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I Am an NPC

Chapter 24


Emperor Shixi twitched his mouth and he was brought home by Yan Xurao. Even if he wanted to let go of his hand, he couldn’t. The driver looked at the first master taking the second master down, and he swallowed with panic. Gosh! How did he survive?


After they returned home, Manager Yan lowered his back and he was holding a basket of cabbages, “first master, Xiao Nuo, here you are!” Seeing them holding hands, he was so happy that he touched his beard.


“Yes!” Yan Xurao still looked the same. He just nodded. No one could see a very obvious expression on his face.


“Uncle Yan, what are you doing here?” Emperor Shixi was looking at the vegetables of Manager Yan and asked strangely. Who would be holding a basket of cabbages and walking around in the room?


“Oh,” Manager Yan only realized now that he’s still holding the cabbages. It looked indeed weird, “there’re altogether two chefs in the kitchen, one for western cuisine and one for Chinese cuisine. Originally, chef Wang would be on holiday today, but chef Liu’s wife suddenly had to give birth and now she’s having a difficult time, we all think that she won’t be able to make it. Chef Liu is in the hospital accompanying his wife. There’s no one who could really cook in the kitchen. I don’t want anyone else to do it either. I was afraid that it won’t suit your taste. So, please try uncle Yan’s cuisine tonight!”


“Manager Yan!” Yan Xurao hurriedly interrupted him, “there’s no need to. I’ll take Xiao Nuo to eat outside!” In the whole Yan family, only Manager Yan thought that he cooked well. Since he was little, Manager Yan had insisted to learn cooking out of some unknown reason. Everything that he cooked had been tasted by Yan Qianyi. One time, he forced Yan Qianyi to eat something that he cooked, which almost caused Yan Qianyi to be admitted into hospital. Although Yan Qianyi spoilt him, he couldn’t let him harm Yan Nuo like this!


“Let me.” Emperor Shixi thought for a while. During this period, he had tried many specialties with the crew, and he hadn’t found them really that mouthwatering. It’s like every dish was based on taste these days, and it’s all about seasonings and flavor. Those chicken had their genes modified and they had 6 pairs of wings, there were vegetables of different sizes, and although they looked pretty, they’ve lost their soul. It’d only cause harm to one’s body if you eat it too much. After a long while, he couldn’t really take it anymore. Although everyone kept eating them, and he could also live with it, he had to grab the opportunity of the day.


Manager Yan Yan Xurao looked at him with surprised, Yan Xurao asked him directly with disbelief, “are you sure that it’s fine?”


Manager Yan nodded again, this time he stood on the side of his first master.


Emperor Shixi didn’t respond, he took the two baskets of cabbages in the hands of Manager Yan and walked into the kitchen. Then, he took out the stuff and put them all inside. These days, he’d been using so much electricity at home, and he had already understood the usage of most of it. He thought that everything needed to be used with electricity, right?


In fact, he thought that there is a dominant energy everywhere. For example, the dominant energy of the reincarnation of the mainland is “aura.” And the daily life of human beings requires various means to compress the aura to run along a certain route. This has in turn formed a lot of arrays, spells, jade and even different kinds of exercises. All can be activated by inputting the energy of aura. You just need to think of the line of the alien world as the route of the aura, then inject the electricity of the alien world. Can’t it produce another use? Recently, he has read many books, and he has read a lot on the magic world. He thought that the elements of the magic world are also a kind of energy, that’s why there are a series of derivatives such as scrolls and alchemy products.


Manager Yan and Yan Xurao were standing outside the kitchen. They looked at Emperor Shixi wearing his apron, and he looked pretty determined. With his attitude alone, he looked even more professional than a real chef.


Manager Yan made a bitter look to Yan Xurao in a hidden place, “Xiao Nuo, what if I help you a bit?”


“There’s no need. My brother, leave it. Go upstairs and take a shower. When you’re done, it’ll be ready.” Emperor Shixi said so without a care, then, he took out the vegetables, meat and eggs, and started washing them in the sink.


Seeing how determined his little brother was, Yan Xurao felt that his stomach started aching again. He couldn’t help but start rubbing it. He thought he’d already gotten away from Manager Yan, yet he hadn’t thought of Yan Nuo at all. He had to check upstairs whether there’s medicine for stomachache.

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