Chapter 213

At this time, there was white light flashing in the room. Shao Xiuwen ended a battle and walked over with a tired look.

“What’s the matter? Did you have a problem?” After Xu Ziyan asked, he felt something scratching his ass.

Xu Ziyan: (#‵′), this little kid is going too far!

“It’s fine. It’s just that I had some difficulties in fighting against this enemy. I think that if there’s still no improvement, then it’ll be quite difficult to continue fighting.” Shao Xiuwen rubbed his sore right hand. Actually, the monster race that he encountered just now wasn’t that powerful, but his scales were extremely thick. He had to slash it for a long while to break the defense and now his arm turned sore.

He shook his wrist and habitually touched the fruit hanging on his chest.

It’s the fruit that he’d obtained from the sacred tree, but until that moment, no one had opened their fruit yet.

Shao Xiuwen and Lin Xiaotian had to carry their fruit for three days before they could open it. It’s even more demanding for the one of Xu Ziyan, as he needed to sit on it for seven days before opening it.

However, the fruit of Xu Zirong, the one looking extremely dry, sent him a thought, “eat me.”

Xu Zirong stared at the “fruit-like core” for a while, and finally threw it to his brother.

No one would ever eat this damn thing with an unknown origin! He wouldn’t fall into the trap just because the sacred tree was nice to him, who knows if that sacred tree had never spat on the core? It had lived for thousands of years, and it might be a cunning one. (Never would the sacred tree be so shameless!)

Anyway, Xu Zirong would not eat the thing that looked like a core. Later, Xu Ziyan stopped persuading him, and he just threw that thing directly into Mr. Little Square.

Now Mr. Little Square’s space had changed greatly. The mountains and rivers were beautiful inside and the vegetation was prosperous. The most surprising thing is that Xu Ziyan even found a spiritual spring inside, and the source of that spring was the five-elemental prismatic crystal!

With the five-elemental prismatic crystal as the medium, the space of Mr. Little Square got much more spiritual. Xu Ziyan even found a very small and thin dragon vein, which was the ultimate source of the spiritual energy. Anywhere with the dragon vein would be surrounded by spiritual energy, and it’s the best place for cultivation.

It wasn’t a very big vein, but it’s already sufficient to provide spiritual energy to the entire space. Also, with the existence of this vein, one only needed a little cultivation to turn a plain into the most advanced spiritual field.

The so-called advanced spiritual field means a certain field with a small amount of seeds to get a large amount of harvest. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Xu Ziyan had just sprinkled a handful of spiritual seeds on that piece of land before, and now it had grown into an inch-long seedling, and the ‘fruit core’ that was thrown in happened to fall into this valley as well. Surrounded by the golden valley, a sapling with the thickness of a little finger was absorbing the spiritual energy from the spiritual field, and it is growing vigorously…

“Yeah, it should be time to hatch.” Shao Xiuwen smiled and broke the fruit casually——


A red string as thick as a thumb fell out of it.

Shao Xiuwen: (⊙_⊙)?

Xu Ziyan: →. →It looks familiar.

Xu Zirong was still expressionless, but he still slightly raised his eyebrows, as if he’d seen that red string somewhere.

“What…is this?” Shao Xiuwen picked up the red string from the ground and looked at it for a long while, but he never found the difference between that string and an ordinary red string.

Xu Ziyan touched his chin, this thing became more and more familiar as he looked at it, as if he’d really seen it somewhere before.

It’s okay if he couldn’t recall anything. He decisively looked at Xu Zirong, who whispered in his ears after thinking for a while, “your Purple Night Divine Thunder seems to be tied by this kind of string back then.”

Ah, that’s right!

Xu Ziyan snapped his fingers and immediately took out the box from Mr. Little Square.

At the beginning, he risked his life and swallowed the Purple Night Divine Thunder. Although he succeeded in upgrading, he “ate too much” and was even unable to move. He was even eaten by his brother directly.

He didn’t pay attention to the box at that time, and he just threw it into Mr. Little Square. Later on, he didn’t pay attention to it either. If Xu Zirong didn’t mention it, he would never have thought of the red string attaching the Purple Night Divine Thunder.

Shao Xiuwen stared at the red string with confusion. Although he knew that there’d be differences among the gifts from the sacred tree, he really didn’t understand why the sacred tree gave him a string.

He also tried to trigger the red string with spiritual power or divine consciousness, but unfortunately, it didn’t react at all. It was still lying in his hand softly, as if it’s just an ordinary string.

“Oh my? It’s really the same!” Xu Ziyan took out his red string and compared it with that of Shao Xiuwen. It’s exactly the same kind.

Shao Xiuwen turned back and saw that Xu Ziyan had the same string. He instantly laughed, “oh? Is this from your fruit also? Could it be that the sacred tree thinks we match with each other?”

As soon as he said this, Shao Xiuwen suddenly felt the temperature in the room dropping sharply. There were also a few blood vines moving around him, ready to bite.

