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Instant Death 100 – Part 3/3

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Before long, Shion had returned just as Yogiri had expected.

“You have to… help Youichi…”

“I’ve been pretty clear from the beginning. All you need to do is answer my question. If you do that, I’ll stop attacking.”

Yogiri was glad that Shion had returned.

“I’m sure you know this by now, but I can attack you no matter where you are, and I can attack any one you have seen as well.”

“Don’t scare me like that! Huh? Does it mean you can attack me as well?”

“You haven’t become a target, Hanakawa. This is only Phase 2.”

He was not doing this in an indiscriminate way. He was being very careful about this.

“Umm… Actually, I’m a bit interested in knowing how it works…”

“Well, all you need to understand is that he only needs to do that.”

“Ah, I see. I think I’m starting to understand, Ryouko.”

Tomochika, Ryouko, and Carol were also next to Yogiri.

Having Tomochika along wasn’t exactly part of Yogiri’s plan, but it wasn’t as if he could choose the circumstances under which he was going to return.

“Well then, let me ask you again. Tell me how to return to my own world.”

“…There is no way to do that.”

After a brief moment of hesitation, Shion finally spoke. She didn’t seem to be lying.

“This is Hanakawa. He has been summoned to this world before, and he’s told me that back then he was allowed to return to his own world.”

“His world and this one must have been linked back then, that’s all.”

Shion spoke as if she had slammed a door shut.

In other words, not only it is possible for one to return to their original world under those circumstances, but it can be done easily, too. All that the summoner needs to do is to remove the stopper that is often set by default when summoning.

“So you’re saying that there is no such link now?”

Yogiri vaguely remembered something Mokomoko said to that effect some time ago.

“Yes. That’s because you wouldn’t have been able to manifest this much power if there had been one. “

Yogiri let out a sigh.

He had imagined that Shion would have the means to return him to his original world since she was the one who summoned it to this one in the first place but didn’t look like he would be able to return that easily.

“Well then, tell me the coordinates for my original world.”

Shion wondered what he would do if he was told the coordinates but still answered frankly.

However, the coordinates are too long for the average human brain to be able to store it in their memory for too long. So he would have to rely on Mokomoko to be able to remember it for the time being.

『Okay! What do you think about that? I’m being helpful. If you really want to go back that badly, then it can’t be helped, can it?』

“Okay, okay. Great, great.”

Tomochika didn’t really care but seemed to have forgotten everything about the deal with the battle suit.

“If you have the coordinates and the energy to return, then you can return. What do you know about energy?”

It had been a rather vague question, but Yogiri still asked since he had nothing to lose.

But Shion’s answer to that question was quite unexpected.

She pierced her own chest with her left hand.

Then she took something out of it and presented it to Yogiri.

“…This is the Sage’s Stone…”

It was a small and round translucent stone that fit in Shion’s palm.

“Ah? If you handle that carelessly, someone might steal it off you, right?”

“Yes. Please shut up for a moment, Hanakawa.”

Tomochika urged Hanakawa to stop it since he seemed to be completely oblivious to the situation at hand.

“There can’t be only one of these… but no matter how many of them it takes, they should be enough to get you back home.”

“Will you be okay without it?”

“I’ll be alright. I wasn’t depending on this or anything like that.”

“Okay. I’ll take it, then.”

Shion handed the stone to Yogiri.

“So this means that those other sages I’ve killed had stones of their own?”

The sages he had defeated were the young boy that attacked them while they were traveling by train, and Rain, who attacked them indiscriminately in Hanabusa.

If only he had known that sages carried these stones with them, he would have two more by now.

“Let me tell you something first. Whenever a sage who had a stone inside them dies, the stone usually loses its power. The Sage’s Stone that sage Santorou had when you killed him in the ravine has lost its power as well.”

Sages who hold their stone within their bodies are said to have been almost immortalized by the stone’s power. Their deaths meant that their stones had run out of power.

“I see. That’s a bit annoying.”

If that were true, and Yogiri had killed Shion instantly, he wouldn’t have been able to retrieve the stone from her corpse.

“Anyway. Hanakawa. The castle walls have been broken, but what about the exit?”

“Huh? The exit? Ah, I have marked it on my map, but it seems to have been broken. Should we leave it as it is?”

“I don’t mind either way. I’m just gathering information. There’s someone who seems to hold some kind of grudge against me and is always getting me in trouble, but I don’t want to just kill them meaninglessly.”

“Eh? It seems that all you do is meet with terrible people lately. And you don’t seem to be able to do what you want to do!”

Without noticing the three girls that were giving him a cold stare, Hanakawa quickly began walking.


Yogiri and the others headed for the place where the walls had broken and disappeared into the underground.

There might be something there that would allow them to move freely within Hell.

Shion just stayed there absent-mindedly looking at them as they went.

Yogiri must have really been trying to gather information after all.

He hadn’t even hesitated about killing some of her and Youichi’s body parts just to threaten her.

Shion had no means to defend against him, and having seen the difference in their power, she really had no interest in doing anything against him.

She thought that he should have just killed her and let that be the end of it.

Fortunately, she hadn’t lost any of her vital organs. Though he had been relentless in his attack, he had been somewhat considerate.

“Ahh, I need to go back quickly, I have to take care of Youichi.”

He had gone through a lot of suffering, but with the proper treatment, she should be able to ease his pain.

Shion tried to teleport.

She pictured the mansion in the royal capital. Her room, where Youichi was.

However, she failed.

She wasn’t able to teleport.

She had handed over her Sage’s Stone, but Shion’s inherent magic was still strong. She should have enough power to teleport, but for some reason, it just wasn’t working.

She wondered what would be the reason for that. Since her teleportation skill takes the space around her along with her, it could have failed if there was something big enough blocking the way where she wanted to appear.

The actual cause quickly became apparent.

It was her feet. They had been buried into the ground and she hadn’t been able to notice until then since she couldn’t feel anything below her ankles.

She also noticed that her surroundings had changed

The scorched ground had changed into something that looked like red tainted flesh, which pulsed and wriggled like a worm.

The flesh squirmed and beat like a living heart.

Shion was being surrounded by a wall of meat.

She fired off a bullet of light. The bullet pierced into the fleshy wall and opened a hole through, but the surrounding flesh quickly rushed in, forming a scar in its place.

The overwhelming mass of flesh had made Shion’s attack meaningless.

And at the same time, the flesh had crawled up on Shion, swallowing her all the way to her hips.

It was absorbing her. There was no place where the meat stopped and Shion started. It was as if they were becoming one.


With her last breath, Shion disappeared into the sea of flesh.

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