Chapter 160

“Something’s not going well!”

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan was shocked and asked quickly.

“This island is a gathering place for tree monsters. The wailing of that the dying one had already attracted the other tree monsters!”

From the beginning of the battle, Xu Zirong had released a large number of blood lice. This kind of thing had a wide detection range and almost no spiritual fluctuations. On this unfamiliar island, it would be the most convenient scout.

Just now, dozens of his blood lice were killed by a tree monster. Then, these blood lice started losing contact with him, and he noticed something’s wrong.

“Damn! This is really cheating!” Xu Ziyan cursed angrily.

But the problem still needed to be solved.

They could still get rid of one tree monster, but it’s a group of them…

Even if Snowball could bite them one after the other, they still couldn’t avoid the attack of so many tree monsters!

“There’s no other way, let’s run!” Xu Ziyan looked at the other three people and said helplessly.

“Can we run as fast as a golden swordfish?” Le Hu asked with a frown.

“Try it… we cannot just wait here to be killed.” Xu Ziyan really wanted to look up to the sky and sigh…would this be his fate once he tried to set up the male protagonist?

He just wanted to change the fact that Wei Qing would have to die…and did God really want him dead that much?

“Let’s go!”

At this moment, Wei Qing said suddenly, “I created this trouble, I am going to solve it myself.”

Xu Ziyan was furious when he heard him, and he knocked on Wei Qing’s head, “solve? How are you going to solve it yourself? Are you going to solve it with your life? With so many golden swordfish, even a cultivator of golden core dared not hit them directly. So as a Qi condensation cultivator, what is your plan?”

Wei Qing looked stubborn, closed his mouth and was unwilling to reply. From his look, he clearly didn’t agree what Xu Ziyan was saying.

Xu Ziyan didn’t have time to persuade him painstakingly, according to Xu Zirong’s calculation, that group of tree monsters would appear in front of them after a few breaths’ time, and they had to make a decision fast.

“Le Hu!” Xu Ziyan made a gesture to Le Hu, “get rid of him!”

“Ok.” Le Hu replied.

Wei Qing sneered and turned back, he was going to find out how this Le Hu, with similar strength, was going to get rid of him.

Le Hu suddenly raised his hand, pointed at the direction behind Wei Qing and shouted, “here comes the tree monster!”

Wei Qing was startled, he turned his head immediately and felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck. His eyes went dark and he passed out.

Xu Ziyan gave Le Hu a thumbs up, “well done.”

Le Hu chuckled, wrapped Wei Qing with the rope and put him on his shoulder.

In the concept of the barbarians, those who came out together naturally had to go back together. Although Wei Qing caused the trouble, he didn’t mean to do it on purpose. They didn’t have the habit of leaving their companions behind!

After looking at Wei Qing and Xu Ziyan, Le Hu pouted and found that this guy was indeed more than annoying!

“Hurry up!” Xu Ziyan shouted and pulled Xu Zirong to jump on his flying sword.

Le Hu also carried Wei Qing and got on his flying sword, but he’s much slower than Xu Ziyan.

Swarms of tree monsters appeared in their sight. The dense tree vines soared up from the ground towards the giant pythons, but in the end they fell down and hit the ground. There was a lot of dust and smoke.

Seeing those tree monsters waving tree branches one by one, expressing their anger like Xu Ziyan, Le Hu burst into laughter on his sword.

It had been the most embarrassing fight in his lifetime, and although he was escaping frantically, he still had a good mood when seeing the tree monsters angry.

“Don’t laugh, we are in trouble.” Xu Ziyan gave a wry smile and flew faster on the flying sword.

Le Hu glanced back…

Damn, a large golden wave had been chasing in their direction…

The two flying swords flew rapidly over the sea, and countless golden sword fishes underneath were chasing them anxiously.

Even without the tree monsters, these golden swordfish jumped out of water from time to time and released a breath of sword. Le Hu wasn’t good at controlling a flying sword, in order to avoid the breath of sword, he was caught in an embarrassing situation. Wei Qing, who’s behind him, was also hit and injured. Fresh blood was flowing out of his back.

“No! We can’t escape if this continues.” Xu Ziyan shouted to Le Hu helplessly. In fact, he was not afraid of the golden swordfish, but he was worried that these golden swordfish would get the attention of the sea monster of nascent soul.

They still had a small chance when facing the golden swordfish, but they wouldn’t be able to run when the sea monster came!

“Puff puff!” At this moment, Pink Hair suddenly yelled, then jumped down from Xu Zirong’s shoulder.

Xu Ziyan stopped his flying sword instantly and looked at Pink Hair weirdly.

Xu Zirong’s heart moved, and suddenly remembered what he had said just now – that he had to show Pink Hair’s value. He grabbed his brother’s hand, “let’s wait and see.”

