Instant Death 105 Part 1


The invincible army uses elementary school students!?



Indeed, Yogiri looked very peaceful as he slept on Tomochika’s lap.

Tomochika had seemed a little exasperated, but there was a small part of her that felt proud about being the source of his tranquility.

–But what’s up with this…?

The rattling carriage was wrapped in silence.

She had listened to Risley’s circumstances from start to finish, but the atmosphere had been like this ever since Yogiri woke up.

To Ryouko and Carole, Risley and the others were just shady characters who had appeared all of a sudden, so there should be nothing special to hear from them.

“Where is this carriage heading?”

Tomochika suddenly realized that even though they had been riding in the carriage for a while, they still didn’t know where they were actually going.

“Ah, for the time being, we’re just getting away from the royal capital. Because we’re all large households, we don’t want to have any conflicts with the refugees.”

“Large households?”

Though they said that, the ones in front of them were just three people: Risley, Theodosia, and Euphemia.

The only ones other than those three would be the coachmen.

“You could say that we’re looking for the rest of our company. It may not look like it, but there are many of us out there. They’re following behind in other carriages.”

Yuuki Tachibana had attacked the village of half-demons where Theodosia and the others lived, and many beautiful women were kidnapped.

The women should have been freed from Yuuki’s control after his death, but their whereabouts were still unknown.

“There are that many?”

“We haven’t found that many villagers yet. Our captive brethren were far more scattered than we had anticipated.”

Theodosia seemed vexed.

They may very well want to help the villagers. However, that doesn’t mean that the villagers would see them as their brethren and want help.

“Right now we have a count of about a hundred people. And at this rate, there might be many more out there.”

“A hundred!?”

Tomochika was shocked to hear that the number was far beyond her imagination.

“Euphemia’s detection abilities are truly amazing. She simply can’t help but find them.”

If the villagers keep popping up, they wouldn’t be able to help all of them and would have to either stop looking or simply abandon them as they were found.

That was what Theodosia seemed to be really worried about.

“Ah, Lain has left me a great fortune, so I’m quite rich. Because of that, I’m not concerned about material things, but if their numbers keep increasing, it will become quite difficult to move around…”

Risley also seemed quite troubled.

The main problem here was that they were rescuing half-demons.

Half-demons are feared and hated in this world. If you were to form a caravan with a hundred of these beings, you would be regarded as someone dangerous even if you didn’t do anything.

“We have been attacked quite a bit on our way here, too. Euphemia and I have managed to repel our attackers so far, though.”

Half-demons are generally stronger than the average human, but the difference is not too overwhelming. If someone were to unleash a full-blown assault with dedicated forces, they might be too much even for them.

“Well, Risley’s goal of meeting Takato was fulfilled. We’ll have time to think about our future later. For now, we’ll be focusing our efforts on finding a good place spacious enough for us to set up camp– oh, but it seems they’ve already found it.”

The carriage slowed down.

Tomochika looked out through the window and saw a large meadow spreading out from where they stopped.


“So what should we do?”

Tomochika stood up absent-mindedly as she got out of the carriage.

Theodosia and the other half-demons started setting up a camp by putting up tents.

Carole and Ryouko quickly stepped up to help with the preparation of the camp.

Risley was graciously drinking tea on the table that had been prepared for her. Much like Tomochika, she wasn’t doing much to help, but Risley was like a supervisor of sorts.

By the way, Yogiri was still sleeping inside the carriage, even though his lap pillow was no longer there.

『That’s right, you’re the type of person who just sits there twiddling your thumbs when everyone else is cleaning up the house, aren’t you?』

Mokomoko glanced at Yogiri as she floated up next to Tomochika.

Being a guardian angel, she couldn’t see everything, but Mokomoko could still see Tomochika’s interactions with Yogiri.

“I’m sorry…”

Tomochika apologetically replied to Mokomoko. She was aware that she was very bad with planning and anything that had to do with using her hands.

『You don’t have to help out, so it’s okay if you want to enjoy some free time.』

“Besides, when was the last time we had some spare time, right?”

Saying that, Tomochika sat on the grass.

“By the way, is it really okay to set up our tents in this grassland?”

“Who knows? Maybe someone owns this land, but we’ll just be staying here temporarily. And there are barriers to keep people out, too.”

“Barriers, huh? But you can’t see them at first glance.”

『We can’t be seen from outside. It seems a vampire woman made it. It’s pretty powerful…』

“Barriers, vampire women… everything sounds so otherworldly here, doesn’t it?”

Tomochika looked up at the sky as she said that.

Several rocks were floating in the sky, and something that looks like a building could faintly be seen in the distance. She hadn’t really been aware of such things until now, but this seemed to be a world where there were people living in the sky.

『But there are barriers and vampires in your original world too.』


『A central hospital that was close to where I lived was run by a vampire, and his daughter was a vampire princess with other six siblings.』

“What!? That sounds like something out of a light novel!”

『There are many things about your world that you don’t know about.』

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