Hanakawa was now regretting his decision to run away from Yogiri and the others.


After they escaped the town that was filled with the meat of the demon, Hanakawa immediately took off.

It was like an automatic reflex.

Something had told him that if he was going to run away, it had to be now.

However, he also had doubts. Should he really run away? Maybe it would be safer to stay with Yogiri.

This hesitation caused Hanakawa’s feet to move slowly, and he ended up resorting to the half-measure of hiding behind a nearby boulder.

“Of course, if they insist, it would not be too terrible to just go along with them.”

Maybe they would come looking for him.

It was with such expectations that he quietly peeked out from behind the rock to where Yogiri and the others were.

He wasn’t too far away from them yet. He could return to them whenever he wanted.

“I’m a healer, after all. Besides, I’m level 99. I’m useful and… They aren’t even trying to look for me!”

As Hanakawa grumbled to himself, a carriage stopped nearby and a cute girl stepped out.

She started to talk to Yogiri rather forcefully. Then two other beautiful women stepped out of the carriage.

“Wha…what is this!? He’s allowed to choose from several types of girls? This is an outrage!”

There were six beautiful girls in all. And Yogiri was the only boy. Hanakawa felt that this was already a harem.

“I-I don’t need them. I prefer purer types who will blindly attach themselves to me. A girl who will let me do anything I want to her while still looking embarrassed! This doesn’t make me jealous at all!”

And so Hanakawa thought about what he needed to do to have fun while living in this world.

First, he needed to get away from here.

The damage done by the devil was immense, and things would not be restored easily.

And so he would likely have to go to a different country. However, the neighboring countries would be thrown into chaos as well. This was because countless refugees would scatter across the lands.

“The country that I was first summoned to… No, that won’t work.”

Hanakawa was one of the members of the group that had first been summoned to defeat the demon lord, but he was sent back as soon as the job was done.

In other words, they had no intention of offering a reward or receiving them. They just wanted to get rid of them. And so it would only cause trouble if he returned.

“However, now that I think back on it, it makes me very angry. I think that I must add them to my revenge list.”

While it was impossible now, he might gain some kind of power one day. And so Hanakawa added the name of the country to his notebook, just in case such a time came.

“Yes. I should just cross the sea, if I’m going to go anywhere.”

He would take the plunge and go far away. Hanakawa thought this, because he wanted to be as far away from Yogiri as possible.

Yogiri and the others were likely to continue to travel in search of a way of returning to their world. They would bump into each other again if there wasn’t enough distance between them. And that would be terribly awkward.

“Since I have the opportunity, I simply must head to an eastern island! They’re always the best places to go to in other worlds!”

He didn’t know what he would find there. But he had heard that such a country existed. And so Hanakawa decided to head east.


Thankfully, money was not too much of a problem.

Yogiri and the others had taken all of his money, but he had magic items in his item box that he was able to convert into money.

And in this world, you could do most things as long as you had money.

And so through the use of carriages and trains, Hanakawa easily found himself at a seaport on the east side of the continent.

It was there that he boarded a luxury ship.

“Hahahahahaha! This is the life! This is how comfortable life can be when I am alone!”

He collapsed onto his soft bed. Hanakawa was simply very happy.

When he thought back, he realized that it had been a very long time since he felt so relaxed, without anything threatening him.

“The real problem is that money… Well, it is just scraps I gathered while on adventures, so I’m not exactly a millionaire. But I suppose it’s enough to live modestly!”

He wouldn’t be able to live extravagantly. However, Hanakawa did have enough to permit himself a modest amount of comfort.

“Now! There is no need to think so far into the future! I am finally free, after all. Isn’t it about time I get to do whatever it is that I want!?”

During the first time they teleported, he had not had any time to play. He had to participate in the battle against the demon lord as a healer. It was just as they had beaten the demon lord and he thought he would be free, that he was forced to return.

As for the second time, he had decided that he would do as he pleased from the very beginning.  He had gone with the others who had returned, but when he tried to make a move for Tomochika, he was promptly defeated by Yogiri. And he had suffered a lot ever since that happened.

And so Hanakawa felt that it was only now that he would truly be able to do what he wanted.

“That being said, I can’t use the slave collar while still on the boat… So, for now, maybe I should just let my money do the talking? However, I don’t really like bitches…”

He had been thinking about using the slave collar one day, but it seemed like a bad idea to use it in a luxury cruise ship. If he wasn’t careful, he would just end up being branded as a criminal.

“Well, we’ll just call it experience. It won’t be counted if it’s a business relationship!”

Hanakawa was quite confused by what he was saying, but he managed to convince himself that he was making sense.

And with that decided, he would now have to find a way to call such a girl. And that was not difficult.

This was because his room was equipped with a telephone.

“The medieval fantasy police would make quite the complaint, if they even existed. But well, all’s well that is convenient.”

The person on the other end was happy to tell him the menu. And it included exactly the thing that Hanakawa had wanted.

As this was a luxury ship, the price was considerably high, but not something he couldn’t afford. And so Hanakawa was quick to inform them of what he would be expecting.

And then, a knock could be heard on his door.

“Oooh! Do luxury ships always offer their services so smoothly!?”

Hanakawa rushed to the door with great expectation welling up in his chest. However, he realized something was wrong when his hand touched the doorknob.

The doorknob was not a doorknob.


Whatever it was, it was now grabbing at him.

Before he knew it, numerous hands were sprouting out of the door and clutching him.

“Hey! This is not the foreplay that I requested!”

As Hanakawa wondered in amazement, he was thrown violently into the air. Both he and the mutated door had been blown away.

He crashed into the wall and rolled onto the ground. Then he raised his head to the entrance.

“Wh-why are you people…”

The intruders were none other than the three classmates who had suddenly disappeared.

“Haha. So, the piggy boy really was here after all.”

The Creator, Marufuji Akinobu.

“Yeah, he is here. But do we really need him?”

The Femme Fatale, Kushima Rei.

“Yeah. We don’t have any use for him alone. But taking him with us is going to raise a flag to make a Hero join us.”

The Oracle Master, Mitadera Shigehito.

—Ah, these people were bad news.

Hanakawa used his appraisal ability to read their gifts, and was immediately overtaken by a feeling of despair.

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