‘It just seems like a waste of time. I cannot believe that anyone could have survived.’

And so the Dragon Warriors spread out in every direction.

Ayaka had encountered Takekura Kiyoko when she reached the walls that used to be here.

In that case, the other classmates would have been close by. And now that there were no obstacles to hide behind, they should be easy to find.

And they were.

Three girls and one boy who was carrying someone. They were walking in the hellish wasteland.

Her classmates, Dannoura Tomochika, Ninomiya Ryouko, Carol S. Lain, and Hanakawa Daimon.

Just like she had noticed them, they noticed the Dragon Warriors. Perhaps they knew about the main Ayaka as well. She was huge now. She would be seen easily from far away.

Ayaka decided to attack through the Dragon Warriors.

She no longer fixated on doing it with her own hands.

Or maybe it was because it seemed more fitting to get her revenge by using the Dragon Warriors, who were made in her original image.

She gathered the Dragon Warriors together in a tight formation.

Then they held their spears ready and prepared to charge.

The enemy would have abilities too, and they would fight back. But she didn’t mind. At least she would find out what they were capable of.


She ordered.

The spears pointed at the enemy and the charge began.

However, it stopped suddenly.

The Dragon Warriors began to fall like flies.

“What happened!?”

It hadn’t looked like her classmates did anything. They were just walking.

And yet the Dragon Warriors were no longer moving.

Ayaka gave an order to the Dragon Warriors that were in a different location. Gather here and kill those people.

But the result was the same.

Once they stood before her classmates, they started to fall one after another.

‘Wait! Something is wrong! Don’t waste any more soldiers!’


‘Alpha Omega…is…here…?’

“What are you talking about?”

Ayaka didn’t understand.

However, the units with her seemed to have an idea.

‘This is where your revenge ends.’

‘Retreat at once.’

“Huh? What are you…”

‘We cannot win against that. We cannot fight it. We must not get involved.’

‘We can’t even detect this person. We can’t even begin to fight him.’

“As I said! Explain yourselves! I have no idea what you’re talking about!”

‘Do you remember what we said about being prototypes for the next generation of humans?’

“Yes. That’s why we can survive a world after a nuclear war.”

‘That was one of the threats that mankind could face, but the creators also had another more pressing danger in mind.’

‘Something much more dangerous than a nuclear war. In other words, we were to be the next generation of humankind in the event that humankind went extinct due to the being known as Alpha Omega.’

‘We cannot detect the presence of the one who has stopped pretending to be human, Takato Yogiri, the Alpha Omega. Because even detecting him means being affected by him.’

Why were they suddenly talking about Takato Yogiri? All that guy did was sleep all of the time.

Ayaka was even more confused. None of this made sense.

“Stop…talking so much nonsense! Retreat! Didn’t we transform into this in order to get revenge!? Our target is right there! What is my purpose for existing if I’m just going to run away!”

Flames were coming out of her jaw. Ayaka opened her mouth wide.

Fire swayed within. It was as if they were answering to her anger.

Dragon Breath in her true form.

It was not the same as when she did it as Ayaka. It wasn’t an imitation. This was the real, true power of the dragon’s roar.

However, Ayaka was unable to unleash it.

Just as she thought to do it, and was about to roar, her heart stopped beating.

‘The personality unit is gone.’

‘I see. Considering that we haven’t been shut down, the complete replication of independent units must have some effect.’

‘It is too bad that we are unable to tell anyone about this.’

In the end, it was the personality unit that unified the being known as Shinozaki Ayaka.

Now that she was gone, Shinozaki Ayaka could not be maintained.

And so the units quietly shut down those functions.


The semi-transparent blobs consumed the monsters of the demon world.

It was likely just anything they bumped into.

They took in things that were close by or they reacted to things that moved and approached them.

That in itself was not really intelligence.

Sometimes, they would react to Haruto, as he flew through the air. And then their tentacles would stretch out towards him.

Of course, they could not reach him. But still, Haruto flew higher, just in case.

“This is bad. I suppose I should consider the situation changed.”

If they continued to increase, the rest of his classmates would be dead. There was no point in thinking about the selection battle.

But, was Sage Shion aware of what was happening? If she did, should he look at this as part of the trial?

Thankfully, he was at least able to escape the blobs if he stayed in the air like this.

However, if the battle was still continuing, Haruto would be killed by Shion. He had not killed a single person since it started.

And so Haruto looked at the great hole to see what was happening.

Depending on how many blobs were coming out, the others would die very quickly. That meant he might become the sole survivor if he just stayed up in the air.

There was a change in the hole.

The number of blobs coming out was about the same.

However, things were different near the rim.

It was changing into something dark red that was writhing.

Haruto thought it looked like internal organs.

It made him think that the semi-transparent blobs were like white blood cells, whose role it was to wipe out any invaders.

And there was something else that was disturbing to him.

If the semi-transparent blobs alone were unbeatable. Then what was it that was controlling them?

Could it be some kind of unfathomable monster that carried the entire demon world inside of its body?

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