Perhaps it was waking up right now, and this change that was occurring was only a precursor to something else.

Haruto made his decision.

He would escape the demon world immediately.

If it was possible that he would die anyway, then he would rather take a chance and escape.

And so Haruto flew even higher up.

If you could fly, then it wasn’t too difficult to reach the first layer of the demon world.

The problem was the thing that protected the center part.

Anyone could predict that someone would try to fly ahead. And the reason that no one had tried it, is because something would attack you if you flew near the hole in the center.

As for this problem, the sage candidates had cleared this by using a durable hut that was dropped along the edge of the cliff, in order to teleport through the doors. However, what would happen if Haruto flew towards the first layer?

He steeled himself and rose.

Haruto flew for a while, but nothing interfered with him.

He didn’t understand why.

However, there was no time to consider it.

A flash of light.

The sound of an explosion.

Before he knew it, Haruto was being flung around by an immense power he didn’t understand.

A rising current that was burning hot.

His entire body was burned as flying debris smashed into him. Then he crashed into the ceiling.

It was about 6 kilometers from the sixth layer to the first. The incredible sound of the explosion and the resulting wind current had thrown Haruto into the ceiling.

His body was racked with pain as if all of his bones had been shattered. Still, he flew unsteadily into the blazing heat.

His wings weren’t moving as they should, but the wind somehow kept him in the air.

However, it would not stay like this forever.

And so it was necessary for him to reach the ground first.

Haruto was suddenly in a deadly position.


“This is Shinozaki, isn’t it?”

Carol said as she stared at the girls who were suddenly falling to the ground.

They had been charging with spears. And now they were dead.

She was stunned, as it had all happened so suddenly. Still, this was Takato Yogiri’s power.

–They really do die suddenly, without any warning…

It was hard to believe even after witnessing it.

It would be easier to digest if something happened at the same time. However, Yogiri didn’t do anything in particular. The enemy just died. And Carol felt it was asking a little too much to just expect people to believe.

“It is Shinozaki.”

Ryouko said calmly. She was also seeing the power of instant death for the first time. But perhaps she had total faith in Yogiri’s ability because she didn’t seem surprised at all.

“No-no-no! What do you mean, ‘it is Shinozaki.’ How many Shinozakis do you think there are!”

“About 20?”

“No, I’m not asking you to count all of them! It is strange that there is even more than one! That is what I’m saying!”

Hanakawa answered Yogiri, who looked serious.

“Well, there is no point in thinking about it. Maybe she just had that ability? More importantly, I’m worried about that thing over there.”

Tomochika said as she pointed to the left.

Up ahead, there was a fallen dragon.

Perhaps it was a monster that had died from the nuclear weapon, but it seemed oddly clean.

“That thing. It looks exactly like the one that attacked the bus when we first came to this world.”

“Ahh! The dragon car sex thing!”

“Stop it with the shameless sexual harassment remarks!”

Then Yogiri clapped his hands as if remembering something. Carol was also thinking that it looked like the dragon they had seen when escaping from the bus.

“You killed this one too, didn’t you, Yogiri?”

Ryouko asked. It seemed like she thought it was the most obvious thing.

“Yeah. That’s what I was aiming for.”

“Well, if it’s dead, then there’s no point in thinking about it, is there? Oh, by the way…”

Maybe it wasn’t something to talk about here in this situation, but Carol still wanted to know.


“You can tell when you’re being targeted, and you can kill the person, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Then, what about the nuclear weapon that caused all of this? Couldn’t you have done something before the explosion?”

Even now, Yogiri was apparently killing any threats that existed around them. He was shutting out the radiation, heat and strong winds. That was an incredible ability.

However, Carol couldn’t help but wonder if he couldn’t have stopped the whole situation, to begin with.

“Ah, I’m not sure how to say this. It’s kind of a vague way to put it. But I felt like someone did it because they were very desperate. And I felt bad about getting in the way.”

—This guy…!

Carol felt a feeling of unease over those words.

It was like she was talking to a creature from another world that had completely different values from her.

“By the way! This is not the place to be casually talking to each other! We already made our decision, so let’s get a move on! I don’t think we have much time left!”


“Ah, uh, um… Anyway, there is no harm in hurrying up!”

Hanakawa seemed frantic. He was clearly hiding something, but it was also clear that they couldn’t stay here.

Hanakawa put David down on the ground.

It would be Yogiri and Hanakawa that would go after all.

Carol checked the map through the system window.

While the walls in the area had disappeared, the boundary for the selection battle was still marked out with a red line.

They were just several meters away from it.

“Let’s go then.”

Yogiri grabbed Hanakawa’s hand roughly and started to walk.

“Uh…. I suppose I should feel lucky that I’m not being thrown out…”

Hanakawa started walking without resisting.

And then, they stepped out of the boundary that Shion had designated.

“Hmm? Nothing seems to be…happening? But considering our surroundings, maybe the Sage doesn’t know what is going on anymore?”

While he said this, it was clear that Hanakawa didn’t actually believe it.

“No, no. I understand everything. All of this was well within my predictions for the fight.”

Out of nowhere, a woman in a white dress was standing before them. It was Sage Shion.

Carol had no idea where she came from.

There was nowhere to hide after the explosion. And yet, she was standing right there.

“So, you’re the Sage Shion person.”

“Hey! Maybe you should be a little more careful while talking to her!?”

“Yes. And you must be Takato Yogiri. I thought I heard something about you being dead…”

Just then, Shion suddenly collapsed.

It was like watching a drunkard lose their balance. Or as if she sprained her ankle. Regardless, she fell and landed on her buttocks.

Shion looked shocked. She could not believe what had just happened.

It was an unbelievable scene for Carol as well.

Up until now, Shion had been the one who toyed with and provoked her classmates. She was a monster that no one could go against.

However, she had fallen so easily to the ground. Yogiri was looking down at her.

“I have no intention of talking with you. Just answer my questions.”

Everyone stayed quiet, except for Yogiri. They didn’t understand what was happening.

“What. What is going on here!”

Hanakawa was the only one who was acting the same as usual.

“I killed her right ankle. I’ve been practicing.”

Yogiri looked a little smug as he said this.

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