Instant Death 105 Part 2

“Well, I guess if there are people like Takato and things like guardian angels, then you might be right.”

More than anything else, there was a supernatural being floating right next to her. It could very well be pointless to doubt the existence of vampires anymore.

『Well, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with talking about the future with someone else.  You do seem to be a bit overwhelmed about what will come next.』

No one was around, so perhaps Mokomoko had hit the right spot with her assumptions.

“Overwhelmed, huh? Hmm, perhaps you’re right.”

Ever since being transported to this world, Tomochika hadn’t really thought about what she was going to do.

She wasn’t even sure she would be able to return to her own world in the first place, so she had just followed Yogiri around.

『You really believe in Theodosia and Carole and their people to a fault, don’t you? Don’t you think you should be a bit more cautious around them?』


Tomochika was surprised by her comment. She wasn’t thinking about anything in particular, so she didn’t expect her to say something like that of all things.

『Theodosia and her people seem to only want to use the young master, and Carole and the others were originally sent to keep an eye on him as well… Can you easily trust people like them?』

“Hmm, I see what you mean… but in that case, do you even trust Takato?”

『It’s pointless to doubt someone like him, so I really don’t.』

So far, there didn’t seem to be any way to counter Yogiri’s power. With his power, it’s really easy for him to kill someone he doesn’t like, and it’s also very easy for him to intimidate someone who knows about his power. In other words, even if you were to think ill of Yogiri, there’s not much anyone can do about him.

Still, Yogiri has simply decided to protect Tomochika and help her return to her own world. It would certainly be pointless to doubt him.

“But I don’t think they’re bad people.”

『Bad people or not, it doesn’t really matter. If their purpose is different, their paths will probably be different as well.』

“Well, we’ll just have to be careful then.”

That being said, Tomochika didn’t really take Mokomoko’s words too seriously.

She thought that they wouldn’t try to do anything funny, at least not while Yogiri was around.

“It seems those tents are really going up quickly, huh?”

『You’re not doing anything to help, though.』

“Shut up.”

While Tomochika sat there relaxing, a small settlement had been established.

Then, Tomochika felt an uncomfortable feeling coming from the other end of the settlement.

Something must have happened.

Tomochika’s exceptional eyesight caught a glimpse of a group of horse riders.

They were about a dozen mounted soldiers heading towards them.

“It seems some people are coming this way…”

『Hmm? But they shouldn’t be able to see us either way, so it shouldn’t be a problem.』

However they were definitely heading straight towards them.

They were moving as if they were trying to get to where the camp had been set up.

As the riders drew nearer, Tomochika recognized their uniforms.

It was the uniform worn by the soldiers of the Mani Kingdom.

『It certainly seems they are headed this way. But what could the soldiers want with us?』

The royal capital had collapsed, so their soldiers probably had a lot of things to do in the royal capital’s surrounding area.

“Do you think they could be after us?”

『We’ve killed countless members of the Assassin’s Guild, and that Archbishop too… I think we’re quite the criminals, don’t you think?』

“Right… It sends a shiver down my spine when you put it that way, though…”

『But given the current state of the royal capital, I don’t think they have any proof or anything to start an investigation.』

“Well, we have that thing we got from Rick, so I’m sure we can talk things out with them if needed.”

She was talking about the amulet they had received from Richard, the third prince of the Mani Kingdom and the current Sword Saint.

It could be used to prove their connection to Richard, so it was a very convenient item to have while operating within the Mani Kingdom. They should certainly be able to resolve things with their army by using it.

『Should I wake the young master up?』

“Yeah. Just in case we need to rely on him.”

They thought they’d wake him up and tell him that the army was coming to talk, and that he should be awake in case things get out of hand.

Tomochika went to where the soldiers seemed to be heading, and found everyone else already there.

If they were under some sort of attack, there wouldn’t be anywhere to run and hide anyway.

At the head of the group were Theodosia, Euphemia, Carole, and Ryouko.

They couldn’t see it, but the four of them seemed to be standing in front of the barrier.

Tomochika quickly ran up to them.

“I’m not very familiar with magic, but the barrier is working properly, isn’t it?

“Yes. It’s definitely working fine. It’s got Origin Blood power running through it, so it’s not so easy to see through it.”

Euphemia answered Theodosia’s question.

From the outside, it should look as if there was nothing within the barrier.

However, without any hesitation the riders had reached the spot where the barrier started, then suddenly stopped.

There were ten people in total; five men and five women. They were of varied ages, but at least the one in front seemed older than Tomochika.

All of them were wearing military uniforms, and their horses were armored.

Then, the largest man from their group stood right in front of Tomochika and looked straight into her eyes. So the barrier wasn’t as good as it seemed to be.


“We are the invincible army led by the second prince of the Mani Kingdom, Prince Darian! We’re here to exterminate you, you cursed half-demons!”

“The invincible army uses elementary school students!?”

The man’s loud voice resounded through the area, and Tomochika answered back by reflex.

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