The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 99 – Stop it with the shameless sexual harassment remarks!

‘What the…what the hell is happening?’

Unable to speak, Ayaka thought to herself.

Unless she had turned into a ghost, she should still be alive.

However, she could not see. Her physical senses were all hazy. She knew nothing of her current situation.

‘It’s likely an atomic bomb. Judging by the shape, I’d say it is a Fat Man. While pretty old, its power has been proven in the past.’

‘You should have said that earlier!’

‘You wouldn’t have been able to dodge it anyway. Really. This only happened because you let your guard down.’

‘What…what is happening to me?’

She didn’t know.

And there was no way to find out.

She couldn’t see anything. She couldn’t hear anything. She couldn’t smell anything. Her limbs wouldn’t move. She couldn’t touch her own body to see if it was there.

Numbness seemed to have enveloped her body.

And to Ayaka, that was scarier than anything.

‘Why was there an atomic bomb! What is going to happen to me!?’

She thought back on the pictures of victims she had seen a long time ago, and she felt nothing but despair.

‘Calm down. First of all, you don’t have to worry about the effects of radiation. As the next generation of humanity, we’ve been designed to be able to survive in a world that is post ‘nuclear war.’’

‘However, the heat that radiation causes through the excitation of atoms in the atmosphere is a different story. The effects of that are serious.’

‘60% of our bodies are gone.’

60% gone from the body. Ayaka didn’t want to even think about it.

‘And while we are still alive, we cannot move.’

‘What about her? What happened to Takekura Kiyoko!’

‘As if a mere human would still be alive in the blast center.’

However, Ayaka had lost almost all of her senses.

She would not know if Kiyoko was now approaching her in order to deal the final blow.

‘What am I supposed to do!’

‘First, you must recover.’

‘It wouldn’t be possible with just your original body, but luckily, we have the power of the dragon.’

‘We will unleash it.’

‘And use Dragon Heal.’

‘If such convenient magic existed, you should have used it already!’

‘There are points to consider.’

‘By using this ability, an irreversible change will occur to us.’

‘And so it requires the consent of the personality unit.’

It had been a while since she last heard it. Ayaka was reminded that she was only a part of this artificial intelligence. A unit.

‘What do you mean, irreversible?’

‘The dragon’s healing ability. After healing, you will, of course, turn into a dragon.’

‘But that doesn’t mean the dragon is going to take over, right?’

‘That is something we considered carefully. But there wasn’t anything within this dragon flesh that we acquired that would suggest that its spirit was still within. And so it’s not possible that it will take over.’

‘Still, becoming a dragon is quite different from what our goal was supposed to be. While it may take time, there is still hope of recovering with the healing ability we already possess.’

‘Do you really think we have time for something like that!?’

She decided immediately.

Who knew how long it would take if she waited in order to be healed with her original ability?

The very idea of remaining in this vague state where she was certain of nothing. It was unbearable.

‘Confirmation acquired.’

‘Then chant.’

‘Dragon Heal.’

In an instant, her body distorted.

Her flesh pushed out and tore through her burnt skin.

Her eyeballs regenerated, and she was able to see her surroundings again.

But there was nothing around her.

The castle walls and trees had been blown away without a trace.

The only thing left was a storm of blazing heat.

The tornado caused by the rise in temperature continued to ravage the area.

Ayaka was absorbing the heat. She was using it to heal. She didn’t understand how this dragon body worked. However, it wasn’t like any mere reptile.

Giant feet grew out. Claws appeared at the tips and pierced the scorched earth.

What grew where her arms used to be were wings. This dragon had no arms. It stood on two legs and had giant wings.

Her entire body was covered in green scales. And rough horns ran down her spine.

It did not take long for her body to heal completely.

“Surprisingly, it’s not as offputting as I thought.”

She had expected to be troubled over how different her body was. But Ayaka adjusted to the dragon form smoothly.

She crushed the ground under her feet and flapped her wings.

Her tail swung and she tried opening her jaw.

Everything felt right.

Ayaka was able to control this dragon body freely.

“So. I must continue my revenge then.”

‘…Can’t you see where you are? Everyone you’d want to kill is already dead.’

“If I know that they are all dead, then I will be satisfied.”

‘However, you can’t use Dragon Sense here… Hmm. But there is something that you can do, now that you have this body.’


‘Dragon Warriors. You can make them with your fangs.’

Ayaka pulled out some fangs from her jaw.

As they regrew immediately, she did not mind doing it.

The dropped fangs sunk into the ground and something else came out.

It was Ayaka.

Ayaka, before she had turned into a dragon. They came out of the ground, one after another.

They were wearing helmets and armor and held spears.

‘You should unleash them. Everything they see and hear will be known to you. And if they encounter an enemy that they can beat, they will.’

“It sounds like you’re just too lazy to do anything now.”

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