Chapter 215

The screams and wailing on the battlefield gradually weakened. The huge battlefield was completely covered by a faint red mist. A few people were on the edge of the battlefield, and they reacted quickly. Only then did they manage to escape, and the rest of the others had to stay in the mysterious red mist forever…

Xu Zirong had completely fallen into a violent state at that time, and whoever entered the blood fog would be swallowed by his attack. From a mortal to a cultivator, Xu Zirong never communicated with the others. After confirming that the person in front of him wasn’t his brother, then he’d swallow him by blood mist.

He couldn’t remember how many people he had swallowed. He only felt that his cultivation level was constantly increasing. In just a few years, he had already broken through to the later stage of deity.

He swallowed countless mortals, cultivators, demon cultivators and monster cultivators. When he realized that he had reached the peak of incarnation and was one step before entering the Mahayana, he discovered that his blood mist had actually created its consciousness and it wanted to control his body in turn.

“Idiot!” Xu Zirong’s tone was as cold as ever, as he’d never expect that the blood mist refined by the Blood Sea Heart Sutra managed to create its consciousness.

At the beginning, when he saw that brother wasn’t around, the blood mist might really succeed in its backlash, but after such a long time of desperation, Xu Zirong had already become weirdly calm, he could then no longer be manipulated by the blood mist.

Xu Zirong sneered coldly, his five-finger blades slammed into his chest, and he forcibly pulled out a drop of essence blood that was almost completely integrated into his heart.

This drop of blood was the core of this blood mist. As long as he destroyed this drop of essence blood, then he could kill the blood mist. However, after doing so, Xu Zirong would suffer severe damage and even regress in his cultivation.

But Xu Zirong didn’t care about this at all, he seemed to have only one thought in his mind, he wanted to wait for his brother, and he’s sure that his brother would be there!

If the blood mist wanted to escape just because it’s now with consciousness, then Xu Zirong wouldn’t care less. However, not only did the blood mist stay, but it also wanted to devour Xu Zirong’s body, it’s obviously something that he wouldn’t ignore.

Anyone or anything hindering him to see his brother must die, and it included that damn blood mist!

“Brother…” Xu Zirong’s mouth was bleeding, and he stared at the front blankly. He didn’t know how long he had waited, as if destroying the blood mist was something in the past…

There was nothing around him, no people, no objects, no vitality, nothing at all…

He seemed to be sinking and floating in an empty space, and he was constantly in trance, as if he’d forgotten a lot of things. He only remembered his brother’s promise back then, supporting him to wait.


There was a faint sigh.

But Xu Zirong didn’t even move his eyeballs, he’s only staring at what’s in front of him blankly.

“Do you want to see your brother?” There’s suddenly a flash of light under Xu Zirong’s dim eyes like a stone statue.

He raised his head abruptly and he seemed to be totally awakened, “will you be able to let me see him?”

“…” The voice paused, it seemed a little sad that it couldn’t pretend to be mysterious. This kid immediately got energetic after hearing about his brother.

“Yes.” He said dully.

“What are the conditions? Straight to the point!” Xu Zirong said with squinting eyes.

“…” The voice paused again, and it wasn’t sure if it couldn’t get used to this way of talking. It paused for another while before mentioning the condition, “I hope that you can do one thing for me.”

Xu Zirong frowned slightly, “and what is it?”

The voice said, “I hope you can help me collect something.”

“Just collecting things?” Xu Zirong was a little surprised.

“Yes, it is not convenient for me to go out, so I want to entrust you to help.”

“Okay, I promise you.” Xu Zirong agreed without even thinking about it.

The voice suddenly became a little angry, and asked a little desperately, “aren’t you even asking me what it is?”

Xu Zirong said lightly, “since you came to me, you naturally wouldn’t tell me to take something that I cannot. So, what else is there to worry about?”


“Take it!” The voice seemed a little angry, and a green leaf fell from the sky.

Xu Zirong took the lead and glanced at it. It was mostly some treasure of heaven and earth, and it could be a demon horn and the like. As long as he searched carefully, he’d get it in the end.

He tore the leaf to pieces casually and looked calmly at the nothingness in front of him.

A old man with white hair hiding behind the void couldn’t help but twitch the corners of his mouth. He worked so hard to refine a leaf that’s like a jade slip, and this stinky kid just tore it apart! He really needed a lesson!

“I promised you already, so can I go now?” Xu Zirong asked coldly.

The old man looked dully at the other side of the void, and a strong figure had already devoured the last bit of thunder light. He cursed furiously, “just go! You stinky kid, you don’t even know how to be respectful!”

