Chapter 179

After staring at the black kitten resentfully, Pink Hair decisively recorded this on Pu Lao.

The resentful gaze of the black kitten to Pink Hair seemed very calm. Ever since winning its bet with the dragon son, it’d stopped considering to be nice with this kitten. Pink Hair didn’t care about this resentful gaze at all and it’s just like scratching.

Snowball calmly ran all the way behind Xu Ziyan, as it really didn’t care whatever happened between Pu Lao and the dragon son. When mentioning about the nine brothers, it seems that each of them had a bad experience with the dragon son…and it’s all because of how hard it was simply to get along with it! Snowball implied that it’s not possible to get rid of the dragon son’s resentment at all.

Therefore, it naturally left the two brothers behind and let them fight as much as they wanted. As long as they had similar strength, it wouldn’t be so easy to defeat one of them.

Perhaps it’s with the escort of the black kitten, or the earthworm simply died too miserably when Xu Zirong fought back, scaring all the sand monsters away. In the following journey, they had never seen any other sand monsters.

Originally, Xu Ziyan was planning to spend at least two days in the desert. Now that they didn’t have any enemies, they were obviously faster than before. When night fell, they actually saw the outline of the desert.

“We’re quite lucky.” Xu Ziyan said.

“My brother has always been lucky.” Xu Zirong smiled and blinked, then jumped off his brother at the same time.

Xu Ziyan rubbed his shoulders habitually, then soon realized that he no longer had to do this himself.

“Well…not bad…yes, it’s right there, please be harder…oh! Right, please be harder…” Xu Ziyan sat cross-legged on the sand, enjoying Xu Zirong’s massage and started moaning.

Xu Zirong was great at giving massage, and Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but start making some moaning noises.

“Brother…” Xu Zirong suddenly said somewhat roughly near his brother’s ears, “if my brother continues moaning like that, I am not sure what I’ll do next.”

Xu Ziyan suddenly realized what he was doing and patted away Xu Zirong’s hand with his serious face, “let’s continue our journey!”

After finishing speaking, he really set off without even turning his head…

Xu Zirong, “…”

Obviously, he just wanted to flirt with his brother, why did his brother go away like this? Xu Zirong wanted to flip a table… (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

Did he do anything wrong? He had obviously read in the notebook that it’s the correct way to do so, and those male cultivators all flirted with the female cultivators this way. Then, the female cultivators would blush and they would be willing to be put down by the male cultivators.

So, why would everything be so different when he did it to his brother?

Xu Zirong was a bit depressed, as he felt that there’s still so much to learn…

The two people and three monsters quickly walked out of the desert, and once they stepped out of it, it also meant that none of the sand monsters could attack them.

They’d finally got out of the most dangerous zone mentioned in the novel, and Xu Ziyan breathed a sigh of relief.

Speaking of which, the sand monsters were not the most dangerous enemy on the Divine Dragon Island. Those living in the dense forest between the desert and the lake were the most dangerous. However, those monsters rarely left their territory. One just had to make sure to avoid them for a direct fight.

However, those sand monsters were different. They were the ones building the Divine Dragon Island, setting all kinds of tests to those visiting it. They would suddenly appear, and if one wasn’t careful enough, it would be very easy to become the skeleton under the sand.

“Meow.” (Hey, this is out of my sphere of influence. You have to be careful about everything nearby.) The black kitten squatted on the ground, raised one hind leg and scratched its neck.

Snowball hurriedly conveyed its message to Xu Ziyan, who showed a determined look, “don’t worry, I know the way.”

The kitten glanced at Xu Ziyan with confusion, then at Snowball. Logically, a master that the gluttonous was willing to follow shouldn’t be too bad, but why would this person look so confident?

During these few thousand years, the Divine Dragon Island had opened for many times, but there weren’t so many who had really been to the bottom of the dragon-shaped jade pillar.

Even Pu Lao could not guarantee that they would pass through the woods safely. It was not afraid of those monsters, but there was a big array in the forest, and if they had to break this array to walk out safely, or have some spell that could break it.

The person who built the Divine Dragon Island would undoubtedly leave this spell to his descendants. Unfortunately, even if his descendants opened the island, not many people could arrive there alive.