Xu Ziyan stopped, and Le Hu also stopped.

After Pink Hair jumped off Xu Zirong, it was hanging in mid-air. It suddenly opened its mouth and roared, and its whole body swelled suddenly, turning into a monster having a dragon’s head and a leopard’s body!

It opened its mouth and showed its sharp teeth. Then, it rushed towards those golden swordfish. Those fish wouldn’t bear to be provoked like this. They all jumped out of the sea and rushed towards Pink Hair.

Pink Hair had sharp teeth and claws, and its huge body was covered with thick dragon scales. When the breath of sword hit its scales, there’s no effect at all. Pink Hair just smiled and rushed towards the large group of golden swordfish.

When Pink Hair rushed into it, it was just like the hungry wolf. With a strong momentum, it fought fiercely with the golden swordfish.

Blood splashed, stumped limbs flew around, and a large amount of blood stained the sea red, not to mention that the salty bloody smell filled almost all the surrounding space.

Le Hu was terrified. He was already impressed when Snowball bit that tree monster, but now Pink Hair had turned itself into a giant killing machine. Those golden swordfish, which had been chasing them frantically, acted like cowards in front of Pink Hair.

The power of these golden swordfish were not to be underestimated. Le Hu once launched an attack to them, but when it hit the water, the power was instantly cut half. Even if the other half hit the golden swordfish, it only created very limited damage.

Pink Hair’s body was stained with blood at this time, and its huge leopard’s body seemed to be wearing a red armor.

Its big intention to kill finally scared the golden swordfish a bit. As a group of fish used to be living together, they’d been used to winning by quantity. However, when the quantity didn’t make a difference, they could only retreat.

The Golden Swordfish chased them at an amazing speed, not to mention their speed of fleeing for their lives. When Pink Hair killed them furiously, they all just disappeared one by one.

“Roar!” Pink Hair regretfully licked the blood on his mouth, turned his head and smiled at Xu Zirong, revealing its scary-looking teeth.

Xu Zirong’s eyes were dull, and there was a faint flash of blood in his eyes. At this time, the surrounding air was full of bloody smell. If Le Hu was not there, he really wanted to collect the essence blood wasted by Pink Hair.

Snowball looked at Pink Hair’s blood-splattered body with disgust, and it used its hooves to cover its nose. It’s already bad enough that its brother was so disgusting, and it even became more bloody-looking this time!

Xu Ziyan was a little dumbfounded when he was watching Pink Hair acting so heroically, although he knew already that it’s not a simple material, it’s really exceeding his expectations…

Xu Zirong’s eye corners twitched as he watched Pink Hair changing back to its original form from a leopard. Judging from its look, Xu Zirong thought that Pink Hair was the son of dragon.

“Son of the dragon?” Xu Zirong asked Pink Hair lightly.

“Puff puff!” Pink Hair nodded while chewing on a carrot.

“What duck? Isn’t the Pink Hair a rabbit? How did it become a duck?” Xu Ziyan didn’t hear it clearly.

Pink Hair was immediately speechless and it yelled twice at Xu Ziyan angrily. Fortunately, Xu Ziyan went away quickly, or Pink Hair would have spat on his face.

Xu Zirong glanced at Pink Hair coldly and explained to his brother, “it’s not a duck, it’s the son of a dragon.”

“The son of a dragon?” Xu Ziyan thought for a while and immediately clapped his hands, “I see! I understand now…well…doesn’t it mean that it’s a mean creature then?”

“Hahahahaha…” Snowball heard it and burst into laughter. It even rolled on the flying sword and almost fell out.

Pink Hair screamed to complain.

“Well, if my brother prefers, then we can call it Little Mean too.” Xu Zirong didn’t care what his spiritual pet was called. Also, in the ancient legend, such creatures liked to take revenge, so Little Mean would be suitable for him.

Pink Hair, who was sold short by its master, “…”

“Meh hahaha!!!” Snowball almost died from laughing. It’s normal to be recognized, but it didn’t expect that Pink Hair’s master would recognize its original form so easily!

“Well, if Pink Hair is the son of a dragon, then what is Snowball?” Xu Ziyan looked at Pink Hair who’s chewing its carrots resentfully, then at Snowball rolling on its flying sword and asked curiously.

Xu Zirong smiled, “they should be knowing each other. Seeing how much Snowball likes eating, it should be the Taotie.”

“Taotie…” Xu Ziyan nodded. He only knew a little about Chinese legends and he’s not an expert in it. However, he still knew a bit about Taotie. All in all, it ate the most among all the sons of the dragon, and it also liked to eat everything!

“Taotie should be a foodie.” Xu Ziyan said with bright eyes.

Snowball suddenly turned stiff. This time, it’s Pink Hair that started laughing on Xu Zirong’s shoulders.

Snowball, who’s called a foodie by its master: qaq


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