Instant Death 103

Since I have the opportunity, I simply must head to an eastern island! They’re always the best places to go to in other worlds!

“I see. So, they’re going to treat me like a slave once again.”

Hanakawa Daimon, the chubby boy, muttered to himself.

People had often said that they found it creepy how he muttered like this, but he had started to do it a lot more often once they came to this world. But he couldn’t help himself.

“Hey, piggy. What are you mumbling about? It’s really lame, you know?”

Hanakawa flinched at the voice that came from behind. He had been muttering so quietly that he didn’t expect anyone to hear him.

They were in the forest that led to the Demon Lord’s castle. This was a place that he had visited when he was first summoned.

To be precise, they were near the center of the country that the Demon Lord ruled, which was to the south of the Iman kingdom. This forest was to be their last obstacle before reaching the castle.

However, that was in the past. Now that the Demon Lord and the army officials were defeated, the monsters were free of whatever was controlling them, and they had all gone off and disappeared.

In that case, the forest should be safe now. But it wasn’t necessarily so. This was because there were ferocious, wild animals living here as well.

And it was in this forest that Hanakawa was being used as bait. He was being made to walk in the front so that he would be the first one to get attacked if a wild animal appeared.

To be sure, this strategy did not have much meaning. It was mainly being done as a way of tormenting him.

“I-I’m so sorry.”

Hanakawa turned around.

There were three boys and one girl. Along with Hanakawa, they were a party of five.

“Eh? Are you making fun of me?”

The one who approached Hanakawa was a Japanese boy.

His name was Marufuji Akinobu. Like Hanakawa, he was summoned to this world during a school trip.

“Uh, no, not at all–huh?

He just needed to apologize. That was what Hanakawa thought. Act foolish and get through it. He would even prostrate himself on the ground if he had to.

However, he would quickly find out that that was too easy.

Akinobu had pointed his sword at him.

There was no hesitation in his movement. The sword slid easily into Hanakawa’s round belly.


Hanakawa fell to the ground as pain racked his body. Akinobu looked down at his pathetic form and laughed mockingly.

“Should you really be doing that?”

Asked a boy who watched this strange scene. He was beautiful, but with a sophisticated air.

The boy’s name was Ragna, and he was born and raised in this land. He was the party leader.

“It’s fine. We’re just messing around. Hey, Hanakawa. Hurry up and heal that. Ragna is getting worried. It’s starting to look like we did something wrong. You really aren’t perceptive, are you?”

It was Mitadera Shigehito, who was trying to persuade the worried Ragna.

Like Akinobu, he had also been summoned during the school trip.

“Ha-hahaha. Thi-this is nothing…yes.”

He was careful about the way he talked. He knew instinctively that they would do a lot worse next time.

Hanakawa healed the stomach wound and then stood up. Thankfully, he could heal something of this degree immediately. But it didn’t change the fact that it hurt.

“Hey. Why don’t you try it too, Ragna? As a sign of friendship?”

Kushima Rei said as she leaned against him.

She was also Hanakawa’s classmate and had been summoned from Japan.

These three had disappeared immediately after escaping the bus. And so they had not participated in the battle royale, and were able to survive.


Ragna’s eyes narrowed. He did not seem to think very well of this violence towards Hanakawa.

…Yes, that’s right! Don’t listen to the suggestions of these brutes! You are clearly a good person, judging by your appearance! This is the moment to rebuke them! And then you can change their attitude towards me!

But saying something could make them angry enough to kill him. So Hanakawa could only scream internally.

“Yes. It’s true that violence is bad.”

“Yes. Even if it is between friends.”

“However, just saying ‘violence is bad,’ seems like a very one-sided way of viewing things.”

“What do you mean?”

“He really likes to be punched and stabbed. See how he is looking at us longingly right now?”

–I’m not doing that! I’m pretty sure this is an expression of bitterness!

“You probably don’t hear about people like this in the countryside. But they are very common in the city.”

“I see. Cities sure are crazy. I don’t know anything about them.”

–This has nothing to do with cities or countrysides!

“Hehe. You’ll learn on the way. Now, if you want to become friends with him, you should hurt him!”

“I see…”

Ragna nodded deeply as if he now understood.

–No, you don’t see anything! My fetishes are much more visual! I’m not a masochist! And even if I was, it would be something like having a pretty girl step on me with disgust!

Hanakawa wanted to run.

However, he could tell by the looks Rei and the others were giving him, that they were telling him to stay and accept what would happen.

And so when Ragna approached him, Hanakawa could only put on a fake smile.

And then, Ragna’s fist went into Hanakawa’s stomach.


The pain was so bad that Hanakawa crumbled to the ground.

“It was only a light punch…”

Ragna said worriedly as he saw Hanakawa writhing in pain.

“Yes. It looks like he’s in pain, doesn’t it? And he is in pain.”

“Then I shouldn’t have done that.”

“But he finds pleasure in it. He should be feeling very kindly towards you now. I think you two just got a lot closer.”

“I see… There sure are a lot of different people in this world.”

–You can’t be serious! How can you believe such a thing!

Hanakawa used his healing magic.

However, it didn’t have any effect. The shock waves of the attack continued to run wild within him. They continued to wreak havoc on his organs.

That was how Hanakawa realized he had taken damage that he couldn’t heal.

—Ohh… If this was going to happen…I shouldn’t have gone off on my own…

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