Instant Death 101 – Part 1/3

If you simply leave it be, you won’t be able to move it however you like, right?

The first incident happened in the royal capital, high up in the sky.

The royal capital was surrounded by enormous barriers, allegedly set by a great wizard. It was said that they had been made in order to keep monsters away, and there were even probably invisible walls above the sky over the royal capital as well.

Allegedly. In other words, no one really knows whether those things were actually there or not.

Actually, it was possible to cross over the walls and enter the royal capital. Some wizards do fly over its skies, and some sages do cross over on their airships, and there hasn’t been a single known case of any of those being blocked by the capital’s defenses.

Still, if those barriers were really there, they would only block certain entities, such as monsters. Those were the rumors, at least.

There had been some sort of reaction there.

The sky over the royal capital had flickered violently.

Then, human-like creatures with wings came down from the sky.

In this world, there are many races with several different features, but none of them have wings, nor they can fly in the sky.

They were creatures that could only be seen in myths.

They shone through their own radiance and had a ring of light over their head.

Two such creatures had descended upon the royal capital of the Mani Kingdom.

Everyone in the kingdom had considered them to be servants of God.

Their divine beauty could only mean they were angels.

And yet they had casually come down to stand among the crowd.

They descended without a single care, stepping and trampling anything and anyone underfoot.

At the same time, the people that were near the angels were burned to nothing by the angels’ light.

Perhaps they weren’t what people thought they were. It was the same as when humans don’t care whenever they step on ants. Humans were insignificant to these angels.

They were talking to each other in a language that could not be understood by humans.

Then, they began walking towards one of the royal capital’s shrines.

It was the entrance to Hell.

Everyone who was around them at a distance was watching attentively. Even though the entrance to Hell was off limits to anyone, who would dare stop them?


At that time, a strange scream was heard.

Then the space was torn. That’s what it had looked like. A cross-section came out of somewhere and traveled straight towards the angels. The space was torn after that.

It all happened in an instant. The next moment, the gap in the space had returned to normal.

However, everything that had been in the path of that cross-section had been cut in half.

People, buildings, and even the angels were torn asunder by it.


It had appeared along with that strange scream.

A grotesque black figure covered in blades throughout its entire body. That was the next incident.

It had pierced through the castle walls and appeared right in front of the angels.

Everyone who had been awestruck by the angels appearance was pulled right back to earth when that happened.

Everyone started to flee in all directions.

All that remained were the many corpses and the angels, who despite having been vertically split in half were still standing.

The angels were holding their heads with their hands. By doing that, they were able to rejoin both halves of their bodies.

One of the angels then confronted the grotesque figure. The other one continued doing what it had been doing before being cut in half, which was heading towards the shrine.

Then, the next incident happened at the shrine.

Something was being spouted out of the shrine.

It was a soft and flabby, mud-like stream of dark red flesh, so slimy it even glittered.

The angel that was heading for the shrine was the first to be hit. It was easily swallowed by that stream of flesh.

The other one quickly took to the skies. The grotesque figure had already vanished by then.

The raging torrent of flesh quickly flooded from the shrine, and in no time it had turned the royal capital into a sea of entrails. Nothing could stop it, and it quickly swallowed every person, building, and everything in the royal capital.


The Demon Mana wanted to bring the Demon Albagarma back to life.

Her technique was mostly dependent on luck.

Of course, she would do what she could.

Albagarma’s personal belongings, body structure, its magical relics, his subordinates’ bodies, and their memories. With all of those things belonging to Albagarma, one could imagine, plan, and reconstruct his body.

In order to reuse his soul, several techniques would be developed at the same time, being able to indiscriminately summon his soul, his consciousness, and his memories.

However, she thought that alone probably wouldn’t be enough to bring him back to life.

Mana’s plan was first to increase the number of times she could attempt to do it.

If she kept giving birth to children switching a variety of factors around each time, eventually she would give birth to Albagarma. That’s what Mana thought.

Most people would think that such a plan was something that only could come out of a the mind of a mad person. But Mana didn’t think it was crazy at all.

In order to bring an infinite amount of children to life, she wanted to have an infinitely big body, and an infinite amount of materials.

She really wanted to do something that seems impossible.

She would eat everything she could, make her embryos, raise them in her womb, and then give birth to them.

Should they be a failure, she would then eat them, alter the factors a bit, and create a new one.

Mana would repeat this process countless times.

She didn’t mind having to repeat the process many, many times over.

To her, that repetition was love.

Mana continued to take in everything she touched.

Whatever it was, it would be a source of diversity.

And while doing that, Mana would think about Takato Yogiri.

The young boy who had killed the Demon Albagarma.

She would have her revenge.

But it could wait until later.

If Mana were to continue to grow, she would eventually cover the entire world. And if that happened, Takato Yogiri would be consumed as well.

Then revenge could never be too late.

That’s what Mana thought.


“Ahahahahahaha! I have been resurrected by Lady Mana! I have been brought back to the surface!”

A machine that would allow their users to move freely within Hell.

Yogiri and the others were trying to use one of those in order to escape from Hell.

That machine was said to be connected to the surface, so they tried taking it as high as it could.

As they opened the doors up there, a middle-aged man wearing a bishop’s monotone  clothes looked through a window and laughed at them.

“That is… Holaris… Archbishop of the Axis Church.”

David, who had finally woken up, said that.

Yogiri, Tomochika, Ryouko, Carol, Hanakawa, and David had arrived there, feeling cramped after riding the narrow machine.

“Huh? Who do you think you are? Why do you think you can just go and ride this elevator?”

After noticing Yogiri and the others, Holaris asked that question.


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