Chapter 184

No, it’s impossible… this, this must be an illusion…

The corners of Wei Qing’s eyes turned red, and they became moist after those memories emerged in his brain. His body also got drier and warmer. He thought that it’s all his imagination, yet his body was undergoing some embarrassing changes along with this imagination.

“Ahem… Am I disturbing you?” Xu Ziyan looked at Wei Qing with embarrassment. He didn’t expect that Wei Qing would wake up so quickly, so he didn’t knock on the door. As a result, he saw that usually cold and arrogant guy having his eyes red…it’s truly embarrassing…

“It’s okay…” Wei Qing immediately put on his usual plain expression, and slowly…without a trace…he took out his hand from under the quilt.

Xu Ziyan stepped forward and sat on the side of the bed, Wei Qing smiled faintly and raised his wrist very cooperatively.

Spiritual power must pass through some sensitive places, and it ran in circles inside Wei Qing’s body. Xu Ziyan discovered that his damaged meridians had been repaired, and they even grew much wider than before.

“It’s a blessing in disguise.” Xu Ziyan said softly, but then he immediately reminded Wei Qing in a serious manner, “don’t be so reckless next time!”

Xu Ziyan had already heard from Pink Hair that Wei Qing had exhausted his true dragon bloodline, and he’s really shocked by such true “friendship” of Wei Qing.

Originally, he thought that Wei Qing and Le Hu had a bad relationship. He’d never assume Wei Qing to take Le Hu as his best friend, even sacrificing himself to save Le Hu.

It’s reasonable to assume that they’d both die if he didn’t try his best, but Xu Ziyan also believed that Wei Qing had no intention to flee first.

“How is Le Hu?” Wei Qing knew that he was doing fine when he saw Xu Ziyan smiling. He immediately asked about Le Hu.

He knew that the barbarian was a strong one, yet he was still worried when he thought of he thought of the bloody man’s figure.

“Don’t worry, he is doing well, uh…he’s actually doing very well…” Xu Ziyan stopped Wei Qing from wanting to get up and said repeatedly. Then he showed a slightly weird expression, “take a good rest first. I am going to call him in, as he also wants to tell you something.”

Wei Qing, “???”

Xu Ziyan ignored Wei Qing’s doubtful look. He turned and left the tent. He didn’t want to intervene with such private matters. After all, it was a matter between Wei Qing and Le Hu. He only hoped the pure friendship between the two (? ?) wouldn’t be affected after this.

After all…not every guy could accept himself having such an intimate relationship with another guy.

Wei Qing looked at Xu Ziyan in doubt when he left, wondering what had happened. However, no matter how he tried to think, he wouldn’t figure it out, as something extraordinary had occurred between him and Le Hu because of one drop of Snowball’s blood.

After that day, Wei Qing would need to consider this problem seriously.

“Ziyan said that you’re awake.” Le Hu opened the curtain and walked in. Although he still looked as nonchalant as ever, one could notice his slightly red ears.

“Yeah.” Wei Qing replied briefly and supported himself to sit up, “Ziyan said that there’s something you want to tell me.”

Le Hu clenched his hands tightly, and he’s so tense that his fingers turned pale. However, he tried to stay calm, “nothing, I just want to thank you for saving me that day.”

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows, “don’t forget that I was there too, so I was just saving myself.”

Le Hu laughed at himself, “you don’t need to comfort me, how could you not have any life-saving stuff with you? I knew that you didn’t escape as you wanted to save me.”

Wei Qing did not reply. He was just knocking his fingers near his bed. After thinking for a while, he saw that Le Hu had stopped talking, so he raised his head, “then? What else do you want to say?”

Le Hu’s face turned red and he coughed twice, “I know that you despise me…”

“Who said that?!” Before Le Hu finished speaking, Wei Qing interrupted him unhappily, “who told you that I despise you?”

Le Hu was surprised, “does it need somebody to tell? I am not blind and I can see it in your actions.”

Wei Qing suddenly got speechless and he defended himself, “that’s in the past! You also looked down on me, didn’t you?”

Le Hu was stunned, then looked away a little awkwardly and muttered in a low voice, “it’s not because you were too…pale.” He’d abruptly changed  the word “girly” to “pale”, Le Hu also felt that he shouldn’t have judged a person by his appearance.

Okay… the atmosphere became awkward again, Le Hu felt a little stuffy in the tent, or… there was a kind of heat…

“Well… anyway, the past is in the past. You saved my life anyway, and with this fact, we are now brothers! Whenever you need me in the future, if it isn’t something against my conscience, I won’t reject you.” Le Hu said so seriously.

Wei Qing raised his head blankly, watching Le Hu’s eyes suddenly become sharp.

