Chapter 198

“This newcomer doesn’t look okay.” A demon race with a green face and sharp fangs looked at the scene presented by the water mirror, then looked at the points next to it, and immediately judged that Xu Ziyan was a newcomer.

“Tsk tusk, this kid is also unlucky enough to encounter the Ghost Willow race.” The demon race with a green face next to him said with a smile.

“Well, this Ghost Willow performed well last time, right?” This demon race recalled and asked.

“That’s right.” the handsome man replied.

“Let’s see, it’s not like the demon race had any compatible newcomers recently either.” The demon race with a green face frowned.

The handsome man smiled and touched the long horns on his head, “the Demon Race has been doing pretty well in recent years. Like last month, the guy called Luofeng had a good performance.”

The green-faced demon race pouted, “it’s so boring to see these kids all day.”

The handsome man smiled, “well, you have the least amount of points, so…”

The green-faced demon race stopped talking. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and he looked in the direction where there was a cultivator with a cold expression.

The cultivator was wearing a navy blue robe with a long sword on his back. There was no hint of breath around him. If the venue wasn’t strictly allowed for fighters only, many would have just taken him as an ordinary guy.

The handsome man followed the gaze of the green-faced demon race and there was a hint of horror in his eyes. He said softly, “there’s no point in looking at him, he’s a seventh-level fighter.”

The green-faced demon race pouted again, “what a pity, I would like to taste him.”

The handsome man suddenly covered his mouth while feeling speechless, “stop!”

The man in the navy blue robe over there glanced at them faintly, and his sharp eyes made the handsome man feel as if he was being stabbed by a sharp sword.

He grabbed the green-faced demon race and left in front of the water mirror. He took a long sigh of relief after walking out and cursed in a low voice, “this guy…he’s practiced his sword skills to this extent already!”

The green-faced demon race also looked terrified, and he patted his chest, “these cultivators are so scary. I remember that he only joined last year, right?”

“Isn’t it so?” The handsome man had a lingering fear, “these human beings are too horrifying. No wonder my demon race has been trying to suppress them for so many years.”

The two looked at each other and both had a little fear. Without the intention to continue watching the newcomer’s performance, they returned to their rooms.

The man in the navy blue robe stood calmly in front of the water mirror, watching the fight between Xu Ziyan and the Ghost Willow race very seriously.

Xu Ziyan’s forehead was covered with sweat, and only a thin layer of spiritual power remained on his body. His enemy kept beating him with the long whip, and it’s obvious that he wanted to kill Xu Ziyan from each of his whip. However, in this darkness, it’s not easy for Xu Ziyan to locate him, and there’s naturally no way for him to counterattack in any vigorous ways.

The enemy’s figure was erratic, and each time he attacked with his whip, he hit it from a very strange angle. If Xu Ziyan wasn’t agile, he would have been killed long time ago. Even so, he still couldn’t find a way to counterattack.

“Finally!” Xu Ziyan whispered, then he leaped to the left, avoiding a silent whip shadow.

The purple thunder dots that he shot previously all landed on a distinct place, and it showed the trace of each whip. By depending on this trick, Xu Ziyan successfully avoided his enemy’s plot several times. Otherwise, he would die for many times already with this silent attack.

The white light on Xu Ziyan’s fingertips began to bloom with dazzling white light. He clasped his hands and waved hard, then, a dazzling light instantly broke through the darkness, shining a bright light on the entire battlefield without even missing a corner.

“It’s now!” Xu Ziyan glared sharply and pulled the long bow in his hand, releasing his Thunder Snake Explosion.

Since there was suddenly a dazzling white light in the pure darkness, Cuiping, who’s from the Ghost Willow race, was caught offguard and he fell dizzy instantly, losing the aim of his whip.

“It’s not looking good!” The demons watching this game in the casino couldn’t help exclaiming. This trick was too shocking. Not only Cuiping, but even the others hadn’t noticed Xu Ziyan using this trick with the protection of his spiritual shield.

This spell is called the Blazing Sun, which is actually a very simple lighting technique. However, the longer the casting time is, the brighter the light would be. Xu Ziyan wanted this effect so he had endured for so long!

Taking advantage of the Blazing Sun, not only could Xu Ziyan plotted against his enemy, but he also got to see his enemy’s position in the light.

Xu Ziyan: =口=

What the hell? Could anyone tell him what the hell is this?

Far away and in front of Xu Ziyan, a slender woman with green and very long hair was covering her eyes furiously. She was wearing a long emerald green dress, which complemented her hair color perfectly, but…why did she have four arms behind her? And there’s a long whip in each arm!

Damn it! It’s a monster!

