Chapter 212

Xu Ziyan could at most be considered as a very talented cultivator with thunder-type spiritual roots. Other than that, there’s nothing special about him. If he wasn’t so lucky to be admired by the God of Snail, he might not even get noticed.

After all, there were only a few golden core cultivators in their twenties, but there were still quite a few in various realms. Especially in bigger sects, it’s really not rare to have many talented cultivators like Xu Ziyan.

If there was no imprint from the God of Snail, Xu Ziyan was at most a talented one from the future generation. He wouldn’t attract so many nascent soul cultivators at his door.

“Cultivator Xu…” The three there glared at each other like cockfighting, and no one planned to retreat. Unexpectedly, an old man with a long and brown beard came in the distance.

The old man’s greeting immediately caused the three stare at him like enemies. And when they all looked at him vigilantly, the old man released all his momentum, resisted the pressure from the three and walked to Xu Ziyan without fear. He grabbed Xu Ziyan’s hand lightly, “cultivator Xu, you’re destined to be with the Qilin Pavilion…”

Xu Ziyan: _(:3∠)_This…where did he even come from?

Ling Ye, Ren Yao, and Shi Lansheng all squinted at the old man. The old man smiled under their pressure and said proudly, “if I’m not wrong, you once cultivated inside one of the affiliated facilities of Qilin Pavilion?”

Xu Ziyan was really confused. The Xuan Yu realm was an isolated realm, and after the intrusion from an enemy from outside, there had been no ways to connect with the outside world. How would he be using another sect’s facilities to cultivate?

The old man saw that Xu Ziyan was at a loss. He didn’t mind, smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “My Qilin pavilion used to build a large number of Qilin pagodas in countless areas. They were used to record the user’s breath, then gather it into the main tower. My Qilin Pavilion once recorded the information of you, so I know that you once used it.”

Xu Ziyan looked at the old man suspiciously. The Qilin Tower was the holy place for the cultivation of the Liu Guang sect. Why did it become the facility of their Qilin Pavilion, as the old man had suggested?

“Huh!” Ren Yao sneered at the old man, “Old He, don’t you cheat our friend, okay? I’ve seen the Qilin Tower before and I know that each has to be built after each realm has been occupied. It’s used to absorb cultivator’s spiritual energy to nourish the main tower, not for cultivation like you said. Also, if he really used the Qilin Tower before, wouldn’t you have rushed towards him immediately after confirming the location of his realm? Why would you still waste time in this fighting tower?”

Ren Yao suddenly rolled his eyes, and said maliciously, “is it possible that cultivator Xu was once attacked by the Qilin Pavilion in his Xuan Yu realm?”

When the old man heard so, his face twitched. That’s a disadvantage when talking to cultivators which were his grade, as they could all say whatever they wanted.

The Qilin Pavilion had already searched in their realms and there were no traces of Xu Ziyan at all, but there’s the breath of this person, which means that he had at least stayed in the tower once.

Obviously there was a record, but they never found him. The old  man felt so confused.

There was only one possibility for such a situation, and that’s the Xuan Yu realm, where Xu Ziyan was from, was once under the intrusion of the Qilin Pavilion!

And in the end they won and defeated the Qilin Pavilion, or there wouldn’t be a sub-tower which had lost contact with the main tower of Qilin Pavilion.

It’s just an invasion of other people’s hometown, and even if it was a matter of thousands of years ago, it would inevitably be unattainable, but the elder of the Qilin Pavilion didn’t want to give up this good opportunity to build a relationship with Xu Ziyan, so he planned to fight it.

Unexpectedly, Ren Yao didn’t give him face at all and just revealed the truth bluntly. He’s incredibly embarrassed.

The old man wanted to say something to wrap it up, but Xu Ziyan could no longer listen to it. It was less than two quarters after he opened the door of his room, and so many people had already squeezed in front of him. If he waited any longer, then more people would be there.

Although it was a nice treatment, and he’s alone. If he was chosen, then other people would surely be angry. Xu Ziyan wouldn’t invest in something like this.

Besides, he had already joined the Liu Guang sect ages ago, and although his master Big Foot Luo was a bit unreliable, he’s still a nice person. He had no intentions to join another sect.

Besides, the Xuan Yu realm was all alone and they couldn’t find someone of “their own kind”. It’s just empty talk to join another sect.

“All my seniors!” Xu Ziyan smiled politely and bowed respectfully to everyone, “the sect that I come from may look very inferior in your eyes, but they have treated me right all the time and I have no intention to change.”

