Chapter 173

Bai Hua also felt unhappy. He had tried his best to get closer to Wei Qing, but Wei Qing had always acted like he neither refused nor accepted.

He was inevitably feeling anxious. It took him three months to make Mo Ziyuan have good feelings towards him, and now that they were in the Secret Realm, where could he find the time to analyze what Wei Qing liked? That’s why he could only continue his image in Mo Ziyuan’s mind, at least Wei Qing wouldn’t hate him for being introverted and timid.

Unfortunately, the skills that Bai Hua had learnt were incomparable to those used by the concubines in the palace, Wei Qing didn’t really appreciate the way he disguised.

“Cultivator Bai, I still have something else to do. Excuse me.” Wei Qing couldn’t care less how Bai Hua looked at this time, he just turned and left.

Bai Hua gritted his teeth secretly with hatred, but he also knew that Wei Qing had always been like that, so he still couldn’t tell whether Wei Qing was interested in him.

While returning to his room feeling depressed, Bai Hua saw that strong man with his naked upper half body on the way.

Le Hu and Bai Hua passed by without even looking at him. For someone like him who relied on instincts to survive, there’s something with Bai Hua that he just didn’t like.

He was very straight forward and he didn’t care about thinking before saying anything. Therefore, ever since Bai Hua woke up, he hadn’t talked to him once.

When Bai Hua saw him passing by Le Hu, there’s a sense of hunger under his eyes. He had been playing innocent and pure lately and he hadn’t been intimate with anyone for a long time. Initially, it would be his perfect time to use his essence core to do dual cultivation after confirming his relationship with Mo Ziyuan, but ever since that day, they had been encountering different enemies.

No matter how desperate Bai Hua was, he couldn’t do it in this critical moment of life-and-death, that’s why when he saw Xu Zirong on the boat of Xu Ziyan, his long suppressed needs were utterly revealed.

Although Mo Ziyuan had fallen in love with him, he would never agree with letting Bai Hua doing it with him on another person’s boat. Also, other people didn’t let him touch due to different reasons, that’s why Bai Hua got interested when he saw the strong Le Hu.

In his eyes, the Northwest barbarians were all idiots with muscles and no brains. It wouldn’t take much effort in dealing with them, and he believed them Le Hu could never escape from him if he was determined enough.

Bai Hua stuck out his tongue and licked his lips, his eyes were getting darker when he saw Le Hu leaving…

Unexpectedly, Le Hu, who had already walked away, suddenly turned around and saw Bai Hua’s thirsty look just in time.

Bai Hua was startled, and when he realized what was going on, he noticed that Le Hu had walked away after frowning briefly, this made him even more anxious.

It was already respectful of him not to look down on a barbarian, yet that person even showed such a look of disgust, it’s really pissing him off!

Bai Hua turned angrily and entered his cabin, slamming the door shut.

Le Hu had no idea what was going on in Bai Hua’s mind, he was only thinking whether he should tell Wei Qing about it.

Just now, he had seen clearly how Bai Hua took the hand of Wei Qing, and he’d never overlook the interest in Bai Hua’s eyes. The only thing he didn’t understand was that – why was Bai Hua interested in him?

After Wei Qing’s “education”, he knew that it’s entirely possible for men to be intimate…that’s why he didn’t act stupidly after seeing how Mo Ziyuan cared about Bai Hua, even though it’s his first time getting close to male couples…(could he even be sure about that?)


Le Hu scratched his head and thought, “isn’t Bai Hua together with Mo Ziyuan?” Every time when Mo Ziyuan chatted with Le Hu, he’d smile happily when mentioning about Bai Hua.

However, Le Hu felt a bit uncomfortable when he saw Bai Hua grabbing Wei Qing’s hand, and even though he didn’t know well how male couples dealt with each other, he felt that Bai Hua was doing something bad behind Mo Ziyuan’s back. Also, after Bai Hua looked at him like that, he felt like Bai Hua had already left a bad impression on him…

He felt a bit annoyed and circled a bit in his room. Then, he finally decided to talk with Wei Qing. Even if Wei Qing didn’t understand him, he wouldn’t let his friend get deceived!

Knock knock knock!

Le Hu immediately got out, turned around and knocked on Wei Qing’s door.

“Come in.” Wei Qing’s voice came out of the room. After Le Hu pushed the door in, he saw Wei Qing sitting on his upper body, holding a dark green robe in his hand.

Wei Qing’s body was very pale, and it looked as fine and smooth as the finest white jade of mutton fat, without a trace of scars. His body was slender but not thin. Although he didn’t have six-pack abs like Le Hu, he had a flat stomach as well.

Le Hu looked at Wei Qing’s body in surprise, he didn’t expect that Wei Qing’s body could be this attractive.

Of course, it was still not better than the others.

