Chapter 168


Le Hu was shocked when he heard those words, and took a few steps back. However, due to the fact that he had forgotten that he was on the boat at the moment, he accidentally fell off the edge of the boat.

Wei Qing had long anticipated Le Hu’s disrespectful performance, but he did not know why he had a feeling of loss in his heart…

He quickly wiped that loss from his mind, with a provocative expression on his face. Looking condescendingly at Le Hu who just fell into the water and was soaked, he spoke “Ha, are you scared just like that? Didn’t you kiss me with force just now?”

After Le Hu climbed out of the water, he was silent. He glanced at Wei Qing, and the other side unbothered looked back. In the end, he did not say anything, and just got into the ship silently. Inside the cabin… never coming out.

Upon seeing that, Wei Qing resumed his cold posture, standing on the bow of the ship and looking into the distance. After watching it for a while, he felt a little impetuous.

He jumped out of the boat and shouted into the cabin, “I’m going to take a stroll around the island, you stay here.”

“Oh.” Le Hu replied, and there were no more traces of movement. It seemed that he did not mean to come out at all.

Wei Qing’s heart was more irritable, but he did not provoke Le Hu just because of his bad mood, so he just walked into the woods on the island by himself.

The area of ​​the island was not very large, but the landforms on the island were rather rich, with woods, grasslands, and lakes. Wei Qing walked for a while among the scenic landscape full of lakes and mountains, and felt the burden in his heart lessened.

He took a long breath, trying to relieve the stress in his heart, but only halfway out of his anger, he suddenly heard a muffled noise somewhere else.

There was a bit of joy, and a bit of depress in that voice. But, the most important thing was that—The voice was actually a bit familiar!

Was there anyone on the island that sounded familiar to him?

Wei Qing had a faint guess in his heart, but he was not quite sure. He took a few steps in the direction of the sound in dismay, then stopped again and watched vigilantly at the few small blood vines surrounding him on the ground.

Even if he did not react in time, seeing the familiar blood vines, Wei Qing immediately understood who the vague cry came from. His face showed uncertainty, but he did not run away recklessly. Step by step, he retreated until he got out of the attack range of the blood vines, then decisively turned around and left.

Seeing Wei Qing’s figure disappeared completely behind the tree, in a hidden bush in the front, a certain person was enjoying the bliss and slightly raised the corner of the mouth…


“Huh? What’s wrong?” When Xu Ziyan took care of himself and prepared to return to the shore, he found that the atmosphere in the surroundings was very strange.

There was no need to mention about the cheerful Snowball. It was alright to basically ignore him, but somehow, the atmosphere between Wei Qing and Le Hu was also very strange.

When Le Hu faced Wei Qing, he seemed a little afraid to look at Wei Qing’s face. What was even strange was that when Wei Qing accidentally looked at the other, he suddenly turned his head away…

When did he offend Wei Qing?

Xu Ziyan thought in confusion. They seemed alright before they landed just now.

“Big brother, ignore him.” Xu Zirong smiled and comforted his brother. The elder brother did not know why Wei Qing was like that, but Xu Zirong, the initiator, knew everything.

“Bah! Bah!” Snowball cried happily, grabbing Xu Ziyan’s pants and not letting go.

Xu Ziyan was entangled by him and could not get his body away. Soon, in his conclusion, Wei Qing’s weirdness was somehow connected to the triggering of a disease of the bear child.

After setting up the bonfire, a large pot, pouring water and adding vegetables, in less than half an hour, Xu Ziyan cooked a large pot of delicious broth using the beast meat obtained by Snowball.

“Bah bah!” Snowball’s eyes lit up, and while Xu Ziyan was not paying attention, he fished out a monster beast’s hind leg from the cauldron at the speed of light and started eating.

When Xu Ziyan saw that, he could only scold him a few words before distributing the broth one by one.

The broth was delicious, and the beast’s meat was very tender. Unfortunately, only Snowball and Xu Ziyan could truly taste the delicacy inside the pot of broth.

Although the other three were also eating, no one could really tell what the broth tasted like.

Since the entire island was explored by Xu Ziyan and there were no monsters that could pose a threat to them, everyone decided to rest on the island for one night.

Wandering on the endless sea for a long time, even for the cultivators, it was a heavy burden.

According to usuall habits, Xu Ziyan must be in a tent with Xu Zirong, and the left and right sides were naturally divided between Wei Qing and Le Hu. But that night, he was unsure what was going on because Wei Qing personally offered to move the tent to a big tree not far away. Xu Ziyan was confused.

Le Hu, who had been eager to speak but did not say anything, heard that Wei Qing was about to move the tent. Xu Ziyan could only watch Wei Qing move the tent away inexplicably…

In the quiet night, the two people were in their own tents, tossing and turning, impossible to fall asleep…

“Phew… So comfortable!” Standing at the bow of the ship, Xu Ziyan stretched his waist refreshingly against the slightly salty sea breeze.

