Instant Death 100 – Part 1/3

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Sage Shion hadn’t checked the circumstances of the selection game in detail.

After all, it wasn’t very interesting to see the skirmishes of the less powerful sage candidates.

The only things that interested her were the lives and deaths of the sage candidates, and those who would escape from the range. In order to be up to date with those events through the system, she would stay at leisure in her base in the Royal Capital, standing by.

“Wasn’t there any better way to do this? Some people could have hopefully become sages too…”

Shion was relaxing on a luxurious-looking sofa, in an extravagant room.

Standing before her was the one who was complaining, the sage attendant Youichi.

He has been a close friend to Shion since they were both in the Dragon King’s Aster Palace.

“Did you remember something bad?”

“Honestly, I’m not feeling so good.”

He had probably remembered something about their past. Youichi’s face was looking openly unpleasant.

“But I think it’s pretty good just to be able to kill whoever you choose, huh?”

“What would you do if you killed everyone? Even summoning would take a lot of effort.”

“In that case, then there’s not much to do. The rest seemed to be all for Van, so we should leave it to him.”

Sage Van. A young man who was the Great Sage’s grandson.

In the past, he was the one to say that it would be easy to increase the number of sages without going through the hassle of summoning sage candidates from another world.

“So, what do you want from me?”

“It’s about the Aggressor. There have been reports of Angel-type activity rapidly increasing–”

“Ahh, wait a minute. It seems that some people are trying to escape from the range.”

Shion opened a screen in the air in front of her that projected surveillance footage of the area surrounding the range’s borders.

Several men and women were heading towards the borders for the selection game.

“Hey, wait a moment! What’s the meaning of this? What’s going on?”

Youichi was surprised by the images he was looking at on the screen.

“Oh, I see. Judging from the amount of destruction, I’d say it was an atomic bomb.”

The wall that was supposed to be there had been blown away.

Most of the trees in the forest had vanished as well, so the center of the explosion must have been around that area.

“And those guys are just walking around such a place…”

“Though you say that, it’s an isolated space where you can exercise as much power as you want without worrying about the public gaze. This is the only place where you can launch such a powerful attack.”

If someone is this awake, they would be far from becoming a sage. That’s what Shion thought, at least.

“Well then. Let’s go, shall we?”

Shion thought that there was a chance that such an attack could happen again. That’s how well the threat that sages pose has been made known.

But they had crossed the line.

Both Takato Yogiri and Hanakawa Daimon had crossed the borders and escaped the range of the selection game.

Shion got up from her sofa.

After that, she moved to a more open spot.

This was so that she wouldn’t drag furniture along while teleporting.

Shion was able to teleport to places she had been before. But that had nothing to do with that place that they call Hell.

“Hey. Is it really okay to go to that place?”

“You really worry too much sometimes, Youichi.”

No sage could be damaged under such circumstances. If she weren’t able to survive in such an environment, then she wasn’t worthy of the title of sage.

Shion smiled lightly at a worried Youichi, and teleported to the place where those runaways were.


What happened was quite simple.

Her right ankle simply stopped moving all of a sudden.

Her right foot was then unable to support her body’s weight, making her collapse onto the ground. Before she realized, Shion had landed on her butt. But she didn’t only fall, she was also sent flying as she fell. She was unable to retain her posture.

Still, Shion wasn’t able to understand the strange thing that had just happened to her. She fell to the ground not knowing what had just gone on.

And still on the floor, she was still wondering what had happened.

She just didn’t know what had just happened to her.

Shion’s body was perfect.

She hasn’t felt the slightest pain ever since she had become a sage. Shion was perfect enough to have completely forgotten what pain was.

No strange things should happen to her, and even if they did, they would automatically recover in an instant.

Even if something should ever happen to her, it would be so trivial that it wouldn’t prevent her from functioning properly.

Shion was utterly confused.

She shouldn’t have fallen down.

She checked her right ankle.

There was no pain. But still, she couldn’t move it at all. She couldn’t feel her toes, and everything under the ankle felt as if it simply wasn’t there anymore.

“I’ve killed her right ankle. I’ve been practicing.”

Even after hearing those words, Shion wasn’t unable to fully grasp what had just happened.

This boy can kill anything.

But she had not expected that power to work on her.

Several layers of magical barriers protect her from any and all sorts of attacks, and even if something were to go through all of them, there is still a dimensional distortion. And even then, in the unlikely event that she was hurt or even dying by anything that somehow managed to get past all of that, she would recover instantly.

Even now, Shion was still growing stronger over time. Her strength increases with every beat of her heart, with any minor anomalies being restored to normal.

And yet…

She still can’t move anything past her right ankle. That was the only thing that hadn’t been restored to normal. It’s as if it had been that way all along.

Shion wasn’t able to relate that anomaly to the boy in front of her.

That was far beyond her expectations, it was something that simply could not have happened.

It was just one part of her body.

It was still there, and she was still alive.

However, even if only a few, there were beings that were able to affect the sage Shion. She honestly could not believe that fact.

She had assumed that there were no unrealistic events that she could not predict.

She should be able to replace such events with something else and distort reality within the scope of her imagination.

Shion considered this event a temporary defect, an error that has a very small chance of actually happening. She tried to assume that such a convenient delusion was a fact.

“Heey. Did you hear me? Don’t just sit there doing nothing, answer me.”

Shion thought she should better take care of these boys for now.

It was a really strange situation, but she could think about it later.

First, she had to get rid of the fools that dared break the rules she had set.

Shion turned the palm of her hand towards Yogiri.

It was nothing too flashy. Only a bullet of light made of compressed excess magical power. She wouldn’t need to use any other of her techniques, her usual attack should do just fine.

Her palm began to shine and the bullet of light began to shape itself.

Then it vanished.

The bullet disappeared completely before she was able to shoot it at full speed.

“That’s annoying, so please stop it. I might end up killing you if you don’t.”

At last, Shion began to come to terms with reality.

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