Instant Death 102

Bonus: Elevator

It was called the Demon World.

The Royal Capital had an entrance and exit, and there was a mysterious world that continued deep underground.

It was said that a devil lived there, and so people known as searchers would search inside it while killing monsters.

And it was the high school students that the sage had summoned who were now supposed to conquer this Demon World.

They visited this land in order to train and become sages. And it was here that they were forced to kill each other.

Currently, Yogiri and the others who had survived were trying to escape the Demon World.

They had succeeded in their goal of gathering information from the Sage, Shion, and so there was no reason to stay in the Demon World any longer.

The Demon World was mortar-shaped and had seven layers.

Each layer was a kilometer in height. It was on the sixth layer that Yogiri and the others encountered Shion.

They had to ignore any horizontal movement and travel upward for six kilometers. This was sure to take a very long time. However, there was a simple solution to that problem.

There was an elevator.

They didn’t know why, but such a machine had been prepared that allowed you to travel through the Demon World.

Strictly put, it wasn’t really an elevator since it could also move horizontally.

However, such distinctions hardly mattered to passengers. They didn’t care what it was called as long as it took them to where they wanted to go.

“I see. I see. Indeed, in the strictest sense, this is not an elevator. Even the person who introduced it to me just called it a ‘shortcut.’ However, the design of the interior is very similar to an elevator, isn’t it? It’s square and small, and there is a console… Well, what I’m trying to say is this. Why are you all huddled together like that!”

Hanakawa said with indignation.

“Uh. Well, because I don’t want to touch you, Hanakawa.”

Said Tomochika.


Said Carole.

“In the first place, it’s your fault for taking up so much space. Why can’t you be considerate of others and be less fat?”

Ryoko was especially angry.

Yes, the elevator was small.

The people who were in it were Takato Yogiri, Danoura Tomochika, Carole S. Lane, Ninomiya Ryoko, David, and Hanakawa Daimon. It was not big enough for six people, no matter how you looked at it.

And so it was because of this, that Hanakawa, who was carrying David, was pushed into a corner. And in the opposite corner, Yogiri and the three girls huddled together.

“This isn’t right! Why are we separated two versus four! One of you should come over here so there are three on each side! In fact, I would like to send David to that side and have Tomochika come here and stick to me! This doesn’t make any sense! So, you don’t want to stick to me, but you don’t mind sticking to Takato!?”




The three girls were quick to reply.

“What don’t you like about me! What reason can you possibly have!?”

Yogiri was impressed that Hanakawa was stepping into that territory.

“You look sticky.”

“Your smell might rub onto me.”

“I’ll get sick.”

Ryoko was the only one who was certain.

“This is undoubtedly the definition of bullying! Ahh, but then again, there is also a hated part of me that wouldn’t mind having pretty girls look at me with disgust and insult me!”

“Look here. I didn’t arrange things like this because I wanted to. So you can’t really complain about it.”

While Hanakawa was jealous, Yogiri just felt uncomfortably hot. He wouldn’t mind if it was just Tomochika, but he found the other two quite annoying.

“You have got to be kidding me! You are clearly enjoying the situation! If you don’t like it, you should make your displeasure more obvious!”

“I didn’t say that I hated it. Besides, it would be rude to say that I did.”

“But you’re supposed to become red and look embarrassed and apologetic in such situations! And yet, there you are, looking completely normal as their breasts are pressed into you!”

“Danoura’s are the biggest.”

“What are you saying, Takato!?”

Tomochika had been holding onto him from the front, and she suddenly looked frantic.

“That’s sexual harassment. How gross.”

Ryoko said coldly to Hanakawa.

“Why is that my fault!?”

“Wasn’t it you who started with the indecent questions? Takato was just replying to you.”

“Ahh, hmm. Hanakawa, I think it’s best that you be quiet now.”

“Hanakawa. You’re hogging all the oxygen, so be quiet.”

“Why are you so calm! Ahh, damn it! I’ll remember this! One day! I’ll make you regret not giving me some of the girls!”

“Like I said, don’t blame me.”

Yogiri had not wanted this situation, and so there was nothing he could do.

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