Three days have passed since the day they stayed on the small island. Wei Qing and Le Hu seemed to have returned to their usual appearances— At least that was how they looked on the surface.

Xu Ziyan was in a relaxed mood. The weather had been very bad for the first two days, but the dark clouds had never rained. The dark sky made people feel bored. Today, the dull mood was finally relieved, which made Xu Ziyan felt relaxed from the depressed emotions of the past several days.

The most feared thing on the sea was the violent wind and huge waves. With their cultivation base, they were not worried about being drowned. However, the big waves were likely to change the surrounding terrain.

Xu Ziyan saw everything about the place from the novel. He could only proceed along the route that Bai Hua had strolled. Otherwise, he could not guarantee if he could ever find the small island.

“Big brother, are you in a better mood?” Xu Zirong came from behind and gently embraced his brother’s waist.

Xu Ziyan slapped him lightly, “Pay attention to the image.”

Xu Zirong smiled. Wei Qing and Le Hu were already overwhelmed with themselves. Otherwise, how would they have time to harass the elder brother? Besides, Wei Qing should already know… After all, he had tolerated him from being very close too close that day, so he should be quite clear about the elder brother’s voice.

“It’s fine, they are all in the cabin.” Xu Zirong cocked the corners of the mouth, spoke softly and coquettishly.

Xu Ziyan looked around with a guilty conscience and found that they were indeed not on the deck before allowing Xu Zirong to hug him from behind.


——”Ahem, don’t you think something is wrong?” Xu Ziyan said helplessly.

Xu Zirong’s face turned dark, and silently letting his brother hold himself in his arms instead.

According to the difference in height and body shape of the two brothers, he wanted his brother to take the action of “a little bird relying on people”. The difficulty is really not that high…

Gently smoothening Xu Zirong’s hair, Xu Ziyan also felt helpless for his brother always trying to hold himself in his arms.

He wanted to cooperate with Xu Zirong, but the poses he had could only be called “a little bear relying on people”…

The two of them took advantage of the time when Wei Qing and Le Hu was in the cabin. It was a little sweet for a while, but it was a pity that God did not seem to let them have their favor. Soon, a big trouble was caused…

“Huh?” Even though he was being lovey-dovey with Xu Zirong, Xu Ziyan did not forget his responsibilities.

His divine consciousness had been kept open to the maximum state, just like a sensitive radar. Any creature entering the coverage of his security range would arouse his vigilance.

The way of releasing spiritual consciousness consumed a lot of energy, but with the refining skills contributed by Snowball, he was completely able to use the method to cultivate his mind.

At that moment, a very fast ship appeared in his spiritual consciousness, which was approaching in their direction.

If it were just a big boat, Xu Ziyan would not necessarily be so nervous. The problem was that he clearly felt that among the two people on the boat, there was one with a weaker aura, who was clearly that huge troublemaker—Bai Hua.

Now that Bai Hua had appeared, the identity of the other person was naturally ready to be revealed. If no surprise, that person must be Mo Yulong Pavilion’s boss behind-the-scenes—Mo Ziyuan.

It was just that, how could Bai Hua be injured?

Ah, thats right. According to the normal progress, they should have been injured by the monster beast in the Nascent Soul Stage…

Xu Ziyan nodded suddenly, and then reacted. Since they have reached the plot of the scene, it also meant that the big island where the dragon-shaped jade pillar was located not far from them!

“Big brother, what’s the matter?” Xu Zirong found that his brother seemed to be distracted, and asked quickly.

Xu Ziyan smiled bitterly, “Trouble is coming.”

After thinking about it, Xu Zirong stooped his face low, “Is Bai Hua here?”

“Yes, their ship is faster than ours. If there are no accidents, they will catch up to us soon.”

“Otherwise, I will kill him…” Xu Zirong said in a deep voice with a flash of blood in his eyes.

Xu Ziyan’s heart was touched, but soon gave up the idea. He shook his head, “There is another person with him. That person has a good relationship with him and has a lot of treasure. There is no guarantee that the four of us together could keep them all. If we let them run away, we will be in trouble in the future.”

In fact, Xu Ziyan never did ignore the thought about killing Bai Hua directly. However, firstly, Bai Hua had not done anything that made people angry so far. He had always been polite to Xu Ziyan. If he was to kill Bai Hua like that, it would violate his moral limits; secondly, Bai Hua was not so easy to be killed by people, not to mention the mysterious and unpredictable piece of dragon-shaped jade on his body. Let’s just say that amongst all outstanding men who had been around him, which one did not have a deep background?

Whether it was Lin Xiaotian or Mo Ziyuan, they represented not only themselves, but Tian Yuzong and Mo Yulong Pavilion. With Xu Ziyan’s current strength, they were not qualified to challenge that kind of colossus.

Of course, if they were not forced to the point where it was either they die or he lived, then Xu Ziyan did not need to consider the consequences. For now, they did not have such a deep hatred between them, so he could face them with a sleeker attitude.


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