Instant Death 100 – Part 2/3

I was planning on leaving three of them anyway, so it should be okay

“I should let you know that trying to kill me by boiling my blood or some other technique like that won’t do you any good. You’ll be dead before you can do it.”

That’s what Yogiri said after killing the bullet of light.

He could kill anything that would come flying towards him. But techniques that would directly affect his body were a bit trickier than that.

He should be able to deal with anything that would threaten him, but if Shion were to die before hearing what he had to say, all his efforts would have been in vain.

“I’ll ask you again. How do I return to my original world? You should know since you summoned us all here.”

Until recently, she had been completely confused, but after trying to attack she had somewhat regained her composure.

So she should have definitely understood that question.

However, Shion did not open her mouth at all.

Her mind was probably thinking about something useless, but Yogiri did not want to waste too much time there.

Though it was possible for him to deal with the surrounding environment, he did not want to prolong Phase 2 much longer.


Shion let out a scream as if she had been killed.

Yogiri had killed both her little and ring fingers.

He was only aiming for her little finger, but he wasn’t proficient enough to be able to target exactly one finger at a time.

“Oh well, I was planning on leaving three of them anyway, so it should be okay.”

They had been killed little by little from the tip all the way to the point they connected to the hand.

Yogiri thought it was the best way to threaten without killing. It seemed as if he was just teasing, but there was no hesitation in him. All of the pain and suffering Yogiri and the others had to go through was all Shion’s doing. All because they had been summoned into this world. To Yogiri, that was the same as being murdered, and there was no reasoning or words that would make him think otherwise.

“I’ll keep chipping parts off you until you talk.”

Yogiri threatened Shion with an indifferent expression. Then, Shion suddenly vanished.

She had probably teleported elsewhere. She must have been in quite a hurry, since she took a good chunk of the ground that was around her along with her. It seemed as if everything around the spot where she had been simply got torn apart as it got mixed up along with Shion as she disappeared.

“Wait! She got away! We should have known better, she did appear instantly when she came here, so of course, she can go back just as quickly!”

Hanakawa’s surprise could be heard as he spoke.

“It’s okay.”

Yogiri was sure Shion would return.


Shion reappeared in her base, along with a lot of earth and sand she had carried with her while teleporting.

Since it had been like some sort of emergency evacuation, she had brought part of the surroundings along with her

The accuracy of her teleporting had been also rather poor since she had planned to reappear inside her room on the second floor, but she actually reappeared in mid-air above a corridor in the first floor.

She fell onto the corridor’s carpet with a ‘thwomp’, completely covered in dirt.

“What… What was that…”

Shion was still in deep thought as she was falling onto the carpet.

That power had been completely different than what she had anticipated.

Instant Death magic should be harmless to her.

Having so many magical barriers protecting her, it should have been a simple matter of willing it, and it would simply stop working.

Not being able to understand it nor find a way to counter it, Shion had to lower herself to having to escape.

Luckily, all that boy could do with that power was simply to kill.

That power wouldn’t allow him to pursue anyone who teleported away to safety.

Shion tried to regain her composure.

First, she had to calm down. Calm down and analyze the situation.

Shion stood up.

Then she tore off her right wrist with her left hand.

Her right hand quickly regenerated. It was as good as new. However, she was still unable to move her little and ring fingers in the slightest.

She didn’t even try but guessed that the same would be true for her right ankle.

She felt ashamed. She couldn’t do anything to stop this.

Still, she could also say that it was only this much that had happened to her.

She should be able to pretend that her ankle is fine and just make it look as if she was using her right foot normally, even if it hurt her pride.

Shion got up slowly.

As long as she just pretended she no longer had her right ankle nor her little and ring fingers on her right hand, she shouldn’t have any problems.

Takato Yogiri was a threat.

But as long as she’s aware of that, she shouldn’t have to worry. What really worried her was the fact that she had to run away from him, and now had to pretend she was fine.

She was so irritated that her head was about to burn off, but she had to lock those feelings away deep inside her chest.

Shion began to fly. After the corridor, she got up some stairs and headed for her room on the second floor.

Then, a sudden loss of sensation threw Shion off balance.

She hit a wall and fell in a corridor on the second floor.

It was her left ankle.

Shion realized she had been hit once again by Yogiri’s attack.

She was confused.

She was above ground, a different space from the Hell where Yogiri and the others were.

But still, she was attacked somehow.

Fear began to creep up on her.

Not only his attacks didn’t need their target to be in front of him for them to work, but they were able to disregard space and distance.

Any part of her body that is attacked will cease to function forever.

Since his attacks have no shape or color, they can’t be avoided, defended against or countered.

They just happen.

“What is this!? I don’t get any of this!”

Shion yelled.

Left little finger. Right shin. Left ear.

One by one, she began to stop feeling anything in those areas. The fear of losing everything for good made her go mad.

“I’ll keep chipping parts off you until you talk.”

That’s what Yogiri said back then.

Shion finally understood that he planned to keep on continuing his attack, no matter where she was.

“Stop messing around! Even if you kill me, it won’t make me talk!”

Even in the face of death, she wouldn’t give in. It was her last shred of dignity as a sage.

Shion somehow managed to get into her room.

She was being killed from her extremities. As long as she remained resolved, she should have had no problem moving around.

As soon as she went into the room, she saw Youichi.

To Shion, it felt as if it had been hours since she teleported out of the room, leaving Youichi behind, but it really hadn’t been that long ago.


Seeing such a familiar face filled Shion with relief even in such a dire situation.

She could end up dying if things went on as they were.

But then it would be right in front of Youichi. If she were to die right by Youichi’s side, then at least the end of her trivial existence wouldn’t be so bad.

“Shion!? What happened?”

He noticed that Shion was covered in dirt.

Then, he fell.

Youichi’s face went blank. It was weird that he had fallen since there was nothing around for him to stumble on.

Then, he screamed.


Youichi grabbed his right ankle as he began to experience sharp pain.

“That… why…?”

It was the same as her. Youichi somehow had gotten struck by the same attack that got her.

But Youichi was not as resilient as Shion. His right ankle died instantly and there was nothing he could do to help himself.


Then, Youichi grabbed his right hand with his left hand. The things that happened to Shion were being replicated on Youichi.

Why was that happening? And how could it be? Shion had absolutely no idea.

But then she suddenly remembered.

There was a man in a white robe that knew about Takato Yogiri from the previous summoning.

That man had just come to this world and suddenly committed suicide. Back then she didn’t understand what had happened, but now she felt she understood the meaning behind that event.

Yogiri can use his power even through the use of other people as a medium.

That made Shion shiver.

“What… what kind of power is that…?”

Aoi had said before that this world was coming to its end.

Back then she thought that Aoi had just gone crazy, but now she had finally begun to understand the meaning behind her words.

“H…Help me! My feet! My legs!”

Youichi was agonizing. He was screaming his lungs out due to the pain of losing parts of his body.

Thinking that this could very well be Youichi’s final moments made Shion’s heart shatter into pieces.

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