Chapter 188

Since Jiao Tu wasn’t being stared at sharply by Xu Zirong anymore, it held Wei Qing’s thighs happily and kept rubbing itself against them.

“What is this?” Wei Qing frowned, and ‘teared’ Pudding from his leg like a trash, before putting it in front of his eyes.

After being stared at by Wei Qing, Pudding inevitably blushed, there’s a small pink area appearing on its body…

“Ahem, this is dragon son, haven’t you heard it introducing itself just now?”

Wei Qing looked at Pudding, then at Xu Ziyan and asked, “what’s the use of this stuff?”

Xu Ziyan paused. Actually… he didn’t know the use of  Jiao Tu either. Pink Hair and Snowball could at least fight a bit, but that soft Pudding…could it really help in fighting?

“I’m powerful!” Pudding said softly.

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows nonchalantly, then rolled his eyes and threw Pudding into Le Hu’s hands.

“Hey!” Le Hu was dissatisfied.

“It’s for you.”

“Why do I want this stuff?” Le Hu picked up one of Pudding’s corners and shook with a look of disgust. Pudding shrank, then it smelled that comforting scent again. It rubbed itself against Le Hu’s hands.

The black kitten wiped its face vigorously, completely desperate for its brother’s unscrupulous act!

Can’t you see that people despise you very much?!!! You even took the initiative to join in! !

It can’t be more embarrassing!

Tao Tie also couldn’t stand it and it jumped up suddenly, almost kicking Pudding away. Fortunately, Le Hu reacted fast – he raised his hand slightly and Pudding avoided its destiny of becoming a wall painting.

“You smell very nice too.” Pudding couldn’t get enough of Le Hu and wrapping his head with its whole body.

Le Hu frowned and shook his hands. After realizing that Pudding was not going down, he stared at Wei Qing in an unfriendly manner, as if he’s saying, “you’d better sort out this trouble that you started.”

“Don’t you like it?” Wei Qing walked over and “tore” the pudding without any pity, then tossed it.

Le Hu shook his head, “a spiritual pet without combat power can only be someone’s food in the extreme west.”

“I… I’m really good!” Pudding became dizzy after being tossed around by Wei Qing, but it still defended itself.

“Oh? How so? Prove it.” Wei Qing said plainly.

Wei Qing had already seen the power of Snowball and Pink Hair. This soft thing was still their brother, so it shouldn’t be too weak, right?

Pudding raised its nose, jumped off Wei Qing’s hand unhappily and returned to its shell. After it got into the shell, the huge shell suddenly stood up and turned into a huge black and gold shield that was as tall as a person.

“Look, I’m great!” A soft, proud voice came from the shield.

Wei Qing looked at the huge shield and was suddenly impressed.

“Do you like it? I think it suits you well.” He lowered his voice and said in Le Hu’s ear.

Le Hu’s ears became red after being tickled. He stared at Wei Qing, but Wei Qing had already understood that he had to be thick-skinned to win his wife’s heart…

This kind of cold gaze from Le Hu was just a way of flirting for Wei Qing.

“What do you think? This small stuff seems fun. If you like it, why don’t you contract it? See Ziyan and Zirong, both their spiritual pets are great.” Wei Qing persuaded Le Hu softly, making him change his mind too.

Le Hu had personally seen the power of Snowball and Pink Hair. He was not very proficient in attacking spells, but he was relatively sure of his defensive skills. If he could get the help of this big shield, perhaps he could display a strength that was not inferior to Wei Qing at all.


“Doesn’t it like you more? If it signs a contract with me, then what about you?” Le Hu frowned.

Wei Qing’s eyes lit up, and a smile appeared on his face, “it’s fine. I am a guy of attack. This kind of defensive spiritual pets have no effect on me.”

“But…” Le Hu still couldn’t decide, as he felt like he’d snatch Wei Qing’s spiritual pet away.

“Meow!” The black kitten had been staring at Wei Qing and Le Hu’s reactions since the beginning.

Although Wei Qing wasn’t that loud when he was persuading Le Hu, the black kitten still heard it. It rolled its eyes and jumped in front of Wei Qing, raising its paw…

Wei Qing raised his eyebrows and looked at the black kitten coldly. He finally understood why Le Hu always said that he looked like he needed to be beaten up. Now that when he’s looking at this black kitten, he really wanted to beat it up as well…

“Uh…what is it doing?” Le Hu looked at the black kitten. He started to frown after seeing that kitten raising its paw to Wei Qing.

Wei Qing only needed to think for a moment to know the black kitten’s thoughts. Although he had no intention to contract with it, he knew very well that Le Hu wouldn’t accept Pudding if he didn’t accept the black kitten.

“It wants to be my spiritual pet.” Wei Qing smiled and explained to Le Hu.

