Chapter 189

“Huh?” The figure looked quite handsome, his half-open eyes made him look like he’s half asleep, but he instantly opened them widely when he saw the obvious dragon partner mark on Le Hu’s chest.

He looked at Wei Qing, then at Le Hu, yawned lazily and returned to the half-asleep mode, “um, are you a descendant of the Wei family?” He looked at Wei Qing.

When Wei Qing saw this figure, he looked shocked and hurriedly replied respectfully, “old ancestor…”

“Don’t call me old ancestor, that sounds too old. Call me Meng Xian.” The old man waved his hand impatiently.

“Ancestor Meng Xian…”

The man glanced at Wei Qing and he didn’t object being called like that. He crossed his legs, “I’m guessing that it’s been a long time since I died?”

“Yes, according to clan records, it has been about 2400 years since ancestor Meng Xian passed away.” Wei Qing said softly.

“Well, has it been more than two thousand years? Time flies so fast. During this period, has anyone come to look for me at home?”

Wei Qing’s eyelids twitched again, “I’m not an advanced disciple, so I don’t know about this.”

“Sure, I forgot…” Meng Xian smiled self-deprecatingly, with a look of loss on his face.

But he quickly regained his spirits, “forget about it, I am just a ray of soul guarding this place, what’s the use of knowing so much?” Meng Xian shook his head and looked at Wei Qing, “since you’re a descendant, I would have to give you some benefits. Well, you have 3 choices here: first, use the aura of real dragon here to transform your body, then your activated real dragon bloodline can be increased for at least 5%; secondly, I have a tremendous amount of treasures here, and any one of them is sufficient for you to make your cultivation level leap forward. Speaking of which, you’ve got quite good talents, since you reached the later stage of Qi condensation at such a young age, it’s already shocking news back in our generation.”

“Thank you, ancestor Meng Xian, for your compliment. I wonder what the 3rd option is.” Wei Qing smiled lightly. He was still at the early stage of Qi condensation a few days ago, he’d never expect to improve so fast after an accident.

“Huh? Why? You don’t like the first two?” Meng Xian raised his eyebrows slightly. He initially assumed that Wei Qing would have the horizon to choose the first one, yet he hadn’t realized that Wei Qing already absorbed a lot of aura of real dragon. He even absorbed a drop of blood of dragon son, which was much better than transforming his body using the aura.

Wei Qing nodded very humbly. He thought in his mind that it’s such a joke – given the background of the Wei family, he didn’t lack any treasures at all. Also, Snowball had already helped him transforming his body. None of the 3 options could give him actual benefits, so it’s like a fruitless trip for him…well, it’s not that fruitless, at least he got a wife.

Wei Qing glanced at Le Hu vaguely, focusing on the green lotus on his wrist and the corners of his mouth raised. Before he realized it, he’s also touching his right wrist, which had the same lotus mark.

The double lotus was the rarest good stuff, yet Le Hu ate it unintentionally. Does it also mean that they’re meant for each other?

Wei Qing had such a wide smile that even his eyebrows revealed it, and he had no idea the ancestor Meng Xian already noticed his happiness.

Meng Xian blinked, looked at Wei Qing, then at Le Hu. He finally saw their wrists and nodded thoughtfully.

He smiled comfortingly, “about the 3rd option…well, I do have some techniques of dual cultivation here, they can train a couple to know each other’s thoughts during dual cultivation.”

“We need this!” Wei Qing made up his mind.

Le Hu’s bronze-colored face turned red again. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, everyone else knew what Wei Qing wanted with such a desperate gaze…

Le Hu was very frustrated. If he knew earlier what Wei Qing was planning, he would never have saved him using that method! It’s simply too late to repent!

Meng Xian couldn’t help laughing, “I never thought that one of my descendants turned out to be such an affectionate one!”

After hearing this, Wei Qing instantly looked at Le Hu with a faint smile. Le Hu turned away in frustration, as there’s no way to explain this at all!!!

“Okay, okay, I won’t tease you anymore.” After Meng Xian laughed, he lightly tapped his fingertips, and a white light overflowed from his fingertips and got immersed into Wei Qing’s eyebrows.

Wei Qing closed his eyes tightly for a while, then suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Meng Xian in surprise, “thank you, ancestor Meng Xian.”

Meng Xian waved his hand and said jokingly, “you’re welcome. It’s also a small favor to your little lover, or the Wei’s would appear to be not generous enough!”

Wei Qing was overjoyed and pulled Le Hu in front of him. Le Hu was unwilling and he wanted to refuse, but before he spoke, Meng Xian pointed with his fingertip and the same white glow was infused into his eyebrows.

