I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 60


All the words that need to be said had been said before, and those three could only look at each other to remind themselves not to be beaten by the back waves, otherwise, they will die on the beach. Then they started practicing again.

Such pure qi can not be wasted, in the confirmation of the Xu Ziyan foundation building process is very smooth, Xu Zirong will also enter again.

He did not know, in the huge cocoon of qi he could not see through, Xu Ziyan is suffering from the blue sky god thunder’s suffering.

“Master you pit me…” Xu Ziyan’s expression is very twisted, sweating and complaining.

Building the foundation had been going well until now. Until he had broken the wall of the field and enlarged its scope, the little cloud of thunder which he had kept in the field burst forth, like a fish, constantly impinging on the aura he was trying to gather.

Gathering gas turns into liquid is one of the signs of success in building foundation, but every time Xu Ziyan tried to compress the qi group was scattered by the ray of the blue sky god thunder.

Today’s sky thunder is like a naughty child, wandering around in Xu Ziyan’s dantian, once there are qi gathered together they immediately rushed up, scattered them up, which let Xu Ziyan no chance to compress qi.

Again and again trying to make Xu Ziyan tired and full of sweating, although there is almost endless qi supplement in the kirin tower. But if it goes on like this, sooner or later he will fail.

Instead, he was glad that he had not taken zukidan. Otherwise, if he would have used the qi contained in zukidan, he’s sure to fail and maybe get hurt.

At this time, Xu Ziyan can only try again and again to condense qi compression in the corner of the field. But that cloud of thunder is like a radar, wherever there are qi clumps that can be compressed into liquid form, it’s going to rush in and break them up.

Xu Ziyan now hates him very much. If that blue sky thunder becomes a child and appears in front of him now, an affirmation can be beaten by him, until the bottom dozen have swollen……

In this way, Xu Ziyan and blue sky thunder began to play guerrilla warfare in his dantian, you come and I go. They had a good time.

While Xu Ziyan and blue sky thunder played happily together, the foundations have been laid. And the realm has been consolidated, but Xu Zirong is anxious about the qi cocoon.

Xu Ziyan has been in there for seven days, a full seven days, according to the theory, the foundation should have been completed, but he did not move.

Xu Zirong’s expression was not very well. He didn’t expect that the Xu Ziyan foundation has a problem in this kirin tower.

He did not know that the last Xu Ziyan also had the experience of building a foundation failure. But now in front of him is the fact that the spiritual wave from the cocoon is weaker and weaker, it is obvious that Xu Ziyan has no strength to breakthrough.

“Damn it! What’s going on?” Xu Zirong thought with anger. He could not bear to see any accident happen to his brother, especially if it happened in front of him.

He had always been confident in himself. He felt that even now his strength is a little poor, but with his memory and amazing, and will be able to protect the brother comprehensively. He did not expect that just into the Liu Guangzong living half a year, the reality gave him a lesson. Without strength, he can only look at the failure of his brother.

“That junior male fellow apprentice has not built a successful foundation?” The girl woke up from the calm, looking at that qi cocoon and surprisingly said.

“Well, the fluctuations are weaker. I reckon he’s in danger this time.” Said the big man, frowning.

“Ah? No, building a foundation at kirin tower will fail?” The girl covered her mouth in disbelief.

Xu Zirong mercilessly stared at her. What does this woman mean? Implying that my brother is crap?

The girl was startled and then realized that she was wrong. She quickly put out her tongue and shrank behind the big man.

The big man also perceived the girl’s mistake, but he noticed that Xu Zirong with murderous eyes.

The burly big man is surprised and says to himself: this boy is very young, how does he have so fierce murderous spirit? Like a seasoned monk who’s been through countless killings?

Xu Zirong exchanged a look with the big man. He held his murderous spirit a little. He didn’t want to make trouble for his brother, especially now that his brother was in trouble.

The three of them watched the vibrations in the qi cocoon weaken. There was a look of regret on their faces.

Failure to build a foundation is not dangerous, but it can easily cast a psychological shadow on those new disciples.

The burly man had heard his master say. Among his peers, there was once a monk named malinger, who was one of the most outstanding of his disciples. Perhaps it was because he had never encountered any setbacks before that he failed to build the foundation for the first time because of some accident.

Later, the failure to build a foundation left him with a serious psychological shadow. It took him three years to build a foundation, among which he failed three times and succeeded the fourth time.

But even after the success, his whole person completely lost the previous spirit. Later, the monk of a wood ling root, unexpectedly only practice to coagulate vein period and then no more advanced, finally, his spirit was exhausted, can only sit to practice.

Looking at the fluctuation of the qi cocoon almost to nothing, the big man slightly sighed, he now only hope that the little brother of Lei Linggen can be able to cheer up, and do not set foot on the old road of the uncle.


While people have been determined that Xu Ziyan will build a foundation for failure and sigh for him, the huge qi cocoon burst, gushes out a very strong force of thunder and lightning.

“Look out! The big man shouted and rolled his wrists. A khaki shield, more than one people’s height, protected them.”Yu Ling, bring him here.”

The young man at once added to the shield a force of gold, the yellow shield with a faint streak of gold.

The girl’s cooperation is also very timely. With a flick of her right hand, the belt on her waist popped out and rolled over to Xu Zirong.

The moment he was wrapped in the belt, Xu Zirong’s first reaction was to turn the blood into a blade and cut off the blue belt.

But he understood in time. She wasn’t trying to sneak upon him. She was trying to save him.

Though very unaccustomed, he still restrained his desire to attack, allowing the girl-girdle to catch him and drag him behind the shield.

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