Chapter 151

“So how is it? You old fool from the Yuan family? All of your close relatives have run away. In order to protect your body from decay, you can’t use too much spiritual power to face so many of our golden core cultivators. What do you think you’re going to do?” Xu Ziyan sounded very cheerful, as that outcome of that day far exceeded his expectations.

When he heard the word “enemy attack” in his father’s study room, he thought it would be a fierce battle, but he didn’t expect to solve nearly half of the cultivators of the Yuan family with the Xu family’s big array. Later, he was also “surprised” to discover that the old ancestor of the Yuan family had already reached the end of his life, and he only relied on absorbing blood of his relatives to keep his corpse unrotten.

It’s just a piece of trash without spiritual power. No wonder he dared not appear in the battle again. He couldn’t afford to fight unless he absorbed all the spiritual power of his descendants!

Xu Ziyan was naturally very happy to be able to solve the battle so easily. In any case, it’s better to have as few people dying from this as possible!

The old ancestor of the Yuan Family stared firmly at Xu Ziyan. It was this kid who had jeopardized all his plans. He really wanted to eat his flesh and drink his blood!

Yuan Feng fled at the speed of light after learning that he could actually escape from the old ancestor. Although he was once obedient to the old ancestor, it was only built on the basis of wanting to rescue his son.

Now it has been almost confirmed that the old ancestor wanted to save his life at the expense of the whole family. He didn’t think that the old ancestor wanted to spare him, and he’d of course wanted to flee. All in all, he had the highest level of cultivation among these people. Who could guarantee that the old ancestor wouldn’t absorb his cultivation at a critical moment?

The entire Yuan family was almost defeated by Xu Ziyan’s own power. Although the biggest attack was the old ancestor, if it weren’t for Xu Ziyan’s knowledge, how would the others know that there’s such an evil way of maintaining one’s life at the expensive of his family?

The people of the Xu family suddenly saw Xu Ziyan differently. Although they’d already acknowledged Xu Ziyan as its future leader, now they were finally convinced.

A leader who could rescue the whole family must be able to lead to its glory!

The prosperity of the family means more resources, more property, and when the family became stronger, they could move to a place with more spiritual power.

Every cultivator hopes to obtain more resources, and Xu Ziyan’s performance in the battle that day really made the whole Xu family satisfied with him.

Whether it was his knowledge or his super combat power, everyone was staring at him enthusiastically, and their eyes shone with the light of worship——

–Oh? Wait a minute, isn’t that pretty kid the younger brother of the young master? Why is he so annoying? Why block our idol?

Many young disciples in the Xu family showed dissatisfaction with Xu Zirong. What did this guy mean by deliberately blocking their vision? Could it be able that he wanted to own the new Xu master?

(They had known the truth actually…)

The same group of disciples as the Xu brothers were speechless and they all lowered their heads. They all knew already that this kid was very possessive to their master, but they hadn’t expected that it only got worse when years went by.

“Good job!” Xu Xiao didn’t hesitate to praise Xu Ziyan. As a qualified patriarch, he always punished or rewarded his disciples in the right manner, and his son was of no exception.

Xu Ziyan’s mouth twitched, and he hadn’t stopped looking at the old ancestor.

Although this old fool was dying soon (or he’s dead already), he could still fight a bit. Since his golden core was still inside his body, if he had the guts to make the golden core explode, then Xu Ziyan had no idea how many people of the Xu family could survive.

“Father, be careful that he explodes the golden core.” Xu Ziyan secretly signaled his father.

Xu Xiao’s expression hadn’t changed in any way, and it seemed that he had anticipated that coming earlier.

“Haha, very good, your Xu family has a good successor this time.” Yuan Mo’s stiff face suddenly showed a smile.

Xu Ziyan’s level of vigilance immediately rose to the highest, and lightning flashed between his fingers, as he’s worried that this old ancestor would play tricks again.

Unexpectedly, the old man just looked at Xu Ziyan with fiercely. After looking at Xu Ziyan for a long time, his eyes suddenly went dark and his corpse fell from the sky.

“Huh? He’s dead now?” Xu Ziyan frowned. He thought that this old crook would at least struggle a bit before dying, yet he died so quickly.

“Don’t move, everyone.” Xu Ziyan shouted, and the cultivators who were closer to the corpse all stepped back.

