Instant Death 101 – Part 2/3

We won’t be going anywhere if we just leave it be

After Yogiri said that, Holaris collapsed on the spot.

“Wha-! What are you doing? Why did you kill him all out of a sudden?”

“Well, I felt he was trying to kill us.”

“But…! Can’t you do something else? Like listening to his story or something! Can’t you just take it easy?”

“I can’t be bothered ‘taking it easy’ on a foe who was clearly trying to kill us.”

Even if he were to take it easy, any body part killed by him would never function again.

Doing so in vain could only lead to grudges, so he wouldn’t unless he had any particular reason for keeping an enemy alive. It was important to be prepared in order to take it easy on someone.

“Aw… it looked as if he was going to say something important…”

“Aw… ever since Hanakawa came along, I hardly ever get a chance to speak my mind…”

Tomochika lamented herself.

“Hey! What’s that fist for?”

“A ghost is telling me that I should take care of you right here, Hanakawa…”

『I… I didn’t say anything!』

“So, where are we right now?”

Yogiri looked around the area.

It was a rather large room with a fancy desk and an extravagant sofa.

There were also several elegant bookshelves. One of them was actually the door from where Yogiri and the others had gone through when entering this room.

“Someone really important must work in this room, don’t you think?”

“Maybe this is that archbishop’s office.”

“Then was it really alright to kill that archbishop!?”

“I don’t care about my enemy’s standing, if they’re trying to kill me, I’ll kill them. Would you happily allow yourself to be killed if the one who tries to kill you is, say, the king?”

“…Uhh… In that case, they might be able to kill even me…”

“The archbishop’s room does look a bit like a church, doesn’t it?”

Yogiri went to the window where Holaris had been looking outside.

He looked outside as well and was at a loss for words.

There was an unexpected scenery outside.

A dark red lump of flesh was wriggling like a worm. It was impossible to look straight at it without being taken aback, as if a mix of muscle, internal organs, and excrement, was filling the royal capital.

They seemed to be in a pretty high up place since the sea of flesh had yet to reach them.

But almost every other building had been submerged into the flesh. The only places where it was still safe were some tall buildings and the royal castle.

Still, the royal castle had been transformed into a pulsating mass of flesh up to its middle layers. It was as if the flesh had fused itself with the castle, becoming a single thing at that spot.

Then, the building they were in right now was also in danger.

Though it seemed they were somewhere near the building’s top floor, everything in there will most definitely be transformed into those ugly walls of flesh.

“Wha… What is that!?”

Tomochika was surprised as soon as she stood beside Yogiri.

The others who also looked outside were unable to say anything.

“Is it trying to get over the castle walls?”

The one who asked that question was Carol. Was she talking about the surface of that sea of flesh? That was well higher than the castle walls already. It was already trying to flow outside of the royal capital from there.

“Aha, hahaha. It’s… It’s alright. L… Look! It’s crackling over the top of the walls. There must be some invisible walls there. They must be holding it in here… ah.”

But the flickering invisible walls were no longer able to withstand the sea of flesh’s pressure. It began to shine furiously, the flickering came to a sudden stop, and the flesh began to pour out of the walls.

The torrent of flesh that had been held back so far began to flow out more vigorously than ever.

“Th… that wasn’t my fault! It was going to happen anyway!”

Hanakawa sank down to the floor on the spot.

He was usually quite frivolous, but it seemed that this time he was seriously sorry.

“Do you know what this is?”

“It’s a demon from the depths of Hell. I messed up and ended up removing its seal and now this is happening… You can’t do anything to stop it! Look, it won’t stop until it’s become one with everything. You can’t do anything about this amorphous monster’s growth!”

“Is this why you were so eager about escaping quickly?”

He looked outside once again.

He was certainly regretting having released that thing’s seal.

That flesh had annihilated the royal capital.

In other words, hundreds of thousands of people who lived here were now dead.

And that flesh was about to spread outside of the royal capital as well.

Far from staying put, the flesh seemed to be growing more and more rapidly, and if left to its own device, more than just the royal capital would be consumed by it.

“Oh well, we won’t be going anywhere if we just leave it be…”

The demon’s movements were random.

It didn’t seem as if it was trying to go anywhere in particular, but rather just trying to expand and spread itself.

The building where Yogiri and the others were safe for the time being, but for how much longer?

The building was shaking.

The flesh had already fused itself with its lower floors.


Yogiri used his power.

The flesh immediately stopped growing and was no longer squirming.

“Way to go! You can just solve anything with that!”

Tomochika said that with excitement.

She just blurted it out with such vigor that if anyone else had said that first, they would have been straight out impatient.

“Ah, um, it’s great that it’s stopped growing! What should we now?”

“Ah! Now what? What are we going to do?”

Tomochika seemed to have noticed what Hanakawa had said earlier as well.

They were on the upper floors of a building somewhere which was completely surrounded by dead meat. In short, it wasn’t exactly easy to escape from that place.

“Hmm, what to do…?”

Yogiri had no idea either. He was just thinking that he didn’t want that flesh to continue growing any larger, but hadn’t thought about what to do after that.

“What can we do?”

Carol seemed to be just as lost as Yogiri.

“Perhaps we could just jump down, and that flesh would cushion our falling?”

Ryouko had come up with an unexpectedly absurd idea.

“No, I don’t think the problem is there. If we’re just going to descend from this building, all we need to do is to go down the stairs in this building and then break the walls. But how do we cross this sea of flesh in order to get outside the royal capital?”

『Then why don’t you try going even higher upstairs?』

“Did you come up with something?”

『I won’t be sure until I see it, but it could work.』

Following Mokomoko’s suggestion, they decided to go upstairs.

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