hm, I see. You seemed the strongest so I thought you would be the commander. So I was wrong.”


“….The supreme commander is different.”


The man said, with a very bitter face.


…… I see, seems like the situation kind of complicated here.

If I am not wrong, since there is the noble system here, there could be a person higher ranked than this guy who took the power.


Well, either way, I don’t care about such circumstances.


“Then you shall be the one to tell them. Everything I am going to say now, word by word.”




Although the man looked hesitant, he accepted without resisting.


He doesn’t have the ‘analyze’ skill but it seems like he understands the difference between us. As expected of someone who is especially higher in level compared to the ones surrounding.

Moreover, seeing how he is observing everything while listening to me, he is probably quite good.


“Listen carefully. I don’t know of your situation and I don’t care. Why you people came here or what’s your objective. However — don’t go any further than this land. This is already my territory. If you do come — I will kill you. I will murder every single one of you, without fail. If you don’t want to die then turn around and leave.”


He swallowed his saliva hearing my words but mustered up enough courage and spoke,


“….I-I want to ask one thing.”




“….Why, even though you have so much strength, do you go for warnings?”


In response to his question, I wore a villainish smile and answered,


“That’s — obviously because it’s too bothersome.”




“I don’t particularly think anything of you people. I don’t have the slightest interest in you all. And so, if you don’t oppose me, I won’t do anything but–if you were to oppose me, I will crush you. Don’t you think crushing ants one by one is bothersome?”


“–To you, we are the same as insects…?!”


“There’s not much difference.”


Well, the insects are quite strong in this forest, though. I felt the most fear when I went up against them. It’s seriously traumatic when huge insects come attacking.


In that sense, I guess I could say that insects are much more of a threat to me.


“Well then, that is how it is. I will give you some time. If you don’t want to die, make the wise choice.”


I left saying that, activating ‘spy’ again and disappeared into the darkness.



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