The Secret Room


Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and found this at the top of the daily rankings.

Now, I really don’t believe that my work here qualifies for first place. I’ll do my best to improve.

I hope we’ll have more fun together in the future.



Once Fal had turned on the lights inside the room and turned the key in its lock to shut the door, she went about searching for books. I took the chance to look around for the evil dragon book.

There was nothing there to indicate that the books here were sorted by genre, so it was a given that my search would be more difficult this time around.

While I did indeed worry that the book would take some time to find, it turned up in a matter of minutes.

There were two books in stock. I reached for the one to my left and began reading.


Notes Concerning the Evil Dragon

The ‘evil dragon’ mentioned in these notes refers to the Evil Dragon Ouroboros. The creature itself is a terrifying one, said to be a servant of the dark god. Legend has it that it once let its wrath sweep across the earth, and that countless creatures were eradicated as it did so.

Very little is known about this creature’s interactions with its environment. Scales as black as the night adorn a body. Sources state that this dragon is enormous, and approximately 15 metres long.

With this meagre amount of information, there is little doubt that many a man would assume this creature to be nothing more than a black dragon that happens to have grown exponentially.

More recent discoveries, however, state that any onlooker is overcome by a profound sense of dread, so much so that it cannot possibly be compared to a regular black dragon.

Furthermore, there is nothing superficial about the power it holds. It has decimated many things, over and over again, and it is said that it only required two days to destroy the royal capital.

Its scales offer protection against all manner of attacks. Thorough inspection of a lone, discarded scale that had been retrieved by chance proved that destroying it was impossible. The same applied for light scars.

One cannot stress enough just how fearsome the evil dragon is.

Its very existence can easily be conflated with a natural disaster. It is said that the only one capable of opposing this creature is the holy dragon –


I didn’t have to spend too much time reading this book before realising that it offered little new information…

Thought I did force myself to read through the whole thing, just to be on the safe side, it did little more that go on and on about how terrifying the dragon was. Reading it had accomplished little.

Setting the book back to its original position, I took the other book that had been placed to my right.


On the Destruction of Honol Village, Thought to Have Been Instigated by the Evil Dragon

When Honol Village ceased its payment of taxes and any form of contact prove futile, we set out towards it. When we arrived, however, there was no village to be seen.

The spot where the village had once been was destroyed beyond all hopes of repair, and there was not a single trace of its former structure.

Though we assumed, quite naturally, that the villagers had all perished, we found a lone survivor in the form of a little girl. She was in great shock, and was incapable of simple speech when we found her. Once we reached the capital, however, she appeared to have regained some of her strength. It was enough for her to tell us that a dragon, black in hue, had attacked the village and destroyed it in barely half a day.

We had no choice but to acknowledge her claims. We believed that something much more terrifying had laid waste to the village.

Further investigation concluded that the dragon that had defiled the village had been none other than the Evil Dragon, Ouroboros.

Though nothing was truly confirmed, this conclusion was only reinforced by what had been written inside that book, and by what the girl had told us. The atrocity that befell the village, as well as the scales were also factors.

As of yet, the evil dragon remains undiscovered. Should the world ever find out about this, there is a good chance that it will fall into chaos. This information will therefore be designated as classified.


This wasn’t much of a book, I thought. It was more of a report.

Curious when this had all been recorded, I searched for the date of writing, down to the day and year.

“That makes this twelve years old… That’s not too long ago, huh?”

If there was one thing I had understood out of all of this, it was little more than the fact that this dragon was a tyrannical beast that destroyed everything without discrimination until nothing was left.

Although, there was one thing I thought to be odd.

Why had it taken two days for it to destroy the royal capital, but only half a day to destroy that village? With the stats I’d seen, that thing could’ve easily taken out the whole village in a matter of hours and the royal capital in under a day.

Was there some kind of condition that had to be met before it could use its power? Or was there some kind of reason it held back from what it could really do?

“…Haven’t got a clue.”

I’d searched for and found everything this place had to offer. I was ready to go home.

“Fal, I think I’ll be taking my leave… Wait, why’re you behind me?”

“I already looked up what I needed to. I was waiting for you to finish, Al.”

“Aah… Sorry about that. Really didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”

“If you’re really that sorry, then please, be my guest and come over to my place.”

“Come on, I don’t see how those two things are related.”

Having dealt with Fal in good humour, I made my way to the door.

“Honestly… It’s thanks to me you even got in here, you know. I’d like to be thanked every once in a while, just a little bit.”

“I’m not just a little thankful. I’m really, really grateful for this. Seriously, thank you.”

“Oh. R-Really? W-Well then, as long as you get it…”

Fal seemed a little off-put, almost as if she hadn’t expected me to actually thank her.

We then left the room, handed both the key and the written permit back to the woman, and Fal finally vanished with the escorts that vigilantly stood at the library’s entryway.

“Well then, what am I supposed to do now…?”

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