A crazy reiki vortex was formed around him, and the reiki of the whole Kirin tower began to fluctuate violently.

Layers of reiki had even appeared foggy silk catkins, tightly wrapping Xu Zirong to form a huge reiki cocoon.

Xu Zirong’s such a big movement suddenly shocked the other three people,except for Xu Ziyan, who were still struggling with the impurities in his body, the other three couldn’t help but wake up from the practice and looked at the huge reiki cocoon dumbfounded.

One of the pretty girl among the three people was surprised and said: “this is……Building a foundation? Is it possible that the new beginner’s disciples are building a foundation here? ”

“It should be.” A burly monk beside nodded: “I’ve always heard that this group of disciples are amazing,now it seems that they are really so. At the beginning, they had got the quota for the Kirin Pavilion, which should be among the top three in the inner door assessment.   “

“They are first and second.” Another young man looked at the Reiki cocoon with a complicated look: “Now the one who builds the foundation should be the second,the one next to is the top of the list.”

“Oh? Have you seen them? ” Asked the pretty girl curiously.

The young man said with a wry smile, “At that time, I just took on the task of Uncle Ye Gui to attack these disciples. As a result, for the first time to attack, the Qi Lian next to me was unlucky, and the one who attacked him was that who had not yet built the foundation.”

“Is he the new disciple who let Qi Lian stay in the training hall for half a year and stay for another half a year?” The pretty girl covered her lips and said in surprise.

“Yes, that’s him.” The young man raised his chin at Xu Ziyan,”You would not believe that the one who were building the foundation now is his brother.” As he spoke, his expression became very tangled.

“Brother? How old is he? ” the pretty girl was curious like the baby. She wanted to know everything.

“Eleven years old,three-spirit root.”

“Impossible!” The girl was surprised and said, “I remembered that at the top of the list is Lightning-spirit root. If his brother is a three-spirit root,how can he build a foundation faster than his brother?””But…Wrong! You said that the little brother who built the foundation was only eleven years old! ”

“Yes.” The young man had a helpless look on his face,there could be no comparison between people.Thought himself,could also be regarded as a young and promising disciple of Liu Guang sect.Built a successful foundation before the age of 20, but compared with others……Ahem, forgot it, don’t compare it, save self some face!

“Younger generations are more powerful than their predecessors.” The burly man could not help saying.

“What’s the matter? Worried about losing your position? ” The young girl smiled and said. “Afraid of being surpassed?”

The burly man laughed. Of course, he didn’t worry about this kind of thing. He couldn’t be happier that his little brother to get such a result. How could he be jealous?

After a few jokes, the three men began their practice again. No one who was qualified to enter the Kylin tower would waste this precious time.

Thanks to Xu Zirong’s efforts, the reiki in his Dan Tian was finally squeezed and the first drop of reiki liquid was formed. With this first drop, those after that were no longer a problem.

The endless pure reiki around Xu Zirong made him not worried about foundation building failure at all.In essence,build foundation-elixir was actually a super reiki source.Today,the reiki in the  Kylin tower could completely replace the role of the reiki source, and Xu Zirong was a man who built a foundation once in his previous life. If he could still fail, he might as well find a belt to hang himself.

It took another three days to convert all the reiki in Xu Zirong into liquid.In the process of transformation, these reiki wandered along the meridians again and again, forced a lot of impurities out of his body.

At this time, Xu Zirong looked very dirty, and his skin was covered with some black and red stains. Fortunately, now the three people had practiced again, otherwise saw the abnormal stains on him,maybe would cause some trouble.

A simple dust cleaning technique, the stains on the body were swept away. Xu Zirong took a long breath, and the body was relaxed like never before.

A glimmer of joy flashed in his eyes, but he did not expect that the reiki in the Kylin tower was so pure that it cleaned up all the impurities left in his body.With this foundation, as long as he took more effort to purify the refined blood, the impurities in the blood would no longer do any harm in the future.

Xu Zirong Looked up at Xu Ziyan,he felt a bit more possessive in his eyes.He knew very well that all this was brought to him by his elder brother, and if it had not been for his brother’s existence, he would have gone back to the old way of his previous life.

Brother,you are really a compensation given to me by God.

Xu Zirong had already recognized the existence of Xu Ziyan in his heart, which was the compensation for the injustice of the previous life from God,what happened today was that he once again confirmed the ownership of Xu Ziyan.

The elder brother belonged to him and was given by God. He would protect his elder brother from being snatched by anyone.

Compared with the momentum of Xu Zirong when he built the foundation, Xu Ziyan’s momentum was also as great as that of Xu Zirong.

The giant cocoon formed by reiki wrapped him layer by layer. Comparatively speaking, his reiki cocoon may be bigger than Xu Zirong’s.

Without the slightest accident, Xu Ziyan’s movement once again awakened the three people who practiced there.

The three people Looked at the reiki cocoon this time, and surprised to lose their tongue.

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