When Le Hu opened his eyes again, he was no longer staring at Meng Xian unwillingly. Instead, he bowed in front of Meng Xian very respectfully – although it wasn’t a real treasure, it was the ultimate valuable gift!

Meng Xian released two streams of white glow in a row and he showed a glimpse of fatigue. He looked at Xu Ziyan, and Wei Qing immediately stepped forward to explain that those two were his friends.

Meng Xian nodded, then beckoned at Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong, “since you two are my disciple’s friend, I will not let you return empty-handed. Here, I have two condensed liquidated beads. Although it wasn’t some rare stuff, I shall give them to you as a souvenir.”

Afterwards, he took out two thumb-sized dark golden beads out of nowhere, and gave them to the Xu brothers.

Xu Ziyan thanked Meng Xian politely, then graciously put the bead away.

This condensed bead could be used to condense the ** into a paste. Although it is better to store things in the form of paste than **, they were in the world of cultivation and they could use some spells and a little spiritual power to reach the same purpose.

As a result, this kind of condensate beads had become an item that’s neither valuable nor useless. However, since they were still quite rare, it’s still okay to give them as first-time gifts.

Xu Ziyan actually thought that he would be empty-handed before entering Lang Yu secret realm. Since it’s a treasure left by an ancestor of the Wei family, if he wanted to rescue Wei Qing, then the person who was the most likely to get any treasures would undoubtedly be Wei Qing, the direct heir.

Xu Ziyan actually didn’t care that much about the treasures there, as long as Bai Hua obtained none of them. The real good stuff was usually located in the highly advanced secret realms, for someone owning the guide of the secret realm, it would be impossible to miss those items!

“Huh?” Meng Xian originally planned to put himself to sleep after sending them out, but he suddenly sensed a thought from the dragon-shaped jade pillar.

“Is there still anyone from the Wei family in this secret realm?” Meng Xian asked Wei Qing.

Wei Qing was stunned for a while before shaking his head. Most of the monsters in the Lang Yu secret realm had reached the level of Qi condensation, so the realm was mainly aimed at cultivators at that level as well.

As far as the presence of the Wei family is concerned, there were only Wei Qing and Wei Ying in the Liu Guang sect, and Wei Ying had already become a cultivator of golden core, there’s naturally no need for him to cultivate there. The disciples of the same generation were in other realms, and Wei Qing would be the only one from the Wei’s in Lang Yu secret realm.

“It’s interesting.” Meng Xian heard Wei Qing’s answer and showed a look of surprise. However, after analyzing more carefully the thought conveyed by the jade pillar, he suddenly laughed.

“In just a few thousand years, someone actually disguised as having the real dragon bloodline? If I wasn’t awake, I suppose this jade dragon would let that kid in.” Meng Xian was laughing on the surface, yet it wasn’t a genuine laughter.

He had no idea who the person trying to get in there was, but no matter who that was, it was definitely someone trying to steal a treasure. All treasures belonged to the Wei family, if it wasn’t an enemy, how would he disguise himself as having the real dragon bloodline?

Xu Ziyan seemed to have an idea suddenly, and he’s quite sure of who that was.

However, he also sighed for the perseverance of the story. This guy managed to survive even after fighting with a monster of nascent soul, and he even made it to the island, this Bai Hua as the leading actor was really something!

“Did that person wear a white coat, looking sort of weak?” Xu Ziyan asked.

Meng Xian closed his eyes slightly, then opened them again and looked at Xu Ziyan as if he’s smiling, “right. So? Is he your friend?”

Xu Ziyan shook his head quickly. Of course not! If Xu Ziyan said that Bai Hua was his friend after Meng Xian saying that person’s a scum, what would be the consequence?

“I just met that guy on the way, that’s why we got on the island together. However, we didn’t head to the same direction and I didn’t expect him to have come here either.”

“Do you think it’s Bai Hua?” Wei Qing looked at Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan nodded helplessly. Well, who else could that be? Who else would have such light of being the male protagonist?

“Can he pretend to be having the real dragon bloodline?” Wei Qing was a little startled at this. The most difficult thing on Earth to disguise would be the real dragon bloodline, as it’s almost impossible to fake the real aura of it. To be honest, he started to become interested in Bai Hua’s particular means, since he managed to do that.

“Well, I don’t think that’s what he disguised to be…” Meng Xian suddenly showed a confused look, “it seems that…something on him is emitting the aura of real dragon and that made the jade dragon react.” After speaking, he couldn’t help staring at the kitten, the rabbit with horns and the sheep with sharp teeth which were discussing something aside. He also looked at Pudding which had accompanied him for several thousands of years.

The strong aura of real dragon on these little guys scared him a little – obviously, the bodies of spiritual monsters were much, much stronger and they could handle more power of real dragon in their bodies…humans are simply too weak!


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