Such an old monster who relied on refining his relatives to continue his life could no longer be called a human. No one could be sure if he planted any traps before he died.

When Xu Xiao saw this, he opened the big array again, but this time, he narrowed the scope of the array to around Yuan Mo’s body. In this way, with the suppression of the big array, Yuan Mo had no way to pretend to be dead, or he might really be dead!

“Zirong.” Xu Ziyan called.

Xu Zirong instantly knew what his brother was thinking, and he immediately released a thick blood vine, which was much thicker than his previous blood vines, and there were also many palm-sized suckers on this vine.

Under the control of Xu Zirong, the blood vine rushed out quickly, turning Yuan Mo’s body into a giant cocoon like a hungry tiger. As the blood vine continued to wriggle, the giant cocoon diminished at a speed visible to the naked eye. After a while, After the blood vine was opened, the palm-sized suckers were covered with blood, and Yuan Mo’s body had completely turned into a mummy.

“There is really no trap?” Xu Ziyan still found it a little unbelievable that a cultivator of golden core would die so easily.

Although his physical body died early, he still relied on spiritual power to support himself for a few more days. He had no reason to give up on his life so easily, right?

This old crook was ready to sacrifice his family in order for himself to survive, so he wouldn’t believe that he would die so easily.

“I’ll take a look.” After hesitating for a while, Xu Ziyan decided to take a look for himself. He just felt that Yuan Mo’s death was too easy and simple, and it didn’t match his identity as a golden core cultivator.

“Brother, I’ll go with you.” Xu Zirong grabbed his brother’s hand and said with determination.

Xu Ziyan glanced at him and nodded. Xu Zirong looked equally surprised, and they might find something weird together.

The two approached Yuan Mo’s body cautiously, which had turned into a corpse already.

Snowball and Pink Hair followed their owner, and Pink Hair was, out of the blue, not chewing carrots this time.

“Meh.” (Did you smell any strange odor?) Snowball sniffed in the air twice and frowned.

“Puff puff.” (It seems…there really is.) Pink Hair did not show its look of indifference, but it rather looked a bit serious.

The two monsters looked at each other, and when they looked at Yuan Mo’s body, their expression became more serious.

“Meh!” Snowball yelled and successfully attracted Xu Ziyan’s attention. Then it rushed over with Pink Hair, before they ran to Yuan Mo’s body.

Xu Ziyan slowed down unconsciously, vaguely feeling that Snowball and Pink Hair wanted them to stop.

Xu Zirong watched coldly as the two fluffy cute pets turned around next to the mummy, especially when the little sheep sniffing carefully on it.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Zirong asked softly.

Xu Ziyan waved his hand quietly. They knew that Pink Hair and Snowball weren’t simple-minded. They knew that there’s something wrong with this corpse, making them seeing the need to sniff it first. However, they didn’t want to cause anyone to panic, and that’s why they were communicating discreetly.

“Meh!” (It’s the smell of the demon race.) Snowball sniffed for a while, frowning with an expression of disgust.

Pink Hair kicked Yuan Mo’s mummy with its claws, and saw that the mummy began to shatter and soon turned into a pile of flying ashes. They were not sure whether Xu Zirong’s blood vine was too powerful and ruined Yuan Mo’s Qiankun bag, or he hadn’t brought a penny with him. In short, after Yuan Mo’s body was damaged, nothing was left except one grey bead.

“Puff puff!” (Don’t you want to eat this stuff?) Pink Hair touched that grey bead and asked.

“Meh!” (Give it to the master, this thing is not very useful to me, but it is good for the master.) Snowball said generously.

Fan Mao suddenly looked contemptuous, “puff!” (well…didn’t you just give something that you don’t like to your master? You’re shameless!)

Snowball raised its head, and there’s heat from its nostrils, “meh!” (At least I’m willing to give something to my master, what benefits have you given to yours?”

Pink Hair, which really hadn’t given any to Xu Zirong, “…”

Snowball stepped on the bead a few times, “you see? That’s why you’re always the earliest one being sealed after you were born.”

Pink Hair turned its head unhappily and refused to look at Snowball.

Snowball rolled its eyes helplessly, “we’re now natural alliances, even if you still feel resentful about that phoenix wing a thousand years ago, we’re definitely still on one side. Look at your master, will he want to fight with mine?”

Pink Hair was speechless. Seeing Xu Zirong looking so happy with his brother, it would be impossible to make them fight.