The black kitten had a reserved attitude towards Xu Ziyan’s level of confidence. Previously, it was still a bit curious about the human being that the gluttonous mentioned, but after meeting Xu Ziyan, it’d decided to act more carefully still.

Xu Ziyan didn’t care about what the black kitten thought at all.

Regarding the multi-dimensional battle that Snowball had mentioned several times, he’d always thought that it was something far away from him. Also, he’d already owned Snowball, there’s really no need to own another dragon son.

Therefore, the existence of the black kitten had very low importance for him.

He had surely read about the way of getting to the dense woods in the novel. Like everyone had speculated, the one building the island was an ancestor of the Wei family.

It’s just that it was too long ago, and the Wei family had also experienced many crises. Although it again became a large family, many secrets stayed hidden.

In the novel, Bai Hua found a way to pass through the woods by obtaining a jade slip from the Wei Qing, which recorded the secrets of the Wei family, and Xu Ziyan, who had read the novel, naturally knew that secret.

In fact, it was a simple spell – turn left and walk back 3 steps. Slow down when you see a pine tree and hurry up when you see a peach tree.

It was a very dense forest, and one could only rely on that spell to safely pass through the woods.

With the guide, it became so much simpler to pass through the woods. Xu Ziyan and the others rested on a small oasis for one night and carefully entered the woods after their energy level was fully replenished.

The arrays in the woods were only dangerous to visitors on land. If they chose to fly by, these arrays wouldn’t work for them. So why did Xu Ziyan choose not to fly by instead?

——The answer lies in the sky.

“Huh!” A huge shadow flew over the crowd suddenly, and a griffon, with its wings spread out for more than ten feet, flew over the dense forest with an iron rhinoceros in its mouth.

The iron rhinoceros, which had reached the later stage of Qi condensation, had its throat slit open by the griffon. The group was all amazed by the scene.

It had reached at least the level of nascent soul!

The group, who’s now hiding under the trees, all had a heavy look. Snowball and Pink Hair were the same.

After transforming back to their prototypes, they might be able to defeat two monsters of nascent soul. However, since griffons lived in groups, it means that they would be sending themselves to hell if they just rush forward without thinking, especially if they hadn’t had all their power as dragon sons recovered.

“Meow!” The black kitten shook its tail. It had tried to enter the woods, yet there was a very strange array and it’s just like a maze!

Pu Lao was not good at things of human cultivators. However, if it tried to break that big array by force, it might attract even more nascent soul monsters and they would be in deep sh*t.

In fact, if the array couldn’t work as blocking the vision of the monsters, the group would have become the dessert of that monster long time ago.

The black kitten stared at Xu Ziyan with its green eyes and it really wanted to find out how this young man wanted to pass through the woods.

Although it didn’t know much about the arrays of human beings, it already knew that it’s not an easy one judging from its hardness. One had to be a genius of arrays to break through…

The black kitten smiled. As for arrays, even a gifted one needed time to learn and lots of practice to fully apply. It wasn’t sure if Xu Ziyan could do this.

Unfortuantely…Pu Lao didn’t know that there’s something called cheating in this world.

And Xu Ziyan happened to be one of them…

“Oh, pine tree? Retreat 3 times.” They quickly stepped back.

“Oh, it’s a poplar tree! Let’s turn left!” Everyone turned with Xu Ziyan to the left.

“Stop! There is a polar tree in front…” Everyone immediately stood still. They only breathed a sigh of relief when the poplar tree soon disappeared in their sight.

“Ah! I saw it, it’s a peach tree!” Xu Ziyan exclaimed in surprise.

They suddenly became more energetic and quickly looked in front of them. Sure enough, there was a peach tree with pink flowers not far from them.

“Huh…we’re finally out!” Xu Ziyan wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead and there’s a wide smile on his face.

The others all smiled, but the black kitten looked dumbfounded.

Could…could this be any easier?!!!

The black kitten waved its tail silently. It remembered how it’d attracted all the monsters when it tried to exit back then…wait, it could never tell anyone this dark history!

“Okay, since we’re already out, let’s take a rest.” Xu Ziyan found a clean area and sat on it. At this time, they were not far from the lake, and they could already see the surface with ripples without using their divine consciousness.


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