Chapter 181

This white light was very soft, like a gentle stream of water, gently sending the black kitten down.

Pink Hair and Snowball rushed to the side of the black kitten and looked at it with care.

Both Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong were stunned by this sudden change. None of them expected that the black kitten would attack the dragon-shaped jade pillar. Moreover, the white light emitted by the pillar was something Xu Ziyan had never read about in the novel, which apparently affected his level of confidence.


Although the black kitten was not injured, it still looked very sad. There were even big drops of tears in its eyes.

Xu Ziyan didn’t understand it, so he only signaled to Snowball for help, who then shook its head and refused to tell Xu Ziyan what the black kitten meant.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong looked at each other, and they both looked worried. They were not expecting this change of Snowball and Pink Hair. If they knew why the spiritual monsters would have such a strong reaction to the jade pillar (and it’s not even a good reaction, Xu Ziyan would have never brought them there…

“Why are you crying? I’m not dead!” There’s suddenly a childish voice from somewhere.

After hearing this sound, Xu Ziyan quickly looked for its source. The weeping black kitten was still in the same position and it widened its eyes with disbelief.

“Meow!” (You…you…where are you?) The black kitten turned into circles around the jade pillar and it didn’t know where the voice came from either.

“Where else could it be…inside here.” The childish voice also sounded a bit depressed, and it came out from the bottom of the pillar.

The black kitten was shocked and then furious, “meow!!!” (Who’s that? Which bastard kept you there for so long? You’ve gone missing forever! We thought that you were still sleeping in that secret realm!)

The childish voice said again, “don’t mention it. I was napping right here, and some stupid thing thought that there’s a treasure of a real dragon just because I was emitting an aura of it…then he created this damn pillar and I had since then been kept under it…”

The black kitten and the others, “……”

So, it’s a catastrophe occurred after napping…

Xu Ziyan’s eyes twitched, “could this be an illusion? How come these dragon sons don’t seem reliable at all…”

“Meh!” (How long have you slept?) Snowball suddenly asked.

“Hmm…” The childish doll seemed to be thinking for a long time, until there’s a “meow” again (damn it! Are you asleep again?)

“Ah? What…no…nothing…I didn’t fall asleep.” The childish doll tried to defend itself and it would be a good idea and it didn’t sound so guilty.

Obviously, its brothers had a very in-depth understanding of its habits and they decided, “meow!” (Tell us how long have you napped for?)

“Um…probably……hundreds of years…right?” The childish doll wasn’t sure either.

Xu Ziyan and others, “…”

What kind of creature is that? How could it sleep for hundreds of years without knowing that someone had put a pillar on top of it?

“Meh!” (Okay, stop talking nonsense, how can I get you out?) Snowball asked helplessly.

“Huh? Come out? Why do you want to come out?” The childish doll asked suspiciously.

Snowball, “…”

It was wrong, it really was. For a dragon son who loved sleeping that much, were there any differences if he slept somewhere else?

“Meh…” (Whatever you want…) Snowball covered its face with a hoof and was completely hopeless for this guy who only knew about sleeping.

The black kitten also felt that it’s a pity, as it wondered how could this thing be that lazy. It started to worry that this guy might be eaten when it slept.

“Ahem… Let’s study this dragon-shaped jade pillar together.” Xu Ziyan coughed twice and reminded them.

Xu Zirong nodded and he no longer paid attention to the three spiritual monsters, he just focused on the jade pillar.

No one could deny that the jade pillar was worth the name of rare treasure in terms of its texture or craftsmanship. Also, it had a very rich aura of real dragon.

Logically, Snowball, Pink Hair and the black kitten were all dragon sons. They shouldn’t be emitting less aura of real dragon than the jade pillar. However, after being with them for so long, Xu Zirong still hadn’t felt this aura on them, or he would have noticed the real identity of Pink Hair long time ago.

It’s a pity that no matter how rich the sense of real dragon was, it didn’t work on them who had no blood of real dragon. In other words, if there was only one jade pillar, the only one getting benefits from it would be Wei Qing.

Only Wei Qing could use the maximum strength of his blood under this jade pillar. And this is not to be estimated, as an ordinary cultivator, even with the blood of a real dragon, could only use 1 to 2 percent of the strength. So, why did Wei Qing have the purest blood of a real dragon? It’s because he could activate almost 10 percent of the strength in his blood.