Xu Zirong didn’t even lift his eyelids. He just stood there calmly and felt a strong surge of power approaching. Then, he opened his eyes and saw that he’s tightly wrapped in his brother’s arms.

Xu Zirong’s heart jumped vigorously, he couldn’t help but plunged into his brother’s arms, feeling his warmth.

If he hadn’t realized in the later stage of the dream that someone was trying to help him, he might as well destroy that world…

“What’s the matter?” Xu Ziyan comforted his brother softly.

Although Xu Zirong had always been clingy, he’d never acted so desperately that day and as thirsty for his brother’s hugs.

“Brother, I miss you so much.” Xu Zirong rubbed his brother’s arms hard, and the familiar breath relieved him.

“Uh…wasn’t it only three months?” Xu Ziyan looked surprised. He was hit countless times by the stinky old man of the sacred tree in his dreams, and he had no idea how many purple night divine thunders that old crook had collected!

The most disgusting thing was that the old man also instructed him to absorb all of them if he wanted to see Zirong again. If Xu Ziyan wasn’t empathetic enough to spare his old body, he’d have killed that old man by his thunder long ago.

Of course, if he really did so, then the old fool would obviously take revenge. It took him several thousands of years to come to this stage, and although it’s more difficult for plant-type monster cultivators to upgrade, the several thousands of years of effort was sufficient to push him to Mahayana.

The cultivators in the Mahayana stage were only one step away from ascension, and it also means that they’d become half immortals. However, that old man said that he’s not ready to accept the challenge of the tribulation, as he had wood attributes and he’s not as good in resisting sky thunders as most monster cultivators.

And he also clearly explained to Xu Ziyan that the reason why he helped Xu Ziyan was firstly because of the mark of the Snail God. Secondly, since Xu Ziyan managed to refine a purple night divine thunder, he might succeed in refining the Nine Sky Profound Thunder if he persisted…

It was the original idea of the sacred tree. What he proposed was to help Xu Ziyan improve his cultivation level, and Xu Ziyan needed to promise that he’d help the tree back in the future.

Xu Ziyan pondered it for a while, and felt that it was a profitable thing, so he happily agreed.

Then, he started a period of both painful and happy days…

He was struck by lightning every day, and he watched his cultivation level rise…it was tortuous but delightful.

The only regret was that the old man refused to let him go to see Zirong until he had absorbed all the Purple Night Divine Thunder. However, considering that nothing really happened after his closed cultivation for five years, Xu Ziyan wasn’t really worried. As long as he’s still connected with his brother with their blood contract, he knew that Zirong was alright.

In this way, he managed to cultivate in the dream realm for 3 months and he was tortured almost to death by dozens of purple night divine thunder. In the end, after managing refining all those thunders, the old man of the sacred tree took out a purple night divine thunder that’s 3 times thicker than a usual one!

Damn it!

Xu Ziyan almost cursed at that moment!

Did this grandpa know that this thing kills? Does your grandchildren even know you’re like that?

After going through a lot of fighting, and after enduring the danger of almost dying several times, his green night divine thunder finally led the group of purple brothers to kill that thickest one…

When he completely digested the last purple night divine thunder, Xu Ziyan was kicked out of the dream by the old man immediately. Before leaving, the old man even waved at him and reminded him to return when he could finally absorb the Nine Sky Profound Thunder.

That’s the reason why Xu Ziyan complained about being fooled by the old man after he opened his eyes. He hadn’t realized that the sacred tree was helping him by providing him a large amount of purple night divine thunder, and it also helped Xu Zirong to get rid of his potential danger.

At the same time, he also used this lonely dream realm to train Xu Zirong’s spirit. If Xu Zirong ever lost contact with Xu Ziyan again, he’d not murder randomly. Instead, he’d treat it more calmly.

Speaking of which, it’s actually one thing that worried Xu Ziyan the most, and that’s why he kept being with Xu Zirong all the time.

No one in this world knew better what kind of torture Xu Zirong went through in his previous life, and he’s already surprised that Xu Zirong could control himself so well in this life.

If a person had been tortured for so long, the chance of him becoming a murderer was extremely high, especially in places like the realm of cultivation, where there was no effective ways to stop murder. And if Xu Zirong did it behind his back, there’s nothing he could do about it.

However, Xu Zirong managed to control himself and Xu Ziyan became even more sympathetic. He just wanted to spoil Xu Zirong every moment and to compensate him, as Xu Zirong had simply given way too much for him.


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