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When he was reincarnated to the mainland, Emperor Shixi had inherited culinary skills from his master chef. Before becoming Emperor, he’d sometimes roast some chicken wings on the roadside or make something yummy. However, he’d never touched these things after becoming the Emperor. Still, a chef is a chef, even though he hadn’t made these himself, he only had to be guided by his instincts. Once he got his kitchen knife, he’d immediately become an experienced cook. Whether it’s about cutting or using the wok, all looked so familiarized. His actions were rapid, elegant and natural. Once he clapped his hands, the vegetables were flying upward, and after waving his knife for a few times, the vegetables all “landed” on the chopping board neatly.


Manager Yan, who was still waiting to be rescued outside the kitchen, was completely stunned. He kept looking at the performance. Could it be cooking or dancing? His second master is just too handsome!


Seeing how Emperor Shixi threw a fish into the sink, scraping the scales, breaking the stomach and pulling out the fish intestines, Manager Yan’s mouth kept twitching. This is way too cruel, much bloodier than murder!


Manager Yan was standing there, looking openly. He was wondering if second master really knew cooking or not. Why didn’t he put the fish on the wok first, and not the flavorings? He really wanted to step forward and pour the cooking wine on top…wait, what if it didn’t work out? What if it’d hurt Xiao Nuo? Would he eat it or not? These were real questions!


“Didn’t we promise each other we’d be together forever? Didn’t we say that we’d face the world even if it’s the end?”


When hearing his phone ring, Emperor Shixi frowned and took out his phone. He answered without looking at the number, “hello, who’s this?”


“Xiao Xi! Don’t you take me as your friend anymore?” Du Qing sounded a bit pitiful there. He sounded sad and angry at the same time!


“What now?” Emperor Shixi asked carelessly.


“Why are you still asking me this? Why didn’t tell me that your name is Yan Nuo? How come you never replied to my messages?” Du Qing sounded more and more miserable, almost like crying.


“Information? What information?” Emperor Shixi started doubting. Let alone messages, he only knew how to pick up phone calls, and he didn’t know what to do with the other functions. Also, all of his energy was put on the crew.

“You are…bad!” Du Qing became mad, and suddenly, there’s a sound of vegetables being boiled. “What are you doing? What noise was that?”


“I’m frying vegetables…” He took the phone and pointed the headphone to his ear. Emperor Shixi looked back and saw Yan Xurao. Perhaps he’d just had shower, and his hair was still wet.


“Oh, Xiao Xi is cooking! I want to taste it!” Du Qing was really curious. His best friend was cooking, and he still hadn’t tried any of it! Gosh, maybe think of how long you’ve met first.


“If you want to, then come!” Emperor Shixi was really focused on cooking and he hadn’t thought much about what he was saying. His master once told him that, once you begin doing something, you’ve gotta do it perfectly. And during this process, you need to treat this thing as best as you can, and as seriously as you can. Then, no matter what the result would be, you have to accept it.

“Really? That’s really great! Xiao Xi is inviting me, and here I come!” Du Qing no longer thought about what Emperor Shixi was going to say, he hung up and went downstairs, “brother, Xiao Xi is inviting me for dinner. I want to go!”


That side, the big brother of the family Du, Du Zhong also hung up on the extension after hearing the phone being hung up. And he heard his little brother’s action, “brother, you can’t say that Xiao Xi was lying to me anymore. Now…haha, Xiao Xi is inviting me for dinner. And Xiao Xi cooked it himself! What a genius!” While Du Qing was running downstairs, he jumped next to Du Zhong, “I want to go! I want to go!”

“Okay, okay, but I have to go too, and I’m coming with you!” Originally, Du Qing looked quite happy, but now he looked worried. Du Zhong held Du Qing and supported his bottom, and before he pouted, Du Zhong added, “or else you don’t get to go either.”

“But Xiao Xi has only invited me.” Du Qing tilted his head – Xiao Xi didn’t invite brother!

“No problem. His brother invited me!” Du Zhong opened his eyes widely while lying.

“Alright then.” Du Qing nodded helplessly, “whatever you say.”




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