Chapter 187

“Meow!” The black kitten wiped its face with its paw, then jumped to the giant shell and knocked a few times.

“I don’t want to come out!” The pudding-like creature refused to come out to be abused.

The black kitten gave Gluttonous a look, then comforted, “meow!” (Be good, come out and eat!)

The shell opened a seam and the pudding poked out its head, “is there really anything nice to eat?”

The black kitten nodded, and Pudding squirmed again, before finally crawling out of the shell slowly and getting near Xu Ziyan, “he smells nice, I want to…”

Before it finished, a foot and a hoof kicked pudding away and it hit the wall. After weeping a little, it then crawled back to its shell.

Xu Ziyan looked helplessly at Xu Zirong who’s wrapping his waist tightly, then at Snowball who’s holding his thighs. No words could describe his bitterness.

It’s already frustrating enough to have this kind of brother, but with this kind of spiritual pet also…?

This time, no matter how much the black kitten tried to persuade it, the pudding would never crawl out from the shell again.

The black kitten scratched Gluttonous angrily, and Gluttonous also kicked it back. The two dragon sons were fighting frantically in the hall, yet Pink Hair continued chewing its carrot calmly…

At this moment, Xu Ziyan finally had the time to observe their environment carefully.

They were in a very magnificent hall with no windows around, yet there were countless night pearls inlaid on the roof of the ceiling. The hall was so bright that they couldn’t even see a dark corner.

The hall was fully enclosed, there was no entrance or exit. The only thing that was more conspicuous was the altar in the center of the hall and the huge shell not far from them.

The shell was the pudding’s home without a doubt. That’s to say – they should be depending on the altar on their way out.

Ignoring the dispute between the dragon sons, Xu Ziyan and Wei Qing looked at each other and walked towards the altar in the center of the hall very tacitly.

There was a dragon-shaped sculpture on the altar, which looked like a piece of ordinary stone, but when Wei Qing saw the sculpture, he had a very familiar feeling.

“This is…” Wei Qing stared at the dragon-shaped sculpture, unconsciously trying to touch the dragon’s body with his hands.

At the moment when his fingers were about to touch the dragon’s body, a big hand suddenly stretched out beside him and held it on his arm, stopping him.

“What are you thinking?!” Le Hu shouted roughly.

Wei Qing got shocked and immediately “woke up” from his trance state.

He turned his head to look at Le Hu, and he suddenly smiled, “wife, are you worried about me?”

The other three people, including Le Hu, were all speechless about how thick-skinned Wei Qing was…

“You…you…what nonsense!” The poor Le Hu hadn’t even held a girl’s hand, and he was already considered as someone’s wife. For Wei Qing, Le Hu was already his dragon partner.

He also tried to erase the dragon-shaped mark on his chest before, but no matter what method he used, the thing seemed to have grown there and it couldn’t be erased at all!

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows and did not continue to make Le Hu feel more shameful. Since Le Hu had already done something to him when he’s in a coma, he had all the reasons in the world to follow Le Hu forever. Also, since the dragon couple mark was already imprinted on them, Le Hu had nowhere to escape.

After ignoring Le Hu who’s still blushing, Wei Qing turned his head and looked at the dragon-shaped sculpture. As a human cultivator with real dragon blood, the members of the Wei family had a natural affection for all kinds of dragon sculptures.

Right now, the dragon-shaped sculpture placed on this altar looked very rough, and the materials used were only ordinary red stones. Although this kind of stone was also a material for refining, it belonged to the kind of street goods. It was mainly used for practicing for those who were new to refining tools.

The dragon-shaped jade pillar outside was so exquisite, yet the dragon sculpture was so crudely crafted. This kind of strong contrast made Wei Qing more cautious. It’s just like having bought an exquisite box which contained just a rotten stone. No one would find it usual.

“Ziyan, come and take a look.” Wei Qing called Xu Ziyan over. Although he believed he came from a famous family and had studied various ancient books, after so many years of being with Xu Ziyan, he had to admit that Xu Ziyan’s level of knowledge wasn’t more inferior at all. He even had to ask Xu Ziyan in many aspects.

“No, just carry on yourself.” Xu Ziyan shook his head. This was initially a piece of treasure left by the Wei ancestors. Even if it’s some good stuff, he thought that it should be Wei Qing to choose first, and he’s already pleased enough to be there.

Besides, as an ancestor of the Wei family, who knew if he hadn’t set any fatal traps? Although Wei Qing could open the treasure safely, it didn’t mean that Xu Ziyan could do the same without risks.

“What are you doing?” The soft pudding seemed to be curious about their actions and it poked out its head cautiously.

Xu Ziyan had an idea and smiled gently at pudding, “what’s your name?”

