Maou ni

Chapter 40 The Dungeon’s Real Strength

“….Well, I guess it wouldn’t be that simple, huh?”


I muttered while checking the map.


Looks like the man I came in contact with indeed felt the threat we posed as right after I had disappeared, he rushed out of the tent and knocked his subordinates out of bed, then hurried to the actual supreme commander’s tent.


However, seems like the other men who didn’t meet me thought that that man had gone crazy and threw him out of the tent.


Being thrown out of the tent, the man then went on to break free of the other men restraining him and retreated from the forest with just his squad.


A wise decision. After all, no matter what others think of you, you would be the winner as long as you survive.


“….Hey, Yuki. Why are you returning so casually?”


“No, I just went to warn them just now.”


“….If so, then you should have said that earlier. It makes me look like an idiot ‘cause I saw you off like that and thought of staying up till you come back.”


She said blushing, with a sullen, unhappy expression.


I couldn’t help but think of that as cute.


“Now, now, don’t be so glum. It was my bad. I will show you something interesting instead, alright?”


I said while visualizing the map so that even Lefy could see it.


Although I don’t quite understand the basis of it, it seems the dungeon’s function which visualizes the map for non-authorized people can only be used on those I trust to a certain degree. Although Lefy is still being treated as an invader, she is able to see the menu screen if I allow it.


Doing that, I showed her the additional indicators on the map.


“These are… those invaders?”


“Yep. Idiots who came to attack us.”


The campsite I visited a while ago was projected on the screen. Even the stupid, sleepy face of the night guard could be seen perfectly.


This was because of the ‘Evil Eye’ skill from a dungeon monster. It’s a monster with just a baseball size eyeball with wings and the video we were watching was what it was seeing.


Simply put, it’s a remote camera. Before returning, I left a lot of those there. This was how I saw that man crowd into the commander’s tent.


They are extremely convenient but these guys, they seem to be like inanimate demons–in other words, golems, and use the dungeon’s magical power as their source of power and therefore can’t be used outside the dungeon territory.


Well, that’s still more than enough, though. I basically do not plan on leaving this dungeon, after all. Although it is true that I really feel like going on an ‘another world’ trip, leaving behind the dungeon core, which is technically my heart, doesn’t sit well with me.


Now then, since these guys are remaining here despite my warning, they seem to be hostile.


It could be that they have come here for an entirely different reason but either way, they have already entered my territory.


As they are still staying even after I went as far as to politely tell them that ‘This place is actually my home~’, this is what you would call trespassing. Moreover, they are armed.


Since that is the case, I shall also not hold back to protect myself. With this pitiable folks, I shall use them as guinea pigs for the tra–er, I mean, I shall proceed with legitimate self defense, yes.



*   *   *




Suddenly, one of the sentry soldiers voiced his doubt,


“…..Hmm? What? When did it become morning?”


In response to that question, the soldier next to him answered,


“Haha, what are you talking about? Did you doze off? It’s… still… nigh…”


That soldier couldn’t finish his sentence.


That’s because, a different soldier, had pierced his heart from behind.

“E-enemy attack!! We’re surrounded!!”


The man who stabbed his ally to death shouted, and then pointed his sword to an empty space and started swinging as if there were somebody there.


He had not realized the fact, that the scene the men next to him saw differed from his.


The fact that, the contents of the conversation he had heard the men next to him say were completely different from what he thought.


And that, abruptly, turned the campsite tumultuous.


The men who realized that something was off woke up one after another and lit their torches until the campsite was completely lit.


“What is going on!?!”


A man looking like the actual commander appeared and exclaimed. A stout, fat man who, at first glance, gave off the vibes of a person that has gained their position through authority.


“W-we don’t know!! Everyone is speaking of different thin–”


The man reporting back suddenly collapsed. And at the same time, his head slid off, fell and rolled to the commander’s foot.






Behind the man who had come to report, another completely disordered ally soldier holding a bloody sword sluggishly said something with his mouth half open.


“O-oi, stop it! So-someone!! Stop this man!!”


In response to the commander’s orders, the soldiers in the surrounding hurriedly captured that man.


“What the hell is exactly going on here?!!”


At present, the campsite had fallen into a complete state of chaos.


Seeing it all play out, Lefy muttered with interest,


“Hou… bewitching shrub, eh?”


“Oh, surprised you got it.”


I expressed my surprise as Lefy could identify the cause with just one look.


The one I used was called Roush Gift Balm–AKA ‘Bewitching Shrub’.


As an ability, it discharges hallucinogenic magical power to the surrounding and holds the power to bewilder every creature in the area.


As it doesn’t have immediate effect, using it against demons is useless ‘cause they always run away when they realize but humans aren’t that susceptible to magical power.


The magical power emitted from the shrub slowly accumulates inside the body and although the effect differs from person to person, with ample time, it turns one into a complete lunatic.


Of course, it doesn’t grow naturally–the dungeon produced it and I planted it.



The convenient part of this is how this shrub can be used as a trap.


As it’s a trap set by the dungeon, it can be used unrestrictedly within dungeon territory–meaning, it is also possible to remote control it from the throne and know when to let the hallucinogenic magical power let loose into the surrounding. I had immediately activated it when they didn’t heed my warning.


By the way, this might digress from the situation a bit, but attacks of this type of magical power don’t have any effect on Lefy or me.


The reason behind that seems to be because the amount of magical power we possess is overwhelmingly high. The logic behind is that the dense magical power in our bodies are constantly whirling and don’t leave any space for any outward interference.


And for me, as my body is composed of the root of magic–mana, although attacks of magic will probably directly affect me, this kinda extra effects seem to bounce off due to the density of my mana. I had nervously tried a high grade potion just once and it had no effect whatsoever.


“But, just this won’t completely annihilate them, will it?”


“Well, this is just the beginning. There’s no way someone as ingenious as me will get it over with just this, right?”


“Did ya know? The people who call themselves ingenious are mostly just normal, run of the mill people?”


“Then, let’s go with that–So ingenious that I have never lost in a board game against the Supreme Dragon Lefy.”


“Th-this is just the beginning! It’s just that you have a slight superiority in that game! Besides, that game a while ago is not over yet!! If you are going to say that, let’s settle this quick, Yuki!!”


“Yes, yes, later.”


I said, laughing while patting the grumpy Lefy’s head and then began operating the next trap.






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