Such a level of activation was already remarkable. The more strength to be activated, the closer Wei Qing’s talents would get to be a real dragon.

“Huh? They arrived so quickly.”

When Xu Zirong regretted that this jade pillar had no effect on him and his brother, Xu Ziyan suddenly showed a surprised look.

“Who’s here?”

“Wei Qing and Le Hu…” When Xu Ziyan just finished speaking, he couldn’t help frowning, “they seem to be injured. Le Hu was carrying Wei Qing on the back when they got on the island. Let’s go and have a look.”

“Okay.” Xu Zirong didn’t care about these people at all, but if they died, wouldn’t his brother be devastated?

He knew that his brother was an affectionate person, otherwise, he wouldn’t have given way to Xu Zirong so many times. And since he could conquer his brother’s heart so quickly, it’s also because of how affectionate Xu Ziyan was.

Although they’d become a couple, he couldn’t force his brother to cut off all relationships with the others. No matter how much he wanted to be just with Xu Ziyan alone, he could only admit that those two guys were his brother’s friends.

Fortunately, these two people also knew when to do the right thing. Regarding the relationship of the Xu brothers, they chose to be silent. Given this fact, Xu Zirong didn’t hate them at least.

As it was very safe on the island, Xu Ziyan took out Aurora directly and jumped on it with Xu Zirong.

Since Aurora hadn’t been out for a long time, it became extremely excited. It even rushed out before Xu Ziyan gave his command. And as a result…

“Idiot! It’s the wrong direction!” Xu Ziyan roared.

There’s suddenly a purple light shot out from Xu Ziyan’s Dantian, hitting Aurora. The sword body shook, made a sharp 90-degree turn and flew in the right direction.

Xu Ziyan felt speechless, as it really looked like a queen giving her order and her slave obeying…well, it doesn’t seem the right metaphor!

Although Aurora was a little strange, it’s very reliable in its speed. In just a blink of an eye, they could already see the shore of the island. Obviously, they saw Le Hu who’s lying on the ground, panting like a dog.

“Le Hu!” Xu Ziyan yelled and ran over after the sword landed.

When Xu Zirong saw Le Hu, he frowned and looked a bit nervous.

No matter how much he didn’t like these two guys, there’s a certain extent of emotions after one month of getting along. Although Xu Zirong didn’t consider them as friends, he wouldn’t want to see them lying there, looking bloody either.

Le Hu’s body was covered in blood, and he had almost turned into a bloody man. There were several scratches on his upper body and the bones were visible. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t seen him with his eyes open, he would never believe that a human who’d got so seriously injured could stay conscious.

“Ziyan…it’s so good to see you…cough…cough…” Le Hu spat out two mouthfuls of blood, “save Wei Qing first, he’s more seriously injured!”

“Don’t talk!” Xu Ziyan frowned deeply. He interrupted Le Hu and held his wrist firmly.

Le Hu stopped talking, yet he constantly looked at Wei Qing, showing how much he cared.

“Your internal injuries are not that serious, you have mainly external injuries. Take this.” Xu Ziyan tested his pulse for a while and finally took a breath of relief. Then, he took out a porcelain bottle, poured out a few pills and stuffed them into Le Hu’s mouth.

Although Le Hu looked seriously injured, for a cultivator, it’s curable. On the contrary, Wei Qing was in a more critical situation since he’s still in a coma. It’s because one couldn’t tell which part he was injured, and it would be a disaster if it’s his divine consciousness or soul getting hurt…

After giving Le Hu a few pills and making sure that he’s fine, Xu Ziyan started checking Wei Qing.

Most of Wei Qing’s physical injuries were minor, which could be cured with just one pill, but what’s more worrying was that he’s still unconsciousness.

Xu Ziyan had already asked Le Hu about what had happened. From the time they entered the desert and were chased by the sand monsters, they’d had a difficult journey. Given the strength of Wei Qing and Le Hu, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to deal with the sand monsters, but it’s a wolf monster of nascent soul which had hurt them so bad.

Given the existence of the big array, most of the monsters dared not approach that forest. Just like Pu Lao, after entering the forest, it’d got to the original point after three days. And it’s even considered as lucky. For those unlucky ones, it’s completely normal to die in the array.


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