Due to her beauty, Euphemia was chosen to be part of Yuki’s personal guard.

And for a time, she obeyed him. But she was freed when Yogiri’s power had killed Yuki.

Yuki had died in an underground ruin, and Euphemia had been with him. When she returned to the surface, she saw that the Lain the sage was there.

On the surface, Aggressors known as the Kurayami had just passed through the area, and the place had turned into rubble.

Lain was very curious about the fact that Euphemia was unhurt. Lain was a vampire and gained followers through drinking their blood. And so Euphemia’s blood was sucked, and she became a subordinate.

After that, Lain attacked Yogiri and was killed.

Euphemia was free once again. And so she returned to her village, but there was no one there. No one else had returned.

Euphemia may have been free, but that wasn’t the only thing that had happened to her.

Lain was one of the first vampires, known as the Origin Blood. And since Lain’s death, a battle had erupted over who would be the successor.

Euphemia was forced into the struggle against her will, but came out as the victor. And so she inherited the Origin Blood.

While she had nowhere to go, Euphemia was able to use the memories she gained through succession, and she headed towards a certain mansion. It was there that she met Risley.

“I’m getting sleepy.”

Yogiri interrupted her with a yawn.

“Heeey! She’s clearly trying her hardest to tell this to you!”

If she was being honest, Tomochika felt that Theodosia’s story was not the most logically consistent. Still, she was making an effort to tell it in an easily digestible way. And so she felt that Yogiri was being unforgivably rude.

“Uh, I’m not going to say this isn’t long and boring, but it’s mainly because I used too much power. So, if you could just listen to it for me.”

Yogiri said as he lay down and put his head on Tomochika’s lap.

Indeed, he had continued to use his power ever since they arrived. So it was no wonder that he was tired.

“Hey! I didn’t say you could use me as a pillow!?”

“But it can’t be helped. There is not enough space. It’s out of my control.”

“Fine. You just do whatever you want!”

Yogiri started snoring softly within seconds. Well, there was nothing she could do now.

‘It’s his one weakness. Well, I suppose you still can’t kill him, though.’

Yogiri became sleepy if you used his power too much.

However, it wasn’t much of a weakness either. He would wake up immediately if shaken, and he was apparently able to attack you in this state as well.

“Ahh, please don’t mind him and continue your story. I’ll repeat it to Takato later.”

Indeed, Yogiri looked very peaceful as he slept on Tomochika’s lap.

Tomochika looked a little exasperated, but there was a small part of her that felt proud about being the source of his tranquility.

“I see. Well, if you say so.”

When Euphemia arrived, Risley was preparing to go to the Royal Capital.

Euphemia’s instincts told her that Risley was the master, and so she decided to serve her. They then headed to the Royal Capital together.

During their journey, Euphemia realized that she was able to sense the presence of her kin.

Upon hearing this, Risley decided that they would continue on their way while helping the other half-demons.

It was when they entered the canyons, that they met Theodosia.

“So, you reunited and came here. I see. But, why did you come here? Did you say that you did it in order to meet Takato?”

“Yes. Of course, it is first necessary for me to explain what I am. To put it simply, I am Lain, the sage.”

“Huh? You are?”

Tomochika had only seen Lain from far away, but she did know that the sage was not a child like this.

“To be honest, I am a copy that was left before the fight with Yogiri. I was made as a separate being, because Lain was threatened by Yogiri’s power. And so I do not have any of Lain’s memories.”

Yogiri had killed all of the copies of Lain that appeared. So perhaps Lain’s decision to create Risley as a separate being that didn’t have the same will or memories was the right decision.

“And I was made to feel a fondness towards Yogiri.”

“You what?!”

‘Oh? Is this a new rival?’

“I believe it was done so that there will be no possibility of us becoming enemies. Because Lain had a request to make to Yogiri.”

“A request for him to kill someone?”

“Yes. Someone that Lain was unable to kill.”

Risley seemed like she did not want to say anymore.

It probably meant that she would only say it when Yogiri woke up.

“Hmmm. What should I ask you then? I feel like I should still be asking you questions.”

“May I?”

Carole raised her hand. She had been very silent up until now.


“Since there are so many girls here, I think there should be at least one swimsuit or hot spring event?”

“That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about!”

Tomochika retaliated immediately.

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