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60 Part 1


Chapter 60

They’d already said everything that they could, and the three of them could only look at each other, reminding themselves not to be surpassed by the younger generations. Then, they started cultivating again.

He could not waste such pure aura. After confirming that Xu Ziyan’s process of building base was smooth, Xu Zirong started cultivating again.

He didn’t know that in the giant cocoon that he couldn’t see through, Xu Ziyan was suffering the torment of Green Night Divine Thunder very sadly.

“Master, are you kidding…” Xu Ziyan twisted his face and complained in sweat.

His previous phase of building base was quite smooth, until he smashed the inner wall of the elixir and expanded it, the trace of the Green Night Divine Thunder he had stored in the elixir suddenly broke out, like a fish, constantly impacting the aura that he was trying to gather.

Gathering aura into liquid was one of the signs of success in building base, but every time Xu Ziyan tried to compress the spiritual energy, it was washed away by that trace of Green Night Divine Thunder.

Today, the Green Night Divine Thunder was like a naughty child, it’s running wildly in Xu Ziyan’s elixir. Once the aura gathered, it would rush forward to disperse it, and Xu Ziyan had no chance to compress the aura.

After trying again and again, Xu Ziyan became tired and sweaty. Although there was almost endless aura in the Unicorn Tower, if this continued, his building base would fail sooner or later.

At this time, he was thankful that he hadn’t taken the core of building base, or he would undoubtedly fail with the aura inside the core, and he might get himself injured as well.

At this time, Xu Ziyan can only try to condense the aura and compress in the corner of the elixir, but the Green Night Divine Thunder was acting like a radar. As long as there’s compressed aura, it would rush to disperse it immediately.

Xu Ziyan really hated it to the guts, if the Green Night Divine Thunder appeared in front of him like a kid, he would certainly spank him…

Just like this, Xu Ziyan and the Green Night Divine Thunder started fighting everywhere in his elixir, as if they were having so much fun.

When they were playing happily, Xu Zirong, who had already finished building base and consolidated his realm, looked anxiously at the spiritual cocoon.

Xu Ziyan had already been in it for seven days, and normally speaking, his building base would have been finished by now, but there was not a single movement.

He wasn’t sure if Xu Ziyan had also failed in building base in his past life, but he was indeed seeing the spiritual energy inside the cocoon getting weaker and weaker, and it’s obvious that Xu Ziyan could no longer breakthrough.

“Damn it! What the hell is going on?” Xu Zirong was irritated. He couldn’t tolerate any accident happening on his brother, especially when he’s there.

Originally, he had always been very confident in himself. He thought that even though his power was a little bit weaker, he could still protect his brother by relying on the memory of his past life. Unexpectedly, six months after he joined the Liu Guang sect, the reality told him the opposite. He could only witness his brother failed in building base without the power.

“Huh? That junior brother hasn’t successfully built the foundation yet?” The girl woke up from her meditation and said to the spiritual cocoon in surprise.

“Well, the fluctuation of spiritual power is weaker, he might have some danger in this building base.” The rough guy frowned and said.


“Ah? No way, how can anyone fail in building base in the Unicorn Tower?” The girl covered her mouth in disbelief.

Xu Zirong gave her a vicious look. What did this woman try to imply? Did she want to say that his brother is useless?

Upon seeing Xu Zirong’s fierce eyes, the girl was startled, and immediately realized that she had said the wrong thing. She stuck out her tongue and hid behind the rough guy.

The tough guy noticed the girl’s mistake but he’d also noticed the murderous look of Xu Zirong more.

His heart jumped and the rough guy thought to himself, “this guy is still so young, how could he have such strong sense of murder? It’s almost like an old and experienced cultivator who had been through countless killing?”

After exchanging a look with the rough guy, Xu Zirong suppressed his murderousness slightly. He didn’t want to cause trouble to his brother, especially now that his brother was already in trouble.

The three people watched the spiritual power in the spirit cocoon weaken bit by bit, and they all showed a sign of regret.

Although building base wouldn’t impose any danger, it could cause some mental influence on the new disciples.

The rough guy once heard his master say that among his disciples of the same generation, there was once a cultivator having wood spiritual root. Back then, he was regarded as one of the most outstanding among the disciples of that year, perhaps because of him, he had never encountered any setbacks before, but when he first started building base, he failed after an accident.

Later, this failure cast a shadow in his heart, and it turned out that he’d spent three years to finish building base. He only succeeded the fourth time.

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