Shao Xiuwen: qaq, I’m kidding! !

“Zirong!” Xu Ziyan shouted decisively, awakening Xu Zirong from his frenzied state.

The bloody color in Xu Zirong’s eyes slowly faded, but he still stared at Shao Xiuwen with utter vigilance.

“Ahem…I’m kidding…” Shao Xiuwen replied with embarrassment.

“Sorry, Zirong… he is a little sensitive to this kind of topic.” Xu Ziyan was actually more embarrassed than him, but he had no ways to explain why Xu Zirong would be this sensitive.

“Yeah…I can see it.” Shao Xiuwen glanced at Xu Zirong with lingering fear. He knew that Xu Zirong wasn’t just sensitive, he simply wanted to kill anyone near Xu Ziyan!

Having been a senior brother for so many years, Shao Xiuwen felt that he’d seen different personalities of his junior brothers and sisters. He also met some really clingy types, but none of them were like Xu Zirong…

After recalling how much Xu Zirong wanted to kill him, Shao Xiuwen couldn’t help but shiver. He looked at Xu Ziyan with empathy, and he wondered how Xu Ziyan could endure with such a frantic brother. He’s not sure whether Xu Ziyan was simply too slow in reacting or he’s enjoying it.

Uh…something felt weird. Shao Xiuwen felt like he’d ignored something, but what was that?

Shao Xiuwen scratched his head. He had always thought that the relationship between Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong was weird, but he couldn’t tell what’s weird about it.

“Xiuwen, sorry, Zirong was simply too much. I will teach him a lesson!” Xu Ziyan said apologetically and he even stressed on the words “teach him a lesson”.

Xu Zirong, “…” He suddenly felt that something bad was going to happen.

“Ah, it’s okay.” Shao Xiuwen originally wanted to remind Xu Ziyan of his brother’s attitude, but after meeting Xu Zirong’s cold eyes again, he swallowed back his words.

What if he said it now? This stinky kid had obviously been spoiled for too long. No medicine could cure him now. Also, Xu Ziyan’s attitude was also a little strange, so it’d be better if he just shut up.

“That…” The atmosphere became a little weird. Shao Xiuwen instantly changed the topic, “Ziyan, you know what this is?”

Xu Ziyan nodded, then shook his head, “I am not sure of its specific function, but my red string was tied with Purple Night Divine Thunder before.”

“Purple Night Divine Thunder!” Shao Xiuwen was surprised when he heard this.

Purple Night Divine Thunder was the strongest Yang power. What kind of red string would be strong enough to tie it?

“It’s a pity…besides using it with the Purple Night Divine Thunder, I really haven’t found any functions of it yet. Usually, I just put it in the box.” Xu Ziyan explained with embarrassment.

He really didn’t understand the functions of the red string, and he didn’t know how he could help Shao Xiuwen either.

“Fine.” Shao Xiuwen didn’t feel unhappy. Instead, he’s really understanding, “although we don’t know now, we’ll have a chance in the future. Let’s just keep it with us.” He raised his hand and tied the string on his wrist. The string then flashed and left a flower mark on his wrist.

Shao Xiuwen:…

What kind of trick is this! What kind of person would like this mark on his wrist? So many people would laugh at him…

Seeing Shao Xiuwen staring speechlessly at the print on his wrist, Xu Ziyan was secretly feeling thankful. Fortunately, he didn’t attach this thing to his wrist, or the jealousy of Xu Zirong was enough to kill him…

Just when he decided to put the red string back into Little Square, it seemed to have sensed something. It seemed to be getting alive and twisted itself slightly, wrapping Xu Ziyan’s wrist spontaneously and forming a bamboo.

Xu Ziyan: _(:3∠)_ Should I be grateful that I’ve got a different print?

Xu Zirong’s eyes flashed and he touched his arm abruptly. He saw an identical green bamboo appearing on his wrist.

He walked to his brother’s side and pulled up his arm. The green bamboos on their wrists were exactly the same, and they looked equally vivid.

Xu Ziyan almost knelt in front of this red string. If it occurred in modern times, it’s exactly a tattoo for couples…

Fortunately, there’s no similar setting in the world of cultivation…


It’s the double lotus!

When he thought of the mark of double lotus on the wrists of Wei Qing and Le Hu, Xu Ziyan covered his face silently. Was he supposed to tell everyone his relationship with Xu Zirong?!

“It’s beautiful.” Xu Zirong smiled and raised the corner of his mouth.

Xu Ziyan withdrew his hand expressionlessly, and searched it over and over in the Qiankun bag. He found a pair of black and lacquered wristbands, which just happened to cover the mark of the green bamboo.

He glanced at Xu Zirong slightly, and he immediately put on a pair of wristbands obediently.

Shao Xiuwen: _(:3∠)_ have I found out a shocking secret or what…


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