Chapter 172


=. = Either way, Xu Ziyan could not accept the result, so option B was settled aside.

Just when Xu Ziyan was worried that neither he nor Zirong could make a move, the situation on the boat suddenly changed unexpectedly.

One day, Bai Hua actually took the initiative to show his favor to Wei Qing!

Of course, the gesture of favor was very cryptic, and it was taken place in a corner of refuge, but it could not hold back the person involved in revealing that to Xu Ziyan!

Wei Qing did not know why the man named Bai Hua suddenly showed his favor to him. Although the other party behaved like it was an accident, what kind of things had he not seen in the deep palace? In his eyes, the little trick Bai Hua used was no different from that of a clown.

It was just that no matter how he felt about Bai Hua, the other party knew Xu Ziyan anyway. Apart from deliberately pretending to be foolish and avoiding the other’s cue, the first thing he did was to tell Xu Ziyan about it.

As a descendant of the Wei family, Wei Qing had very high requirements for his spouse. At least he would never see anyone like Bai Hua!

Wei Qing knew very well that with his own identity and status, it was normal for someone to take the initiative to get close to him. However, he also noticed that the man named Mo Ziyuan was caring for Bai Hua. What was Mo Ziyuan’s identity? Even if he was worse than himself, it would not get much worse than that. He could not understand why Bai Hua had abandoned Mo Ziyuan to find him.

As the saying goes, one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions!

Wei Qing did not think that Bai Hua was “love at first sight” or something. Otherwise, he would not deliberately pick a time of avoiding Mo Ziyuan to seduce him.

Did he want to have a good relationship with me, but don’t plan to give up on Mo Ziyuan?

Wei Qing lowered his eyes and sneered to himself, that Bai Hua certainly had regarded himself lowly…

“That’s all.” When Wei Qing said the matter, Xu Ziyan immediately understood.

Wei Qing might not know why Bai Hua suddenly became interested in him, but Xu Ziyan knew it all.

In addition to Wei Qing’s own excellence, the more important thing was that the dragon-shaped jade pendant on Bai Hua had senses of Wei Qing’s true dragon bloodline.

The dragon-shaped jade pendant was the source of Bai Hua’s life. If there was a chance to make the jade pendant even more powerful, Bai Hua would never give up that opportunity so easily.

However, Xu Ziyan also wondered, isn’t Bai hua a bit too impatient?

How much space was there on the ship? Even if he wanted to seduce Wei Qing, he should not have picked that time to act… After all, Mo Ziyuan was by his side. He wanted to play ambiguously between two excellent men without being noticed. The white fox must have felt very confident with his appearance…

But that was also good.

Xu Ziyan shrugged. Originally, he did not know how to get Mo Ziyuan away from Bai Hua, but he never expected that Bai Hua would come across them first.

In the novel, every time Bai Hua seduced a newcomer, he took the opportunity of the previous person’s absence. He never swam between two men at the same time. Xu Ziyan did not know why Bai Hua took the risk, but it had nothing to do with him. He just wanted to let Mo Ziyuan notice that.

He believed that for Mo Ziyuan’s character, if he knew that Bai Hua seduced other men behind his back, he would definitely break them– Of course, the condition was that he had not reached the point where he could not live without Bai Hua.

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes and gave Wei Qing a face-to-face instruction. In fact, he did not say anything, just told Wei Qing not to refuse Bai Hua immediately.

With Bai Hua’s personality, as long as Wei Qing did not reject him, he would definitely think there was hope. In that way, with the little space on the ship, he would not believe that Mo Ziyuan could not notice.

Reality was just as Xu Ziyan estimated. He wondered if Bai Hua’s previous “attack” records made him too confident in his charm. His actions to seduce Wei Qing became bolder. Even during one time, he was very open in front of Wei Qing and touched his palm.

His movement was very sneaky. Except for him and Wei Qing, anyone standing a little further away would not be able to spot his small movements.


Although his calculations were good, Xu Ziyan would not give him that opportunity. So under Xu Ziyan’s deliberate “guide”, Mo Ziyuan clearly saw Bai Hua looking at Wei Qing with a gentle smile.

Mo Ziyuan was sitting on the deck drinking tea with Xu Ziyan. Originally, he could not see Bai Hua from his perspective, but Wei Qing chose a very good location. Mo Ziyuan happened to be able to see the scene on the side deck through a window in the cabin.

When he saw that situation, the tea cup in his hand was crushed with a snap, and white porcelain turned into powder in his palm.

“Taoist Mo, are you okay?” Xu Ziyan asked, pretending to be surprised.

“It’s nothing. My strength just got a little stronger by accident.” Mo Ziyuan calmed down immediately, squeezed out a smile, and said softly.

Xu Ziyan knew that the man at that time must have a rise of internal fire, so he decisively said goodbye to Mo Ziyuan.

After Xu Ziyan left, Mo Ziyuan lowered his eye lids quickly, showing a cold look towards the rear deck. There, Bai Hua smiled shyly, and gently pulled Wei Qing with his fingers.