“Have you looked enough?” Wei Qing asked slowly, and he even said in a teasing way, “do you want me to take off my pants too, so that you can check more carefully?”

Le Hu turned away with embarrassment, “um…I didn’t do it on purpose…” Afterwards, he seemed to have thought about something and looked at Wei Qing with his eyes widened, “hey, we’re both guys, why can’t I look at you? Aren’t you looking at me all the time too?”

Wei Qing twitched the corners of his mouth without a trace. After putting on his clothes, he sat down and asked, “so what’s it about? Aren’t you having a good time with Mo Ziyuan lately?”

Le Hu frowned – was that his illusion? How come he felt that Wei Qing’s tone sounded so strange?

Anyway, he’s just there to remind a friend, and if Wei Qing insisted on acting strange, there’s nothing he could do about it.

As a straightforward barbarian, it would be too difficult for him to guess what Wei Qing was thinking about…

Le Hu thought that it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell Wei Qing directly that Bai Hua’s interested in himself, so he decided to start the topic with Mo Ziyuan.

“Mo Ziyuan is a nice guy…”

Unfortunately, soon after Le Hu started talking, he was interrupted by Wei Qing with a deep look, “oh? If you think that he’s nice, then go look for him! Why come here?”

Le Hu was startled, feeling a little irritated inside. Originally, it’s a difficult subject to talk about, and Wei Qing turned out to act like that, it really pissed him off.

He decided to give up on indirect talk, so he said simply, “that Bai Hua has bad intentions about you, I think you should stay away from him!”

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows after hearing so, and his facial expression seemed better. He folded his legs and looked at Le Hu while supporting his chin.

There’s something weird with the way he looked, and Le Hu simply felt chilled behind his back…

When Le Hu felt scared after being stared like that by Wei Qing, he was going to ask Wei Qing what it’s all about, yet Wei Qing suddenly asked, “how did you know about that?”

Le Hu was startled and he raised his eyebrows, “how come I didn’t know about it? I am not blind. Also, when Mo Ziyuan talked with me, he mentioned about Bai Hua all the time, I’d be the greatest fool if I still don’t get it!”

Wei Qing’s expression was a little weird, it’s like he was saying, “how could you say that? You only knew that a guy can be with a guy a few days ago.”

Le Hu was inexplicably annoyed by Wei Qing, but he was again interrupted by Wei Qing, feeling extremely annoyed.

“What are you thinking?”

“What do you mean?” Le Hu was puzzled.

“What I am saying is, you still felt scared by the fact that men can be dual cultivators a few days ago, so how come you can act so calmly in front of Mo Ziyuan now?” Wei Qing sounded calm, as if he was just feeling curious and asking casually. However, there’s still a sense of nervousness in his eyes.

Le Hu thought for a while, “I am not sure, I guess they’re not different from ordinary people.”

“So does it mean that you are fine with being together with a guy?” Wei Qing continued asking.

Le Hu scratched his head, “wait a minute…I was going to remind you about Bai Hua, how come we’re not talking about guys being together?”

Wei Qing looked away lightly and said, “I’m just asking casually, it’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it.”

Le Hu looked at Wei Qing suspiciously, and Wei Qing stared at him calmly. His eyes were clear and transparent, and there were no special emotions in them.

Le Hu retracted his gaze, “anyway, I just wanted to remind you that Bai Hua isn’t a nice person, don’t ever fall into his traps. Although you’re not popular in the extreme west, you shouldn’t treat yourself badly and be with that kind of person, right?”

“Oh?” Wei Qing asked with interest, “what kind of person is Bai Hua?”

Le Hu frowned, “he’s obviously a lover of cultivator Mo, yet I saw him pulling your hand actively just now. Even though he’s a guy, he’s not supposed to take your hand like that, right? Wasn’t that just like seducing?”

“Did you see him taking my hand? When was that?” Wei Qing lowered his eyes and asked jokingly.

“What do you mean by when? Just now on the deck. I was thinking to go fishing over there, and I decided to leave after seeing you both over there. I am sure I saw him taking your hand before I left.”

“Did you see him holding my hand? When?” Wei Qing lowered his eyes slightly and asked with a smile.

Wei Qing was silent for a while and did not answer, Le Hu couldn’t help but feel a little anxious, “hey, are you really in love with him?”

A strange light flashed through Wei Qing’s eyes. He raised his head and looked straight at Le Hu, “does it have anything to do with you whether I’m in love with him?”

“Of course!” Le Hu became even more anxious, “that guy tried to seduce you behind Mo Ziyuan, and he even tried to seduce me behind you. If you end up falling in love with him, then I think you’ve become a complete fool!”

“What!” Wei Qing changed his facial expression suddenly, grabbing Le Hu’s wrist and shouting sternly, “did he seduce you? When and how? Did he take advantage of you then?”


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