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I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

Chapter 61

It is as if no matter how powerful a weapon, a weak man can’t harness it to its full potential.

“Congratulations to my junior fellow apprentice.” The big man put away his shield and smiled at Xu Ziyan.

This junior fellow apprentice can break out in the despair of such strength, even in almost exhausting circumstances can build a foundation for success, so we can understand how tough the heart of this junior fellow apprentice.

Such a heart, coupled with excellent talent, as long as the luck is not too bad, the future of him must be unlimited.

Although the burly man is not interested in forming a gang, it is always good to get along well with such a promising young junior fellow apprentice.

“Thanks for your concern.” Xu Ziyan arched his hand to the burly man, the Tian Qinglong is Liu Guangzong’s disciple. In their generation of disciples, Tian Qinglong is the character of perseverance, forthright and righteous, almost everyone regarded him as the big brother.

The burly man smiled, not looking for anything to talk about. Neither time nor place is suitable for the in-depth conversation today. Anyway, people, there are all students of Liu Guangzong, and they will have plenty of time later.

After the three people left, Xu Ziyan hurriedly seized the time to consolidate their realm, because of the accident brought by the thunder of the Sky God, let him spend more than expected seven days, now the deadline for them to leave the kirin pagoda was approaching. If he could not consolidate the realm before leaving, without the pure aura here, he would at least spend many times more time on this task.

Practice day and night, Xu Ziyan finally consolidated the foundation before the last day of the deadline.

At this time, he was restrained and his eyes were radiant. If you look him closely, you could even see a ray of blue thunder from the depth of his eyes.

Even Luo Dajiao did not expect that when Xu Ziyan built the foundation, the thunder of the Sky God hit Dantian by an aura, absorbed a lot of spiritual power, strengthened himself, and finally merged into Xu Ziyan’s Dantian.

Now if someone can see Xu Ziyan’s Dantian inward, he will be extremely shocking, because others’ Dantians are peaceful, but Xu Ziyan’s Dantian is full of violent thunder force.

At this time, the Qing xiao Shenlei had been baptized with a lot of auras during the foundation period and had grown to the thickness of the thumb. Between them, the aura was casually playing in Xu Tian’s Dantian, but the aura in Dantian seemed to be completely integrated with him. Not only is there no slightest rejection, it even makes people think that Qing xiao God Thunder is part of Xu Ziyan’s body.

Although he does not know why this thunder of the Sky God has such a change, Xu Ziyan can feel his body has changed.

This change for Xu Ziyan is not easy to judge, the advantage is that he now cast the thunder spell, will naturally get the blessing of the silk cloud god thunder, the power increased by at least two times; The downside is that he can’t cast any spells other than thunder, including the simplest form of dust removal.

All in all, Xu Ziyan felt he was worth it after all, thunder spell is offensive.

After leaving the bluestone square of the large range, the proof, hanging in their waists, broke into powder.

Looking back at the towering tower, Xu Ziyan knew, without this proof, if he wanted to enter the qilin tower, will be attacked on the square.

“Come on, it’s not as if you can’t come here. The place is up for grabs.” Notice Xu Zirong also reluctant to part of looking behind, Xu Ziyan pretended to be generous and said.

Xu Zirong silently nodded, but in the heart of doubt, is his illusion? Just now, at the moment when the proof broke, he seemed to feel a line of sight falling on him from the kirin pagoda.

After a deep look at the qilin pagoda, Xu Zirong turned and left. He knew very well that, with his present strength, he could not resist, whether someone was watching him or not.

Just…… He does not know that even in Liu Guangzong still has someone so concerned about him, he also does not know whether this is a blessing or a curse.

After the two left, the seventh floor of the kirin pagoda of the quiet room, the master of Liu Guangzong and Luo Yun and the one with Tsing cloth who warning Xu Zirong on the dust bridge, sitting together sipping tea.

“Haha,my junior fellow apprentice, your this apprentice’s feeling is very keen.” Wu Cheng said with a smile.

At this time, Luo Yun had almost completely separated himself from the image of Luo’s big feet. His hair was not untidy and his robes were spotless.

“Don’t mention the sinner.” Luo Yun dressed up although more clean, but his tone is still so lazy: “this boy, all day against me.”

Wu Cheng smiled, did not make a sound, his junior fellow apprentice is fun, if the disciple honestly and orderly, he would feel bored.

“This boy is homicidal overkill.” “The man in blue said without expression.

Lord Luo Yun laughed: “come on, those who return from the extreme west, which is not killing too much, this is also worth saying?”

The man in blue paused, and continued, “he’s only eleven.”

“So what?” Luo Yun said impatiently, “even if he is only eleven years old, even if he homicidal personality, so what?”

He looked at the man in blue with a cold look. “do you want to drive him out of school because of these two points? Or locked him up?”

The man in blue was silent, apparently considering the possibility of doing so.

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