Snowball moved its hoofs, “look, you also know that we are an alliance. Now, there’s already a trace of demon race in the Xuan Yu realm, it means that at least three dragon sons have been born. I guess that you don’t want to get sealed first when there’s a big battle in the future, right? How come you still haven’t learnt your lesson after being laughed at all those years?”

Pink Hair angrily scratched the ground with its paws, “okay, okay, tell me, what do you want? I will forget about the fact that you snatched away my 50% cooked phoenix wing 3652 years ago! Okay?!”

Snowball almost wanted to kneel down, this Pink Hair was really a good brother, it’s just so calculating!

He still remembered so firmly about what happened so many years ago, making it speechless…

“Meh, meh!” (Yes, I won’t say much, anyway, you will learn more from me in the future. Although we can’t give the master too much help at first, we can use tricks when necessary. Well, it’s like last time when I ate the nascent soul, that’s only because I was hungry, and helping my master was just an additional effect, it’s got nothing to do with me╮(╯-╰)╭) Snowball triumphantly told Pink Hair its experience, as it was his experience from several thousands of years ago, and it usually wouldn’t tell anyone!

“What are the two of them doing?” Xu Ziyan looked at Snowball and Pink Hair at the side of the corpse, muttering, as if they were exchanging something.

“I don’t know.” Xu Ziyan always had his reservations towards Pink Hair, since Pink Hair always appeared at a funny moment. Although, it’s obvious that Pink Hair was much stronger than him, and as someone who liked to be in control, this made him feel uncomfortable. That’s why he’s more defensive than trusting when dealing with Pink Hair.

Xu Ziyan frowned. The cultivators of the Xu family around had begun to discuss the strange behavior of these two spiritual pets. After all, it was normal for a spiritual pet to explore the way, but it’s a bit abnormal that Xu Ziyan didn’t start chasing up and check.

“Meh!” Snowball and Pink Hair had finished talking, and they yelled at Xu Ziyan twice.

Xu Ziyan raised an eyebrow and walked over.

“Brother.” Xu Zirong grabbed his brother’s hand and stood in front of him, “I’ll go.”

“It’s okay!” Xu Ziyan smiled and stroked Zirong’s hair, “I can’t let you be in a dangerous situation always, I’m your brother!”

Xu Zirong was speechless, so he could only follow Xu Ziyan and enter the big array together. Under Xu Xiao’s control, the scope of the array was reduced to the minimum, only covering Yuan Mo’s mummy – more in the form of dried powder. However, the defense level of the array had increased to the maximum, and even if Yuan Mo decided to explode his golden core, it wouldn’t hurt cultivators around him.

When Xu Zirong entered the battle, there’s a red light flashing in his chest, but the light wasn’t obvious. Most of the people’s gaze was concentrated on the powder of the dry corpse, except —

“Brother, be careful.” Since there was no way for Xu Zirong to get in front of Xu Ziyan, he could only remind his brother to be careful. As for Pink Hair and Snowball, he had always suspected their purple of staying with their brothers. Although from the current point of view, they have done nothing harmful, Xu Zirong had a feeling that they might face a big trouble in the future…

“Hey!” Snowball used his hoof to pull the gray bead out of the dry corpse, and let Xu Ziyan look at it like a treasure.

“For me?” Xu Ziyan looked at Snowball.

“Meh!” Snowball nodded.

Xu Ziyan observed for a while, but didn’t see the use of this bead, so he stretched out his hand to get it——

With a bang, Xu Ziyan heard a loud noise. A giant will rushed out from the grey bead, rushing towards his eyebrows and entered his divine consciousness.

“Brother!” Xu Zirong was shocked when he saw that his brother fainted when he touched the bead.

“What did you do?!” He gritted his teeth and stared at Snowball. If the hatred in his eyes could be turned into a sword, then Snowball would be stabbed to death.

“Hey!” Snowball’s eyes widened in surprise. It thought to itself, “you really don’t know what’s good or bad.”

“What the hell did you do to him?!” Xu Zirong roared angrily. He had checked his brother, but he wasn’t experiencing any discomfort at all. It’s only that his brother couldn’t be awakened.

“Meh!” Snowball was tragically baptized by Xu Zirong’s murderous gaze, and if Pink Hair hadn’t sent a will to Xu Zirong’s brain, it might get simmered by its master’s brother.