Pudding seemed to like Xu Ziyan a lot. After seeing him talking to itself, there was a hint of redness on its milky white body. It whispered, “my name is Jiao Tu, I’m a dragon son!”

Xu Ziyan’s face twitched. Although Snowball and Pink Hair weren’t very normal, after looking at Jiao Tu, Xu Ziyan thought that the real dragon was powerful enough to have birthed so many weird dragon sons…

Uh? When he thought about it, not many people or monsters owned the blood of real dragon in this world, so this real dragon was really a little too “loving”…

Pudding had no idea that Xu Ziyan was laughing at its father and it really liked the smell of Xu Ziyan without knowing why.

The soft pudding slowly crawled out of the shell and rubbed against Xu Ziyan’s feet.

It looked around timidly, Taotie was still fighting with Pu Lao and it’d got no time for Pudding. However, once it turned its head, it saw the “bad guy” having kicked it just now, and he’s looking at it coldly.

Jiao Tu: qaq, this person is so terrible!

“Ahem, my name is Xu Ziyan, and his name is Xu Zirong, my younger brother.” Xu Ziyan smiled stiffly and pinched Xu Zirong’s waist without being noticed.

Xu Zirong’s face was slightly distorted for a moment, then he returned to normal. He didn’t do anything to that soft bundle of pudding, and he was just threatening it with his gaze, making it refrain from getting close to Xu Ziyan.

Pudding trembled slightly by the sharp gaze, and it shivered so much that it shrank into a ball.

“Meow!” After noticing that its little brother had been bullied, the black kitten jumped over furiously and meowed to Xu Zirong.

“Puff!” Pink Hair spit out the radish in its mouth unhappily and jumped to the front of Xu Zirong, staring at Pu Lao with an unfriendly look. Although its master was never friendly to it, it’s still the master it’d chosen so it’d never let it get bullied by other dragon sons.

Threatening a dragon son’s master would be the same as threatening its master. In the multi-dimensional battle, no matter how good brothers were, they usually ended up as enemies!

“Meh!” Snowball, which had three scratching marks on its face, ran over as well. It stood next to Pink Hair proudly and showed that it’s angry as well.

The black kitten was so pissed that it turned over itself. Dragon sons all had similar power and it could compete for a while with Tao Tie, however, it could only be defeated when facing two dragon sons at the same time.

“Brother, don’t be mad, fighting is no good.” Jiao Tu’s childish voice successfully tamed Pu Lao’s temper. It patted its paw on Jiao Tu’s head, “meow!” (Little fool! It’s all because of you!)

Jiao Tu shrank its head and rubbed Xu Ziyan’s body when Xu Zirong wasn’t staring at him.

“Meh!” Then it was squeezed away by the dissatisfied Snowball again.

Jiao Tu: qaq, my brother bullied me!

“Ahem…enough is enough. You all are brothers, what’s the benefit to fight among yourselves?” Xu Ziyan tried to stop their fight. He initially wanted some information from Jiao Tu, yet these guys started fighting before he asked.

To his surprise, the three spiritual pets stopped fighting. Xu Ziyan looked at the black kitten strangely. It’s normal that Pink Hair and Snowball listened to his order, but why was Pu Lao so obedient too?

He had no idea that Pu Lao had already decided to fully depend on them.

Both Pu Lao and Jiao Tu were dragon sons without a master. Before recognizing their masters, there was no way for them to leave their secret realm.

Pu Lao was already used to being with the sand monsters and it didn’t get lonely, yet its brother had been trapped in that cold hall for ages.

Although Jiao Tu used to love sleeping as well, it was just out of loneliness that it had to sleep for one hundred years.

At this time, there were four human cultivators in the hall. The Xu brothers had already become masters of Snowball and Pink Hair. If Jiao Tu wanted to leave that place, it had to contract with one of the remaining two humans.

Jiao Tu’s brother thought that it’s a little useless, as a spiritual pet like that, how could it be useful to a master?

Xu Ziyan’s opinion mattered a lot if he had to persuade Le Hu or Wei Qing to be Jiao Tu’s master. All in all, Xu Ziyan acted as a team leader, both Le Hu and Wei Qing really valued his opinion. If he could find out something useful with Jiao Tu, then it’d have an opportunity to leave.

“Smells…so good…” Jiao Tu’s soft body rubbed against Xu Ziyan again, smelling the fragrance in the air, rubbing and rubbing unconsciously…

(⊙_⊙)? Wait a moment! What’s going on all of a sudden?

Jiao Tu looked at Wei Qing standing in front of him with a bewildered look. It found it strange – Xu Ziyan was smelling so nice just now, how come it suddenly got near to this person?

But this person also smelled great! It made Jiao Tu feel like home! (* ̄▽ ̄)y


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