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軽く頭を振って、頭痛が治まったのを確認した私は、伯爵令嬢らしく可愛らしく整えられた部屋の中を見回した。Shaking my head lightly, I confirmed that my headache had subsided. I looked around the room that was arranged to seem very sweet and lovely, fitting for an Earl’s daughter.

部屋の広さはそこそこある。The room is quite spacious.


まあ、くさっても伯爵令嬢である。前世で節約の末ゲットした念願のマイホームのリビングよりもずっと広く、ざっとこの部屋だけで二十畳はあるだろうか。 主寝室だけでこの広さ。王族や公爵とは比べものにならないだろうが、前世日本の住宅事情を思い出せば、贅沢すぎるほどだ。Well, even if rotten it is still an Earl’s daughter. It is much wider than my long sought after home that I had saved up for in my previous life, the room is roughly the size of twenty tatami mats. A main bedroom is at just this size. It can not be compared to the royal family or the duke, but remembering the previous life’s housing situation in Japan, it would be much too luxurious.


しかもこの部屋に加えて、私専用のリビングルームや小寝室まであるのだ。とりあえず小寝室といってみたが、あの部屋は一体なんなんだろう。Moreover, in addition to this room, there is a private living room and a small bedroom. For the time being I tried the small bedroom, but what is that room.

主寝室に飽きたら使うんだろうか?まぁいい。Do you use it when you grow tired of the main bedroom? Well, it’s fine.



そして寝室にはリビングに続く扉とは別に、衣装部屋への扉があった。Apart from the living room door in the bedroom, there is a door leading to the dressing room.

衣装部屋に足を踏み入れると、コロコロとした大きめな私にそっくりなコロコロとした大きめな……つまり装飾過多でビックサイズのドレスが所狭しと掛けてあった。When you step into the dressing room, korokoro, it was large just like me, korokoro, and bigger…… In other words, my large sized dress were crammed and hung in this place.(TLN: I think korokoro is the sound of Cosette lightly laughing/giggling. I’m not really sure)


これは……ひどいわ…… This…… is terrible……

前世の意識がなかった今までは気付かなかったが、それらの衣装はいたるところにフリルやリボンがあしらわれ、どこもかしこもふっくらとした私の体型をカバーしつくして覆い隠すように……なにこれ?みのむしなの?Until now I did not notice since there was no prior consciousness, but those clothing were decorated with frills and ribbons everywhere. Fully covering everywhere to mask my plump physique…… What is this? Is it a bagworm?

しかも全体的にピンク色だ。Moreover, it was entirely all pink in colour.


膨張色……前世の知識でいえば、デブにこのドレスたちは最悪である。Colour expansion…… Speaking of my knowledge in the previous life, these chubby dresses are the worst.

大きな肩幅をさらに大きく逞しくみせ、ふとましい腰まわりを腰だと気付かせないくらいにカバーしている。It grandly accentuates the shoulder width to be larger, and it suddenly covers up around the waist to the extent that one cannot even tell where the waist is.

カバー力抜群だ。Cover force supreme.


おかげさまで体のほぼ全てを覆い尽くされた私は、さながら大きな球体である。押したら転がりそう。いや、マジで。Thanks to covering almost all of my body, it is just like a large sphere. When pushed, it’s likely to roll. No, seriously.

十歳にしてこの逞しさ……子供相撲大会でもあらば、見た目だけなら横綱間違いなしだ。Ten years old, into this robust…… If there is a children’s sumo tournament, with this appearance there is no mistake to be the grand champion.

力士のような体力は当然ない。Of course there is no strength like a sumo wrestler

だって令嬢だもの。Because it is a young lady.

屋敷内と趣味の庭造りしか出歩かないし、食事は毎日フルコース。I only go outside within the estate grounds for my gardening hobby, the meal everyday is full course.

これがまた美味しくて……ついつい令嬢のたしなみも忘れておかわり!と元気よく叫んでしまうほどだ。This is also delicious…… The young miss carelessly forgets restraint and asks for seconds! Cheerfully shouting without limits.


腕のいい料理人と、娘が可愛くて仕方ない両親のおかげで、コゼットはすくすくふくふくと大きく成長した。A skilled chef, an adorably cute daughter, thanks to the parents it was unavoidable, Cosette rapidly grew up big.

そう、横に……Yes, horizontally……


衣装部屋に設置してある姿見を覗き込むと、わりと大きめの姿見からはみ出しそうな自分の姿が確認できた。Looking into the full length mirror installed in the dressing room, I was able to confirm the appearance of a protruding figure from the comparatively large full length mirror.

うーん……太い……Uun…… Fat……


悲惨な現状を再確認した私は、ダイエットを決意した。After reconfirming my disastrous situation, I was determined to diet.





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