Le Hu nodded, “well, it looks a bit like you. I don’t know why, but it makes me think of how you were in the past. That is, it made me want to hit you.”

Wei Qing, “…”

Black kitten, “…”

When he was staring at the kitten, there were some sparks between their gazes.

Wei Qing signed the contract casually, then picked up the black kitten by the back of its neck and handed it to Le Hu’s arms. He smiled sincerely, “if that’s the case, then hit it, as I wouldn’t mind at all.”

Black kitten: (#‵′)

Le Hu looked at Wei Qing helplessly, then at the black kitten that was handed to him. He rolled his eyes helplessly, and he really wanted the cold, arrogant Wei Qing to be back. He really couldn’t get used to this thick-skinned version of Wei Qing…

“What do you think? I’m powerful! Eh?” The golden shield jumped itself to Le Hu, rubbing its shield against Le Hu’s legs.

Le Hu couldn’t help but laugh. He patted the big shield, “just change back.”

“Oh.” Pudding replied and changed back to a huge shell again, then it crawled out from inside and stuck to Le Hu’s body again.

Le Hu took it off his leg, put it in front of him and asked softly, “do you want to contract me?”

Pudding blinked and smiled shyly, “okay, since you smell so nice.”

Le Hu was amused by its childlike appearance, then he suddenly had an idea, “you just said that the others smell nice too, so what if they also want to contract you?”

Pudding didn’t know how to answer that and its face got so red. After a long while, it shook its head hard, “it’s not the same! That man…” It pointed at Xu Ziyan, “he smells of a brother.”

“But he!” It pointed at Wei Qing again, “he smells of a father.”

Le Hu laughed, “then how do I smell like?”

Pudding hesitated for a long while before tentatively answering, “like a mother?”

Le Hu, “…”

Wei Qing was in a good mood instantly, but Xu Ziyan couldn’t help turning his head abruptly, and his shoulders started shaking…

The other three dragon sons all looked helpless, but they were pretty impressed by the fact that Jiao Tu could turn itself into a big shield, and they’d better not to over demand a kid (even though this kid was already over a thousand years old).

Wei Qing and Le Hu succeeded in getting a spiritual pet, and although the one of Le Hu looked a bit silly, it’d got sufficient strength as well.

According to Pudding (named officially by Xu Ziyan), it really once made this kind of food for these people, so it’s an easily accepted name. Also, after knowing the method of activating the altar, Xu Ziyan secretly complained about that ancestor of the Wei family.

Although it had always been a very useful way to use blood to identify one’s offspring’s, how come this ancestor never thought about someone taking the fresh blood of one of its family members here?

Uh…huh? When he thought about it, he realized that there’s Wei Qing’s blood in the hands of Bai Hua in the novel!!!

Xu Ziyan touched his chin. At that time, Bai Hua should have been in the hall already. So, what did he get actually? And Pudding was probably there too? How come it wasn’t attracted by Bai Hua, the male protagonist?

Xu Ziyan shrugged and let the thought slip. Since it wasn’t mentioned in the novel what happened next, he reckoned that Bai Hua hadn’t got any advantages from it. Also, Bai Hua probably didn’t wash his face that day, that’s why Pudding didn’t choose him. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Wei Qing cut his finger, and a drop of golden blood dripped from the fingertip to the dragon-shaped sculpture, quickly blending into it.

Wei Qing turned around and put his finger in front of Le Hu. Le Hu was puzzled, “what are you doing?”

“Stop the bleeding for me!” Wei Qing said matter-of-factly.

Le Hu looked at him contemptuously, “you just need to lick it to stop it!”

Wei Qing nodded and agreed, “yeah, you lick it for me.”

Le Hu was startled, and his face turned extremely red. He slapped on that damn finger and turned away.

Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong looked at the corners of Wei Qing’s eyes twitching, and these 3 words were clearly imprinted on their faces, “you are shameless.”

Wei Qing was not ashamed, he just raised his eyebrows coldly and sucked his own finger.

“Brother, Wei Qing is really…”

“Getting thicker and thicker, right? Don’t learn from him!” Xu Ziyan taught Xu Zirong with a serious expression.

Xu Zirong, “…”

In fact, he wanted to say that Wei Qing’s trick was very useful, but he gave up on the thought after seeing Xu Ziyan’s reaction.

The golden-red blood melted into the dragon-shaped statue, and it ignited the statue very quickly.

It is not very accurate to say that it was lit up, because something like a flame was indeed ignited around the statue. However, this kind of “flame” didn’t carry any scorching heat, instead, it was abnormally cold. When Wei Qing stood close, he couldn’t help shivering.

“Um…I’ve slept for many years…Ha…ow… Finally someone from the Wei family came.” There was an adult man’s voice coming from the dragon-shaped sculpture, and the cold flames slowly condensed into a human figure that’s about an inch long.


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