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60 Part 2


But even after he succeeded, he completely lost his previous vigor. Later, that cultivator with wood spiritual roots only cultivated to the stage of condensation and he never advanced again. He even exhausted himself completely.

The rough man saw that the fluctuations in the spiritual cocoon were almost non-existent, and he sighed slightly. Now, he only hoped that this junior disciple with spiritual roots could get himself together and not to repeat the senior uncle’s path.


Just when everyone was sure that Xu Ziyan would definitely fail to build base and sighed for him, the huge cocoon of spiritual energy burst suddenly, spewing out a powerful thunder and lightning.

“Be careful!” The rough man yelled, flipping his wrist, and a khaki shield as high as one person firmly shielded the three of them. “Yulin, go and save him.”

The young man immediately blessed the shield with a wave of gold power, and a faint golden glow appeared on the shield.

The girl’s cooperation was also very timely. When she flicked her right hand, the belt on her waist popped out and rolled towards Xu Zirong.

The moment Xu Zirong was wrapped around by the belt, Xu Zirong’s first reaction was to condense his blood and form a blade, so as to cut the blue belt.

Fortunately, he reacted just in time. The other party wasn’t going to attack him, she’s going to save him.

Even though he wasn’t very used to it, he still restrained the urge to attack, letting the girl’s belt wrap him up, and at the same time dragged and fell behind the big shield.

At the same time, the rough man and young man naturally blocked his sides, and firmly protected him and the girl.

There was a big shield in the front and the two senior brothers were on the left and right. Xu Zirong’s position at this time was considerably safe, but he felt strange to be protected by a stranger.

“Here I am!” yelled the rough man.

He saw purple thunderbolts gushing out from the center of the spiritual cocoon, jumping in all, hitting everywhere in the room, making a loud, crackling sound.

Xu Zirong’s vision was blocked. He tried several times to check his brother’s situation, but he was suppressed by the rough man. No one needed to persuade him, he just needed to place his big hand on Xu Zirong’s head and there’s no way for him to move around.

Xu Zirong was very depressed. Not to mention his strength, he was now much weaker than others, which was really a disadvantage!

“Huh! That was dangerous!”

Just as the three of them were cautiously avoiding the attack of thunder and lightning, the clouds and mist of the journey gradually dispersed after the spiritual cocoon burst, showing who’s inside.

Xu Ziyan’s hair stood up and his face was burnt, and almost all of his clothes were destroyed by the power of thunder and lightning. Fortunately, he found an outer robe and put it on in time while the spiritual mist cleared away, otherwise he would become really shameful.

“Brother!” After hearing Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong couldn’t hold it anymore. He pushed away the rough man’s hand and ran out from behind the shield.

He wasn’t really worried about Xu Ziyan’s safety, as long as the drop of essence blood still existed, he could sense Xu Ziyan’s danger or when he’s extremely weak.

His previous anxiety was due to the fact that he hadn’t seen his brother for a long time, and he felt emotional again. At this moment, he finally got to hear his brother’s voice, and he was instantly calmer.

Seeing that there was no danger, the rough man didn’t stop Xu Zirong, and he just let him run out.

He didn’t expect this kid, who seemed to be indifferent, to rely so much on his brother.

“Cough cough… it’s okay, it’s okay, I am sorry that I’d made you worried.” Xu Ziyan looked very embarrassed, but this did not prevent him from giving his baby brother a warm hug.

He knew that his little brother really liked to stick around, as he only needed three days to build base, and yet he had to spend seven days and almost failed, he must have been worried to death.

Xu Zirong buried his head into his brother’s arms and listened to his strong heartbeat.

Boom! Boom!

He could hear his brother’s blood flowing through the skin, and he was in love with that sound.

He took a deep breath, and his nose was full of an unfamiliar scent!

Damn it! What’s the matter with this mushy smell? Brother, were you roasting food inside when you were building base?

He looked up at Xu Ziyan full of resentment. He didn’t like the extra smell on his brother.

Hmm…If it’s his own scent, then it’s of course another matter. Aside from this, Xu Ziyan’s scent also belonged to him! Anyone trying to pollute it would be his enemy.

“Well… the master will not punish me, right?” Xu Ziyan didn’t notice the sad eyes of his brother and he was checking the surrounding environment with guilt.

The power of thunder and lightning that emerged when he succeeded in building base came from the Green Night Divine Thunder in his body. This kind of power was only second to the natural power of the Purple Night Divine Thunder.

Now there were many burnt marks on the walls and floor in the room, and it looked very miserable.

Fortunately, with the material of the Unicorn Tower, it would not be destroyed by the thunder and lightning power released by Xu Ziyan – even if what he released was the Green Night Divine Thunder.

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