“Humph.” Xu Zirong snorted hard, and Xu Zirong hugged his unconscious brother and left, leaving behind the innocent Snowball and Pink Hair which was chewing carrots calmly.

“How is your brother?” Xu Xiao couldn’t stand still when Xu Ziyan passed out, but he was a step lower than Xu Zirong because of the distance.

“Brother is okay. Father, please don’t worry.” To suppress the inner dissatisfaction, Xu Zirong said the word father with difficulty.

Xu Xiao frowned, “is he really alright?”

“Yeah.” Xu Zirong nodded. He didn’t have any feelings for his nominal father. He was saying a few things to Xu Xiao just to take care of his brother’s feelings.

“Then you go and rest.” Xu Xiao didn’t say much when he saw this. He was initially quite distant with this son, and he naturally didn’t feel much affection. And now, he’d become Xu Ziyan’s weapon, and if he used this weapon as his assistant, he must be really careful, or he’d just hurt himself in the end.

Xu Xiao looked at Xu Zirong leaving in a hurry and slightly narrowed his eyes. He thought that he needed to find a time to discuss well with Xu Ziyan. How could he cultivate so well with his original spiritual roots? He needed to remind Ziyan that he shouldn’t be hurt by his weapon.

“Okay, clean up here. Tonight, all the cultivators above the level of building base will patrol throughout the night. Please search the Xu house all over and carefully, I want you to eliminate all traces of the Yuan family.” After Xu Xiao commanded, the cultivators of Xu family started taking action.

The building base cultivators went on patrols in groups, and the low-level cultivators began to look for injured companions in order to treat them.

Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui arrived at Xu’s house only that day, and they were not familiar of anything there. The Xu cultivators all looked at them curiously, and they had no idea where they came from.

They naturally thought of master Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong who suddenly appeared, and they secretly thought that they were the companions of the Xu brothers.

Jiang Ying looked at the busy cultivators and showed Fang Tianrui a bitter smile. Just now, when Xu Zirong was taking care of his brother who’s fainting, he had forgotten them both. Fortunately, his master’s family was still quite reliable, and Xu Xiao instantly saw the two being ignored, he found a servant and arranged an accommodation for them.

With a look of resentment, Jiang Ying followed the servant to Liu Zhuang court. Jiang Ying often cursed about Xu Zirong’s unkindness in his heart, it really sucks to be with this kind of master, why would he sell himself to such a person…

After dismissing the servant, Jiang Ying quietly got to Fang Tianrui’s room, as he was forced to abstain from sex for a long time. It was a really precious opportunity that day and he had to reward himself!

Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui started doing what they planned to, and Xu Zirong looked at his brother anxiously.

From time to time, Xu Ziyan’s face showed an expression of pain, and every time Xu Zirong glared at Snowball with resentment.

“Meh!” Snowball felt very aggrieved. Although this thing was a bit painful to eat, it’s indeed good for Xu Ziyan. It’s ok if his brother wasn’t grateful, how dared he stare at me! Is there still righteousness in this world?

Pink Hair calmly lied on a desk and ate carrots. At this time, Xu Zirong was just like an unerupted volcano, and he wasn’t thinking about anything else.

He slowly turned his head and glanced at Snowball, then took back his gaze plainly.

This Pink Hair just knew about eating, it seemed to be worried about nothing. Although the old ancestor of Yuan family would almost disappear for good, he’s still a golden core cultivator. The intensity of his divine consciousness was much stronger than that of Xu Ziyan.

In fact, if Xu Ziyan didn’t have his Purple Night Divine Thunder, he would have been “walked in” by that golden core cultivator already. However, with the help of the Purple Night Divine Thunder, the divine consciousness of the golden core cultivator was very delicious for him.

Pink Hair only continued to chew calmly, and it looked at the bitter face of Snowball from time to time. Every time it did so, it felt that the carrot was really delicious…

Hey! How dare you snatch away my phoenix wing! I will never get rid of this resentment! You think that I can suddenly become so forgiving? How can I vent myself without taking revenge?

Pink Hair thought happily.

Snowball, “gag.”

Xu Ziyan was attacked by a powerful divine consciousness when he touched the grey bead.

That divine consciousness was like a sharp giant blade, rushing straight into his sea of consciousness, constantly stirring and searching in the sea of consciousness, trying to find his divine consciousness and swallowing it, seizing control of his body.


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