“Haha, my little friend is worrying too much.” Song Lingzi, who had been neglected all the time, interrupted, “Although your Xuan Yu realm was a middle-level one, and it’d never appeared on the star map, we don’t mean to discriminate it.”

Seeing Xu Ziyan listening attentively, Song Lingzi quickly explained with a smile, “there’re also many excellent disciples from the small and middle realms. When they fail to have good development in these realms, then of course they’d look for ways to upgrade themselves. I do not know the actual situation, but it only takes a few nascent soul cultivators to enrich the resources in a middle-range realm, I’m afraid you don’t have a chance to meet any deity cultivators, right?”

“We won’t force you to join us now, but I hope that you’d consider us first if you cannot find a way to upgrade yourself in the Xuan Yu realm. If you find the suitable way of cultivation, then you can also tell your sect and we’ll benefit from it too.” Song Lingzi explained it well and the others seemed to agree. They didn’t refute at all.

After listening to the reply, Xu Ziyan was finally relieved. Previously, he was still worried about how to get rid of these people. And although there’s no danger in the Xuan Yu realm, they might be forced to leave if there’s imminent risk several years later. Also, other people might notice the coordinates of Xuan Yu realm as well.

At that time, if one of these sects happened to pass there, it would be fine if these people didn’t care about his rejection, but he could be in big trouble if there’s someone minding stuff like this.

Xu Ziyan wasn’t afraid of troubles but he hated them. That’s why he was struggling hard to solve this issue peacefully.

Now that Song Lingzi had already made things clear, he knew that he wouldn’t be forced. It made things a lot more flexible for him, and he only had to made up his mind when he decided to leave the realm. In the meantime, he just needed to keep a good relationship with these people.

After making up his mind, Xu Ziyan smiled more widely.

Xu Ziyan looked very cheerful, and he looked really easy-going when he smiled. Although the big sects were a bit disappointed that he hadn’t made a choice, he never rejected them. Therefore, these big sects couldn’t be rude to him either.

Besides, these were all experienced cultivators. They knew clearly that Xu Ziyan had to join them no matter how desperately they wanted, and it’s even useless to force him when they couldn’t find the coordinates of the Xuan Yu realm.

After exchanging a few words with Xu Ziyan, those people left one after another, but before leaving, they all gave Xu Ziyan some “meeting gifts” very generously. Of course, the value of these gifts was not that high, but they still made Xu Ziyan smile widely when he stuffed those gifts into his Qiankun bag.

Hey, they were really super sects. Those “meeting gifts” could be regarded as treasures in Xuan Yu realm. Aside from all kinds of spiritual grass and mines, some even gave him a bag of spiritual stones.

Looking at the high-level spiritual stones, Xu Ziyan was thrilled. It seemed that the construction of the Qianwen Pavilion of Yu Hao couldn’t be completed in advance.

With the Qianwen Pavilion, Xu Ziyan believed that his plan to eliminate the demon race in advance would succeed. After all, the biggest flaw of this plan is that he had limited energy and couldn’t find the blood-sucking worms himself, yet no one would really believe it if he made it public.

“Brother…” Just as Xu Ziyan was thinking about how to use Qianwen Pavilion in the future, his baby snake-like brother didn’t let go of him.

“Huh?” Xu Ziyan didn’t care too much. He seemed to have become accustomed to the clinginess of Xu Zirong recently. Xu Zirong also learned the right extent of his clinginess in these public places.

“Brother!” Xu Zirong was unhappy to be ignored, he grabbed his brother’s chin and looked at his eyes closely.

Xu Ziyan suddenly screamed in his mind – Zirong’s getting sick again!

After noticing that no one else was left in the room, Xu Ziyan decisively grabbed the back of Zirong’s neck and kissed him.

The blood color in Xu Zirong’s eyes slowly faded, his arms clasped tighter, and his tongue churned his brother’s mouth vigorously.

Feeling the rage conveyed by the blood contract gradually dissipating, Xu Ziyan finally breathed a sigh of relief quietly, and while kissing Zirong, he stroked his neck again and again.

“Um…” Xu Zirong narrowed his eyes slightly, feeling as comfortable as a cat with the hair being groomed.

Xu Ziyan finally heavily kissed Xu Zirong and ended this long, soothing kiss.

“Brother used this trick again.” Xu Zirong dissatisfiedly pulled Xu Ziyan over and kissed him again before letting go.

Xu Ziyan chuckled secretly, no matter what trick he was using, it’s fine as long as it worked. ╮(╯▽╰)╭


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