I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?


After calming down, Xu Ziyan stepped onto the green slabstone.

Just stepped onto one foot, a fatal crisis suddenly came.He was stiff all over. His right foot on the green slabstone did not dare to move at all. He had a faint feeling that he would be killed if he moved a little.

“Brother?” Aware that something was wrong with Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong entered the alert immediately. He carefully explored around, but found nothing.

Xu Ziyan felt very uncomfortable. It was very difficult to keep a posture still, especially when one of his feet couldn’t use force at all. Standing on one leg is not a good posture to keep balance.

He bit his teeth and gradually almost took his foot back from the green slabstone until his right foot stepped on the ground outside the green slabstone, only then he got completely relieved.

Wiped the cold sweat from his forehead,Xu Ziyan secretly said in his heart that before he entered this place ,he thought the Kirin tower was so important,why that no one would care about it. Now it seemed that there was no need to care about it, only the large array in this square was enough. Anyone who entered casually would be blasted into pieces!

“What a formidable array…” Xu Ziyan said with a long sigh.

Xu Zirong just got to know that Xu Ziyan’s uncomfortable just now was due to the large array.

After thinking about it, Xu Ziyan took the voucher which the person in charge gave them and put it on his waist. This time, once he stepped into green slabstone square again, there was no sense of crisis hanging overhead.

Both of them were shocked by the strong reiki inside when they entered the gate of the Kirin tower.

If the concentration of around Mo Xin city, where Xu’s family was located, was one, then the concentration of reiki in the gate of Liu Guang sect was about ten, and this Kirin tower’s reiki concentration was only the first layer of that was at least a hundred times that of the Xu’s family.No wonder the master said that the foundation could be built by using the environment here. Even if there was no build foundation-elixir, the concentration of reiki here alone was enough for them to made a breakthrough.

The space on the first floor of the Kirin tower was not large, only  radius of ten feet. There was a big Pillar in the middle of the room. All the reiki in the room came from this pillar.

Near the Aura Pillar, a dozen futons were randomly placed, and three of them were meditating.These three people were strangers to Xu Ziyan, had no impression,and probably had no contact with the original body.

One quota for Kylin tower could only be practiced in it for one month,such a strong reiki, practicing here for a month, was worth a year or two of penance outside.

Xu Ziyan did not dare to waste his precious time. He hurriedly took Xu Zirong to find a futon that near the reiki pillar and sat down.

Beginning of practice, the reiki in the room came towards them like a shark smelling blood, rushing through the acupoint and into their bodies.

The pure reiki in the Kirin tower scoured their meridians over and over again, forcing some of the stains hidden in their bodies out of them. This type of flushing feeling was very comfortable. If Xu Ziyan didn’t restrain himself, he would almost moan comfortably.

Xu Zirong was also exposed to such a strong reiki for the first time. He was so overjoyed that he began to absorb it desperately without saying a word.For the sake of practicing the Blood Sea Heart Sutra,there were several times more impurities in his body than Xu Ziyan.It was convenient and fast to upgrade by absorbing blood,but it also had very serious sequelae.

In his previous life, he didn’t have much choice but to endure the impurities in the blood stood in his body,which were not obvious at the beginning,but the later they remained,the more he could feel the obstacles that those impurities caused to him.

People who practiced truth all know that the purer the thing was,the higher the quality,the more so the spirit root,and the more so the physique,so those who had a special physique will get more favor.

In the previous life, Xu Zirong could only stop at Meta-infantile level,to a large extent,because he had absorbed too many impurities and did not have that kind of infrequent material and treasure,so there was no way to force them out of the body.

But in this life,he had the opportunity to use the pure reiki of the Kirin tower to build the foundation.As long as the foundation was succeeded,those impurities would no longer be his obstacle.Perhaps,in this life,he expected to advance the divine Mahayana level.

At the thought of this,Xu Zirong could not help but feel hot in her heart. The pursuit of strength was the most persistent thing in his last life,and this life——

He gently opened his eyes,glanced at Xu Ziyan,who was seriously practicing, and then slowly closed.

Maybe… His devotion to his brother was enough to match his pursuit of strength.

The two brothers were so focused that they almost forgot the passing of time.After seven days of reiki scour,Xu Zirong began to build the foundation one step ahead of Xu Ziyan.

Through internal vision,Xu Zirong clearly saw that his reiki in Dan Tian had reached its peak,he began to compress and recompress to squeeze the pure reiki together,and constantly hit Dan Tian.The reiki tide attacked again and again, without stopping. After three days of insistence, the inner wall of Dan Tian was smashed and its diameter was more than doubled.

As the capacity of Dan Tian expanded, Xu Zirong immediately began to perform exercises and absorb reiki again.

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