The other world doesn’t stand a chance against the power of instant death

Chapter 90 V4C10


I’m sorry, I don’t really get what you’re talking about?


The 6th circle of Hell.

That was where the sage candidates had arrived to, a totally unexplored area.

Hell’s environment varied for each one of its levels, and this one was completely different from the one Yogiri had previously been to.

The first floor had given the impression of it being a cave system, but the place that spread upon them now looked just like the world above.

A blue sky covered the heavens, light clouds flowed, and the sun shone over it all.

The vast land didn’t seem to have any bare rock surfaces either.

There were forests, grasslands, rivers, small mountains, and cliffs. It was a world where you could even forget you were underground.

There were 18 sage candidates. A royal guard sent by the kingdom accompanied them. As soon as they went down to the sixth level they walked into the forest.

For some reason there was a path in this world, where supposedly no human had stepped in before, and they followed it.

They felt as though they were being guided by someone, but that didn’t change the fact that the path would lead them straight to the center of the area.

Moreover, Hell always considered those who might challenge it, however, according to what they had heard, there had never been a trap as big as this one before.

“It seems we got the worst part of it all, didn’t we?”

Yogiri asked David, who walked beside him.

At that moment Yogiri and the others were in a battle formation which consisted of two rows.

They were 18 people and had divided themselves into two rows of 9 each.

Yogiri and Tomochika were the last in line while David didn’t care much about the formation and walked freely.

Due to their deportation, all of the sage candidates ended up being moved to Hell, and the kingdom of Mani had given its approval.

However, there was always a possibility of them returning to the royal capital through the use of their powers, which was why David was sent to act as a witness.

“No way. I volunteered myself. I don’t think I’d ever be able to come to the sixth level if I missed this opportunity. I wanted to check it out. By the way, wouldn’t the power of the royal seal help you as well?”

But there was no meaning in observing the sage candidates.

David wasn’t strong enough to stop or control any of them, plus they had no way to get in touch with Earth no matter what happened.

Yogiri had a lot of doubts about the situation but it appeared that his companion’s wish was to tag along in the end.

“If you’re fine with it then I guess it’s okay. But don’t push yourself, and you should probably go back home when the time comes.”

Yogiri had practiced some swordplay with David, so at least he was somehow familiarized with it.

“Even if you tell me to go back there is just no way I would be able to do so without your help. Well, I think that it should be fine if you guys just defeat the demon and its avengers. I’m not saying it will all go smoothly, but at least if you do that then the rest should take care of it by itself.”

“The demon… To be honest I’ve been thinking as to why we have to do all of this.”

In reality Yogiri didn’t really care much for either Hell or any demon. If he defeated him and completed the quest, he would only become a sage, that didn’t automatically mean he would be able to go back home.

So far, they still didn’t know to get back to their original world, however there was a high possibility that the sage Shion would know a method, and getting to meet and talk to her seemed like a good first step.

He thought that if he continued going on with his classmates, the sage would eventually show herself, but so far, they hadn’t seen as much as their shadow.

It seemed that in order to actually meet Shion they would have to defeat the demon.

“Hey, isn’t there any way to defeat that demon all the way from here?”

Tomochika asked in a quiet voice.

“I don’t know anything about that demon. And it’s not like he’s going out of his way to specifically kill me or anything. Moreover, even if we kill it, we would have no way of actually proving it.”

The reason they had inadvertently killed the demon in the tower had been because it had reacted to the miasma that had been released on accident.

However, until now, there was no direct sign that Hell wanted to harm the Yogiri. You can’t kill a demon if you don’t even know if it’s there at all.

“Anyway, I’m pretty sure that if we descend all the way to the last level something is bound to happen.”

If we find him, I can quietly finish him off. I had nothing against the demon, but it seemed to be the only way we could meet the sage.

“To be honest I thought that everyone would freak out if it got to this, but it seems as though we’ll do just fine.”

He couldn’t see everything from his place at the end of the formation, but the rest of the troop didn’t seem to be that nervous. They had all previously traveled all the way to the capital and kept advancing in their journey together. It was probably that experience which had given them such confidence.

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