Xu Ziyan almost spat out this word, luckily he realized in time that it’s a demon cultivator from the demon race, and it would never be the appearance of a human being…

No matter how the appearance of the enemy shocked Xu Ziyan, they were on a battlefield and it’s a matter of survival. Even though it was a pretty girl (if he ignored those four arms…), Xu Ziyan had no intention to pity her.

After bending his long bow, five thunder snakes as thin as fingers were shot out, releasing a large net and caging the enemy in it.

His enemy wasn’t naïve either. She instantly knew something had gone wrong with the light, she instantly waved her four whips to an extent that it’s suffocating, so that she could ambush Xu Ziyan when he wasn’t paying attention.

It’s a pity that she could guess Xu Ziyan’s intentions but not his ways. After being trapped in Xu Ziyan’s thunder net, her space to move became very limited.

Xu Ziyan smiled slightly. Although her whips were annoying as hell, it’s not like he’s completely out of methods. It’s only that it’s still his first battle so he didn’t want to reveal too much of his strength. That’s why all he’d been using were quite ordinary tricks.

Swinging those long whips required a lot of space. With four of them, she’d need even a larger area. The original area of the arena was big enough for her, but now that she’d been trapped, the strength of her whips were decreased by at least a half.

Since his enemy wasn’t yet that powerful, Xu Ziyan could only use his spells of sucking blood after trapping her. After trapping her with the thunder net, Xu Ziyan began torturing her bit by bit by his arrows. All in all, his biggest advantage was shooting remotely, and he really enjoyed being able to hit her without getting hit back! If that cannot be considered as victory, then he might as well commit suicide!

After the fight was over, Xu Ziyan shook his body and returned to the room. Shao Xiuwen and Xu Zirong’s battle ended sooner than him. On the contrary, Lin Xiaotian, who was in the second battle, had still not returned.

Shao Xiuwen’s enemy was a very tall demon race. With his shiny charcoal-like skin, he seemed muscular.

However, such kind of demon race was usually just strong on the surface and weak once being challenged. It didn’t take long for Shao Xiuwen to finish him. He wouldn’t even realize without the judge announcing it, as he might even think that it’s only his enemy pretending to be dead…

There was nothing to say about the enemy Shao Xiuwen faced, but Xu Zirong’s enemy was worth being cautious at.

They were both from demon race, but Xu Zirong’s enemy was obviously of higher level than that of Shao Xiuwen. When the demon race saw Xu Zirong, he was obviously attracted and even started flirting with Xu Zirong, but of course it only made him die even more pathetically.

Except for his elder brother, Xu Zirong couldn’t tolerate anyone else flirting with him. What’s worse was that, this guy even demanded Xu Zirong to be his pet…

If Xu Zirong could tolerate it, then he wouldn’t be a blood demon…

Without his brother watching aside, Xu Zirong relentlessly showed his cruel side. After defeating his enemy, Xu Zirong used blood vines to control him and used a small knife to cut him into pieces…

The light blue blood wetted a large area of ​​the arena, and Xu Zirong’s unbelievably cruel methods made the audience frown.

“Tsk tsk, what an exciting guy.” A man with gray animal ears and scars on his face stared at the screen and licked his sharp fangs with his tongue.

A coquettish woman with a magnificent rose pattern on her face stood beside him, but because of the man’s coveting, she showed an unpleasant look…

Xu Zirong didn’t know that someone was watching his game. When he returned to the room, he saw Shao Xiuwen sitting in the corner. He raised his eyebrows slightly and walked over.

After seeing Xu Zirong coming over, Shao Xiuwen couldn’t pretend that he hadn’t seen him. He smiled slightly at Xu Zirong. During this time, Xu Zirong’s relationship with Shao Xiuwen was neither distant nor close. It’s slightly better than being strangers at most, but Shao Xiuwen had always perceived Xu Zirong as a kid who hadn’t grown up and that he’s always worried of losing his brother. He thought that Xu Zirong would need to grow up one day and he might grow to be more independent then.

“Is there anything?” Shao Xiuwen had never spoken to Xu Zirong alone.

Xu Zirong seemed to be always standing behind Xu Ziyan in his impression, just like a shadow. He almost had no sense of existence except when he showed up the first time with his gorgeous face.

Occasionally, he’d participate in everyone’s chat, but he’d be on the same spot every time, making Shao Xiuwen find it very contradictory.

On one hand, he had a childish character and he only liked sticking to his brother all the time, but on the other hand, he also had experiences far beyond ordinary people, which he found very incredible.

Xu Zirong would only smile to his brother and he’d usually stay expressionless the other moments. Lin Xiaotian was also expressionless most of the time, but they gave the others different kinds of impression.


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