“What…what’s wrong?” Le Hu’s cheeks turned red after being stared at like that. He’s cursing in his heart – after doing that stuff with Wei Qing, he found it almost impossible to face Wei Qing anymore.

“My life-saving grace…how are you going to repay it?” Wei Qing’s eyes flashed, and an idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

He didn’t want to be a brother with Le Hu. He wanted a lover, not a brother!

“Uh…” Le Hu blinked, “didn’t I say…”

Wei Qing waved his hand, “you told me that I could ask you for help once we become brothers.”

“Of course!” Le Hu almost shouted, straightening himself up.

“That’s not enough.” Wei Qing said lightly, “since you treat me as a brother, then it’s natural that you’d help me, so how can you help me to repay you by saving me?”

Le Hu was stunned, he thought about it carefully and he agreed that this was indeed the case. He started blushing, “then…then what do you say? That…there is nothing good about me…”

“Of course you do!” Wei Qing interrupted him again.

Le Hu was stunned again. He lowered his head and took out his Qiankun bag. He searched through it, and most of the things inside were cheap. Nothing was as precious as a human life.

When Wei Qing saw Le Hu’s behavior, the corners of his eyes twitched. He grasped Le Hu’s hand and whispered, “you have to pay me back by giving me your body, haven’t you heard?”

Wait a moment! There seems to be something wrong! Although he had heard this before, it was mostly aimed at female cultivators, right? What is it to do with him?

Seeing him with a look of surprise and no answer, Wei Qing suddenly looked more serious, “so you don’t agree?”

“Wh…no, isn’t that for a female cultivator…” Le Hu said incoherently.

“Why care about female or male? So you agree or not?” Wei Qing didn’t give time to Le Hu to think and continued interrogating him.

Le Hu opened his mouth wide, looking at the aggressive Wei Qing, and suddenly his brain twitched, “is it a once-and-for-all action?”

Wei Qing’s eyes lit up suddenly, and the light inside nearly made Le Hu blind.

He jumped up violently, ignoring the pain in his body and squeezed Le Hu’s wrist forcefully, “what did you say?!”

“Ah…no…nothing…” Le Hu felt frustrated and cried secretly. In fact, he had already told Xu Ziyan that he was planning to completely forget about that incident. It’s him revealing hints accidentally…

“No!” Wei Qing squinted, his eyes emitting a flash of danger, “you couldn’t have said this coincidentally…could it be…?”

His face suddenly showed a hint of ecstasy, and after he thought for a while, there’s a slight noise of dragon’s moaning from his throat.

As the sound of the dragon’s moaning became louder and louder, Le Hu’s body began to glow with a golden red light. When the moaning reached its peak, the red glow suddenly condensed and fell on Le Hu’s left chest, forming a dragon-shaped pattern.

Le Hu, “…”

What… what is this?

Le Hu unconsciously rubbed the skin on his chest, the bright red dragon-shaped pattern seemed to have grown there by nature, without any intention of being rubbed off so easily…

“You still want to lie to me?” Seeing that the dragon-shaped pattern finally appearing on Le Hu’s left chest, Wei Qing’s face suddenly showed a smile of surprise. He hugged Le Hu and stroked his back. He softly said, “I’m sorry… Did I do something to you when I lost consciousness? Don’t worry, I will be responsible for you.”

Le Hu, “…”

“That…” Le Hu wanted to say that he didn’t need Wei Qing to be responsible, because he had used this method to save Wei Qing voluntarily.

However, Wei Qing had already become ecstatic because of the dragon-shaped pattern on Le Hu’s body, and he didn’t even intend to listen to Le Hu explain.

Le Hu felt inexplicably weird when being hugged like this. He wanted to struggle, yet he was still worried about the injuries of Wei Qing. He might hurt Wei Qing further by moving roughly.

The double cultivation didn’t leave him a good impression. All in all, the fact that he had to make another guy excited before performing the real action was a real torture for someone who thought that he’s into girls only.

Moreover, even with the help of the yellow book and that kind of ointment, Wei Qing was still an injured guy. He knew that he could take another way, but the blood in Wei Qing’s body almost boiled, and there were countless wounds on his body that looked terrifying. No matter how brutal he was, he couldn’t tolerate himself hurting Wei Qing further.

Later, when it was over, he was very thankful that he didn’t make Wei Qing to be the one receiving it. Even for a barbarian like him, it’s difficult to bear with that area being torn apart, let alone Wei Qing…

“Le Hu…” Wei Qing thought quickly, and he was sure that they’d gone through something intimate with the proof of that dragon-shaped pattern. Combining with the vague memory in his mind, he came to a conclusion.


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