Although Wei Qing had no expression on his face, he did not refuse Bai Hua’s initiative to approach.

Mo Ziyuan’s eyes gradually darkened, but his that had turned green due to anger gradually eased.

Mo Ziyuan was not a fool who was dazzled by love. He was indeed attracted by the shy and restrained Bai Hua, but he was still far from being able to stand him stealing people behind his back.

The day’s performance by Bai Hua was far beyond his expectations, because he had seen it clearly just now, only Bai Hua took the initiative to reach out and grab Wei Qing.

What was Wei Qing’s identity? Mo Ziyuan clearly knew that, but what made him puzzled was that with his own background and strength, Bai Hua should not have betrayed him so easily.

If there was something abnormal, then it would be a demon. He believed that regardless of his appearance or personality, he was much better than the arrogant Wei Qing so what was the reason for Bai Hua to take the initiative to seduce that man behind his back?

From a different perspective, what was the thing on Wei Qing that he would rather betray him to get?

Mo Ziyuan narrowed his eyes slightly, and opened them wide all of a sudden.

It was because from Wei Qing’s body, he actually saw the shadow of his own past.

If Bai Hua took the initiative to approach Wei Qing for something, did he have the same reason for approaching him?

As the young master of Mo Yulong Pavilion, the things that Mo Ziyuan had in his hands were definitely wealthier than most people could imagine.

The abundance of wealth not only referred to the various magical treasures and spirit stones, but also included a lot of secret information, such as the time and location of the secret realm opening or information about certain legendary treasures…

Thinking of that, Mo Ziyuan suddenly sweated as he suddenly realized that during the time he was pursuing Bai Hua, in order to please the other party, he told him many secrets about the secrets of various treasures.

In the eyes of some people, those secrets might be just gossips, which were not reliable at all, but Mo Ziyuan knew that those things were all precious information collected by Mo Yulong Pavilion from various channels.

He could not believe that he would share all that so easily!

Mo Ziyuan felt shocked. Since his father established his position as the next boss of Mo Yulong Pavilion, he was being extremely cautious no matter what he did, fearing of causing any trouble to the family. However, how could he relaxingly treat Bai Hua like that?

He was secretly annoyed in his heart, but since he said them, he could not retreat those word. Nonetheless, it was not as if he was forced either. It was entirely because he wanted to please others, so he took the news out as an interesting fact.

Mo Ziyuan frowned, looking at the figure who was smiling stunningly at Wei Qing, his heart suddenly felt empty. The once deep love was shattered like a bubble at that moment…

Even the things that he had suspected before were dug up by him, one by one. If he had trusted Bai Hua before, he might not believe all the things he deduced, but now that he had seen Bai Hua’s treatment of betrayal, he naturally remembered the intuition that once appeared in his heart.

Mo Ziyuan felt very uncomfortable. He felt like he was being used by others.

He was really compliant with Bai Hua at the beginning, but he did not expect that only Wei Qing would expose him to the nature of greed.

Thinking about the times when he gave Bai Hua gifts every time. As long as it was a little more expensive, Bai Hua would refuse them. At that time, he still thought that Bai Hua was a humble and noble in character. Now that he went back to his memory lane, it was all just because he had not gotten the bait, so Bai Hua planned to put a longer line to catch a bigger fish…

He criticized himself with a smile, Mo Ziyuan’s eyes showed coldness. Since childhood, no one had been able to insult himself like that. Bai Hua must pay for what he done!

Mo Ziyuan waved his hand, and a curtain of water was settled on the window, blocking his vision…

At the entrance of the cabin on the other side, a tall figure looked at the ambiguous two people, silently turned and left…


On that side, Bai Hua did not even know that Mo Ziyuan had discovered his ambidextrous performance. He was pleasantly surprised that Wei Qing did not refuse his approach.

To be honest, Wei Qing’s personality was not the type he fancied. What he preferred was the kind of man who could care for him and dote on him, just like Lin Xiaotian and Mo Ziyuan. However, Wei Qing who was so arrogant still needed his show his coax was in fact, making him felt a little uncomfortable.

However, for the fierce reaction of the dragon-shaped jade pendant, he could only do his best to take a shot on Wei Qing. He even had a plan in his heart, if his progress with Wei Qing went well, it would not be a problem to get rid of Mo Ziyuan.

Of course he knew that that would greatly offend Mo Ziyuan, but he had no other choice, because since he woke up, the dragon-shaped jade pendant on his chest had always felt a sense of hunger and thirst.

He tried to get close to everyone on the ship. Just when he was close to Wei Qing, the jade pendant would be a little quieter. He did not know what was on Wei Qing that the dragon-shaped jade pendant wanted so much. However, he believed, as long as Wei Qing fell in love with him, everything about him would fall into his own hands in the future!

“Brother Wei, I…” Bai Hua’s face was shy, and he stopped talking.

Wei Qing sneered in his heart, but kept the same expression on his face, showing a bit of impatience.

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