Instant Death 104

Since there are so many girls here, I think there should be at least one swimsuit or hot spring event?

Yogiri had escaped from the town that was covered in meat, and was now talking to Risley. A girl who had just come out of a carriage that was passing by.

“Yes, I’m like a former sage. I will give this to you, so please listen to my request!”

So saying, Risley offered him a round stone.

I want you to kill someone. That’s what she had been saying, so this was likely her idea of a reward.

“No. Why would I kill someone just because you asked me to?”

Yogiri may have said this, but he took the stone from her all the same.

After all, it was the sage’s stone, which was the thing that he needed the most right now.

“Hey! I think it’s strange that she wants you to kill someone, and you’re right to reject her. But then you shouldn’t take the stone!”

“Alright, you can have it back.”

As Tomochika seemed unhappy about it, Yogiri returned the sage’s stone to Risley.

“Ah, uh, I’m sorry. I just got really excited about meeting you. I’m sure you are terribly confused about what is happening.”


She was a stranger who had appeared out of nowhere and started talking rapidly. He didn’t understand her at all.

Yogiri then turned his eyes to the other person who had come out of the carriage.

She was a beautiful woman with brown skin and silver hair. It was Theodosia. He had met her before at the tower of the canyon.

“Is she your younger sister?”

They didn’t look alike at all in Yogiri’s opinion, but he decided to ask, just in case.

Theodosia had said that she came to the tower in order to search for her younger sister.

“No, she isn’t, but…”

Theodosia seemed like she wasn’t sure how to explain it. Just then, another person came out of the carriage.

Like Theodosia, she was a woman with dark skin and silver hair.

Yogiri recalled that their race was known as half-demons.

“Huh!? You were part of Tachibana’s personal guard, weren’t you?”

Tomochika was surprised. She must have seen her before.

Yogiri also remembered Tachibana Yuki.

He was a classmate that bragged about being the Dominator. He had five girls guarding him. This woman must have been one of them.

“Yes. And I apologize for that. I am called Euphemia.”

“So, you’re the younger sister. Things would have been simpler had we remembered. Well, you two are together now, so I guess it was alright?”

Yogiri and the others had told Theodosia something vague about perhaps hearing the name ‘Euphemia,’ but it had apparently all worked out in the end.

“Yes. I’m sure it’s great that they were able to meet, but I still have no idea what is happening?”

Tomochika said as she tilted her head. Yogiri felt the same.

“Of course. I will explain all of it to you. But this is no place for that. Won’t you come and ride in the carriage with us?”

Euphemia said. Yogiri and Tomochika looked at each other.

“What should we do?”

“They have the sage’s stone. And I’m not allowed to take it from them, right?”

“I’m surprised you would even think about taking it from such a small girl!”

“Then we have no choice but to go and listen to them.”

And so they did.

“What about you?”

Yogiri asked David, Ryoko, and Carole. They had even less success in following what was happening, and could only watch silently.

“You wanted me to take you to a place where you can rest. Well, you won’t need me to guide you anymore if you’re going into a carriage.”

David was a guard who protected the gates of the royal capital. The people of the city would likely depend on him. As the city was in a devastating situation now, Yogiri felt that it would be wrong to continue using him.

“I’ll go with you.”


Said Ryoko and Carole.

They had both originally been in charge of monitoring Yogiri. Perhaps they intended to continue their duty, regardless of the current situation.

And so Yogiri and the others entered the carriage in order to listen to the story.


The seven of them sat inside of the carriage.

The interior was much like a drawing-room. There were a luxurious table and sofas. Risley, the owner of the carriage, and her attendants, Euphemia and Theodosia, sat together on one side.

Tomochika, Yogiri, Carole, and Ryoko sat on the other side.

“Well then, I will explain.”

Theodosia did most of the talking during the explanation.

What started it all was Tachibana Yuki’s attack on the half-demon village in the Hakua Primeval Forest.

They still didn’t know the reason for this, but monsters and humans that were under Yuki’s control had invaded their village.

The village was destroyed. And while there were some villagers who could fight, they were hopelessly outnumbered.

The survivors were controlled by Yuki and taken away. That was the beginning of Euphemia’s most unlucky fate.

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