The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 96 – Huh? And what do you mean, I lost? Why did I lose?

Gunshots rang from the castle walls.

Unlike earlier, it wasn’t a rapid succession of bullets being fired. There were pauses and the sounds of huge explosions. It seemed as if a variety of firearms were being used.

However, even those sounds started to grow distant. Apparently, the person was on the move while still fighting.

“Yes, it’s hard to have to stay still in one place the whole time.”

Tomochika was currently hiding in the forest at the top of a tree.

She had completely erased her own presence.

Mokomoko was the only person who could hear her.

‘But, there is nothing you can do. If it was a straight-up battle, then you might be able to get by with your skills and the abilities of the battle suit. But they will use tricks that you won’t be able to deal with.’

Tomochika was wearing a battle suit and was prepared to fight. She had no intention of fighting if it wasn’t necessary, but the suit would make a huge difference if she did. Even if it was just for protection or to run away, it would be useful.

“Well, I wouldn’t want to fight even if I could deal with them.”

Of course, she didn’t want to fight against classmates that were trying to kill her.

What she wanted to do, was to reunite with Yogiri as soon as possible. He was the one person that could get her out of this situation. That is what Tomochika thought.

‘Oh? I thought it was some kind of scouting ability at first. How interesting.’


It seemed like Mokomoko had noticed something. And so Tomochika carefully observed her surroundings.

However, she was not able to notice any change.

‘Spirits. Someone is using the spirits of weak enemies and unleashing them in the area.’

Tomochika was able to see Mokomoko, but she was an exception. She didn’t actually have any spiritual abilities.

“Isn’t this really bad? Why don’t you go and eat them?”

‘You idiot! Why do I have to eat stuff like that!’

“Uh, I just thought that ghosts might like to eat other ghosts.”

‘This is no time to talk about such nonsense. There are a lot of them out there. It would be safe to assume that the person controlling them knows about what is happening here. Not only that, but there is an electromagnetic interference as well. We won’t be able to call anyone.’

“Why would ghosts cause an interference…”

‘You know. It’s like how in horror movies, phones suddenly stop working? It’s the spirits that are causing your smartphone’s reception to be unstable! As we don’t have physical bodies, we are more similar to electromagnetic waves and light.’

“What… That’s so stupid… Well, whatever. Did you say that someone was controlling them? I don’t remember there being anyone with such an ability.”

She thought of all the abilities that she knew about. And she couldn’t think of anyone that fitted.

The closest one was the reaper. But that person was already dead.

‘Perhaps the person had the ability from earlier. That is possible. Or someone was lying about their ability. Still, we can’t stay here now that someone knows.’

There was no point in staying in one place now.

And so Tomochika jumped down from the tree.

First, she had to move. It was just as she had decided to do this that she felt someone’s presence.

It was coming towards her and doing nothing to remain undetected.

While Tomochika had great vision, there were limits to what she could see in the dark. And she could not make out the person that was approaching.


It was Romiko’s voice.

However, Tomochika decided to run away.

She would never have run off alone in the first place if she felt that she could trust her friends unconditionally.

Yes, Romiko was her friend.

But she didn’t trust her in the current situation.

‘She may be the one controlling them. It’s very suspicious that she knew who you were when you couldn’t even see her yet.’

Tomochika ran. She needed to get away first. And so she moved in a direction where there were no other presences.


However, she suddenly had to stop.

Someone had popped out from behind a tree.

‘It’s a spirit! But, how are you able to see it!?’

Mokomoko struck down the slowly moving shape. As you’d expect from a spirit, it easily faded into nothing.

However, it was quickly replaced by another one.

They kept appearing.

“Hey. Would it be bad if I touched them?”
‘You’ll take a little damage. It’s like a curse. If it’s only a little over a short time, then it will be fine. Otherwise, it can be dangerous. It can even kill you.’

“Oh, okay. I get that impression.”

It felt like it stuck to her and she was being damaged repeatedly.

She could get passed one or two, but it would hurt her if they all came at once.

As she thought about this, she heard the sounds of footsteps slowly approaching.

“Tomochi. Don’t run away.”

Romiko jumped out from the shadow of a tree. And then she talked in her usual lazy voice.

“Are you doing this, Mikochi?”

She asked cautiously. She didn’t know what Romiko’s intentions were. Why had she come all of this way to meet her?

“Yes. You were running away, so I thought that if I let you see them, you would be so surprised that you would stop.”

Romiko’s ability was supposed to be about counting numbers.

However, if she was actually capable of doing such things as this, Tomochika would have to alter her perception.

“Why are you here? You do know that everyone is killing each other?”

“Yes, even I understand the situation that we are in. But I don’t think it will come to that. After all, you can’t kill people, Tomochi.”

‘No, this person carved out her grandfather’s eye when she was ten. She’s a dangerous beast.’

“As if!”

“I see. That poor old man.”

“I didn’t do anything of the sort! Also, didn’t you saying something about it being father’s eye before!?”

‘Oh, so then you did it to both of them…’

“Am I some kind of eyeball collector now!”

While she said this, Tomochika realized something.

Romiko could hear Mokomoko’s words.

So she did have an ability to control spirits.

“So, I’m going to ask you again. Why are you here?”

If it was to kill her, she could have just continued to attack from long distance with her spirits.

And yet she had come all of this way to talk to her in person. Tomochika could not understand the reason for it.

“I’m just like you, Tomochi. I have a guardian ghost.”


Just as Romiko said this, a figure appeared behind her.

“What’s that!? I prefer that one!”

Tomochika compared it with Mokomoko without thinking.

Mokomoko was round and big. She wore an old-looking kimono and had a dazed expression on her face. Her age was unknown.

On the other hand, the spirit behind Romiko was pretty and glamourous. She wore a beautiful dress and had golden hair and fair skin. A pretty girl with clear eyes and pointed nose.

On top of that, her body was glowing in a way that showed off all of her beauty.


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