Instant Death 101 – Part 3/3

We won’t be going anywhere if we just leave it be



Entities with wings had appeared in the royal capital.

They had felt the presence of a demon spawn from Hell and took to the skies.

Then, they realized that thing that was covering the royal capital was not the god they were looking for.

It was certainly something like a god.

But it was completely different from the god they followed.

It had concluded their search.

Once again, they had to wait until the next sign of a god somewhere.

Still, there was something left to do there.

That grotesque black creature, completely covered in blades.

It meant trouble. It was something that needed to be taken care of.

Since it had shown up at the same time as they had, it too must have felt the sign of a god.

Its purpose was not clear, but the winged ones had decided that they could not leave it to its own devices.

They searched the area around the royal capital but were unable to find any signs of that grotesque figure.

Perhaps it too had realized that the demon was not the god it was looking for, and withdrew immediately.

It didn’t look as if it would have been consumed by that flesh that easily.

They also noticed that the sea of flesh that was giving off that sign of a god had stopped moving.

They didn’t know why.

But it didn’t matter.

They decided to return home.

They would leave that land the humans call “royal capital” and return to the sky.

Just as they were about to do that, they shook their head.

There, at a point in the sky a little higher from the royal capital.

They noticed another entity with wings falling from the sky.

But the entities with wings had been only two all along.

Filled with doubt, they headed towards the falling entity.

It had been completely covered in burns.

It seemed to be just barely alive. But leaving it as it was would mean its death.

They took a good look at it.

They couldn’t feel anything divine emanating from that being. Which meant that it was just a normal human. However, there were wings on their back, which were not for decoration. They were real.

Unable to come to a conclusion as to what that really was, they decided to take that falling entity with them.

If it turned out that they didn’t have to, they could sort it out later.

The final decision will be made by the higher-ups. That’s what the winged entities thought.


“We did it somehow!”

Said Tomochika with pleasure.

“We really did, huh.”

Yogiri seconded.

Mokomoko’s plan was to escape the royal capital using gliders.

Fortunately, the rooftop of the building they were in was much higher than the walls that surrounded the royal capital, and it looked as if they would be able to cross them by gliding over them.

They would use part of Tomochika’s battle suit to create gliders for six people, and then use them to glide over the walls.

The calculations seemed to be fine, so they decided to go for it.

After gliding over a good portion of the royal capital, the six of them went past the sea of flesh that was spilling over the walls and were able to land successfully.

“I can’t believe the royal capital was annihilated just like that.”

There were many who had fled the royal capital in the surrounding area.

“Well then, now what?”

“There’s just so much we could do, but for now I’d like to take a break. I’m so tired I can’t even think.”

Yogiri agreed.

“Alright then, let me take you to a nearby town. We won’t be able to get any rest among this ruckus.”

David offered to guide them. He knew the area around the royal capital very well.

“Huh? Where is Hanakawa?”

“Now that you mention it, he’s not here, huh?”

Looking around the area, there were no signs of him. All they could find was his glider, discarded on the ground.

“Did he run away? It’s not as if we had to take him along with us, but I wouldn’t mind either way…”

“Hanakawa didn’t really want to go back to his original world.”

Ever since coming to this world, he had been the kind of guy who would do whatever he pleased and split away from his classmates. Being the free spirit that he is, hanging around with Yogiri and the others might even be a little inconvenient for him. To Yogiri, Hanakawa could do as he pleased as long as he wouldn’t become a hindrance to their returning to their original world.

“Ah, do you mind if we continue to tag along with you?”

Carol spoke on behalf of the others.

“I don’t mind, but you should be prepared for only Dannoura’s and I being able to return.”

“Huh? Wait a second, what do you mean by that?”

Tomochika was surprised. She must have thought that everyone was going to be able to return home.

“I don’t know if even two of us will be able to go home at all, so I can’t say for sure I will be able to take two more people with us. I can’t take that kind of responsibility.”

Indeed, he was not sure he would be able to gather enough energy to send the other two who tagged along with them back to their own world.

He wasn’t trying to cut them off from the start, but Tomochika’s return was the top priority.

“You’re so harsh sometimes, Takato. Well, I don’t really mind if you come along.”

“Me either. I just want to go with you as long as I can.”

“Well, how about we get some rest then? This conversation is getting complicated.”

Following David’s advice, they decided to leave the conversation for later and started moving.

Yogiri and the other four walked behind David, who took the lead.

The town he mentioned was about one hour away going on foot.

“Hey, I’m getting kind of sleepy… could you carry me on your back, Dannoura?”

“Shouldn’t you ask a man to do that!?”

“Ah, I’ll do it if that’s okay with you!”

Yogiri had cut into their conversation.

“Hey, Ninomiya. Don’t spoil Takato.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let him do anything to me!”

Looking at the two of them talking with a sidelong glance, Yogiri spotted a carriage that was passing by.

As he thought to himself that it’d be nice if they could ride on it to the town, the carriage stopped a little ahead of them.

Then, a girl stepped down from it.


The girl dashed towards Yogiri just like that.

She seemed to know Yogiri, but he, in turn, could not remember having ever met this girl.

“Who are you?”

“Ah, I’m Risley! No wonder you don’t know my name! I’ve literally just made it up!”

The girl introduced herself to Yogiri.

She looked twelve, maybe thirteen years old.

She was a cute-looking girl wearing a pink dress.

Despite not being remembered at all, Risley seemed to be strangely friendly towards him.

“Umm… do you need anything from me?”

He was completely lost, but the girl must have definitely wanted something from Yogiri, so he just asked her that.

“Please marry me!”

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”

“Ouch! I’ve been rejected instantly!”

Risley seemed shocked. Perhaps she really thought that would go smoothly?

“Risley. You don’t really think that saying something like that out of the blue would work, do you?”

Another woman climbed down from the carriage and approached them as she said that, shocked.

Yogiri did recognize this woman.

“Theodosia, right?”

“Yes. Long time no see, Takato.”

It was the silver-haired, brown-skinned woman who had joined him during the events in the ravine’s tower.

He remembered she had split up with him after that in order to continue looking for her younger sister.

Yogiri then looked carefully at Risley, wondering if she was that lost sister.

Theodosia was a half-devil, whose traits are silver hair and brown skin.

But Risley’s hair was black and her skin was white, and they didn’t look much like each other.

“Ah, um, please stop staring at me that much…”

“So what is it?”

Yogiri asked Theodosia, completely ignoring the shy Risley.

“Well, it’s a bit complicated.”

Theodosia seemed disturbed. She may not be able to find the right words to express it.

“I know! I’ll give you this, so please listen to our request!”

“About marrying you?”

“No, I didn’t say anything weird like that… There’s someone we want you to kill for us!”

After saying that, Risley held out a round stone.

“This is… a Sage’s Stone?”

“Yes. I’m something like an ex-sage. I’ll give you this, so please listen to our request!”

And just like that, Yogiri unexpectedly obtained the second Sage’s Stone.

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