Chapter 218

“Huh? Ah? Why…cough cough… I’m sorry, I was distracted just now!” Xu Ziyan looked at Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen in embarrassment, silently throwing away all his messy thoughts.

Those things were still too far away to consider and they needed to be taken care of bit by bit. Right now, the most important thing would be to increase his level of cultivation.

In this realm of cultivation, fists would be the truth of everything. Just look at his master – although he didn’t seem to care about hierarchy, once he presented himself as a nascent soul cultivator, all the serious-looking elders of golden core in the sect had to give way.

Truth? What’s the truth? Just look at Big Foot Luo. Given his level of cultivation as a nascent soul, he didn’t respect anyone except his senior brother who’s the head of the sect.

His confidence stemmed from his level of cultivation!

This is exactly what Xu Ziyan hoped to achieve himself!

So far, he was doing it very well, as he’d achieved the stage of golden core before turning 30. He assumed that Big Foot Luo would boost about it for quite a while.

Xu Ziyan knew already that since Lin Xiaotian and Shao Xiuwen chose to keep silent, they wouldn’t tell people around.

He quickly changed the subject and asked about the quiet room of the fighting tower.

As soon as he mentioned this, Shao Xiuwen suddenly became energetic and began to talk about the benefits of the quiet room.

It stands to reason that the quiet room was at most a private space, allowing people to retreat and cultivate, but there’s something weird about this quiet room, as it could provide a countercurrent array with a speed that’s three times higher.

The so-called countercurrent array was an array that could flow in time. To put it simply, a day outside the array could be postponed to three days inside the array.

An array with such an impressive function was naturally expensive and technically difficult. At least in the Xuan Yu realm, Xu Ziyan had never heard of any array that can delay the passage of time.

Xu Ziyan’s eyes suddenly brightened when he heard of this function. This could be a very practical array, but unfortunately it was too complicated and the materials were hard to find as well. Even if Xu Zirong could understand it, he wouldn’t be able to copy it.

“Tsk tusk, it’s a pity, if we can bring this array back…” Shao Xiuwen looked regretful.

The speed was 3 times higher. Just imagine if the Glaze Sword sect got hold of this array!

Xu Zirong raised his eyes and glanced at him. He said coldly, “can you hold it even if you take it with you?”

Shao Xiuwen was speechless and he looked somewhat disappointed too. If Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect obtained such good treasures, then other sects could only get jealous of their strength.

However, if other sects knew that it’s the Glaze Sword sect getting hold of it, then the sect would be destroyed in no time…

Once, there was a middle sect of five or six hundred people in the Xuan Yu realm, and they accidentally discovered a spirit stone mine. The quality of the spirit stone mine was very high, even covering the largest vein owned by the Liu Guang sect.

How can such a good thing be owned by a middle sect alone? The head of that sect was blinded by greed and he insisted on owning it himself.

The result was not surprising. Three months later, hundreds of people from his sect were wiped out, leaving no traces.

Later, under the auspices of Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect, that vein was shared by several nearby sects. Of course, the big portions were to be dedicated to Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect, but the remaining ones were enough to feed the little sects around them.

No one knows who were behind this massacre, but people easily knew that they were the sects benefited from it. They could also possibly be united for this.

The Tian Yu sect and Liu Guang sect would definitely not do things like destroying a sect. After all, as the leader of righteous cultivation, they had to pay attention to their behavior, yet other sects might not care as much.

They thought very thoroughly. Instead of letting that sect monopolize the mineral source, it’d be better to kill them and sacrifice the mineral vein. With the presence of Liu Guang sect, it’d be impossible to take everything away.

And it’s indeed the case. After Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect took almost 50% of the mineral veins, those other sects shared the remaining part.

After hundreds of years of development, the spiritual mines might have been emptied, but those middle-class sects had also developed, and the sects that first discovered the veins already had grass growing in front of their doors…

“Forget it, it’s fate after all. If we take these good stuff out, God knows if it’ll bring us fortune.” Shao Xiuwen wasn’t desperate at all. He was initially a bit sad too, but he later thought that it might be better without treasures.

Just like the Glaze Sword sect, although it’s a small one without any attractive treasures, it’s been so peaceful all along!

Because the points accumulated before were never used and Xu Ziyan wanted to practice more for his cultivation, he didn’t wait before applying to enter the quiet room.

Although Xu Zirong didn’t want to be separated from his brother, the quiet room was only for one person and he could only enter another one in despair.

In more than half a year, they would need to return to Xuan Yu realm. Even his brother didn’t mention anything about it, he knew that it wouldn’t be an easy return.

Especially the blood-sucking worm of the demon race which his brother had mentioned several times, yet it’s not so easy to be found.

The world of cultivation was vast, even if the location of the female worm dormant had a very obvious geographical indication, it wouldn’t be so easy to find it…


Whenever he thought of his brother’s hard work and dedication for himself, Xu Zirong felt sweet in his heart.

After gently closing the door of the quiet room, Xu Ziyan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Since brother had already worked so hard, as his younger brother, how could he sit back?

Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

By the time Xu Ziyan walked out of the quiet room, his cultivation level had reached the middle stage of golden core.

As if feeling the same thing, Xu Zirong opened the door at the same moment and it’s all bloody red inside the door. There’s also a strong bloody smell in it, some cultivators of lower level were shocked when they passed by.

“My God, how many people were killed?” A young man in a Taoist robe had his jaw dropped.

The elegant woman next to her frowned, “don’t speak anymore, leave now.”

The young man shrank his neck, followed the woman obediently and left. He couldn’t help but muttered as he walked, “it’s strange, there’s such a strong smell of blood but it’s without any filthiness, this man is still a righteous cultivator. Really…there’re so many strange things happening this year…oh! Sister! Why did you pinch me?”

The elegant woman looked helpless. Her junior brothers all had outstanding qualities, but they could never shut up. It seemed like he’d forgotten all the reminders from his master, and she needed to teach him again what it means by misfortune comes from the mouth.

“How are you?” Xu Ziyan was shocked when he saw the miserable condition of the room, and quickly pulled up Xu Zirong’s wrist and took a closer look.

After confirming that he was only losing too much blood, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“What’s the matter with you?” Xu Ziyan looked in awe, “did you need your own blood to refine the Blood Sea Heart Sutra?”

Xu Zirong’s face was slightly pale, but his eyes looked very energetic. He smiled slightly and said, “no, it’s just that I found some hidden danger in this retreat, and I solved it directly. By doing so, I will be safe in the future.”

“What’s the hidden danger? Is it dangerous?” Xu Ziyan grabbed his arm abruptly and asked anxiously.

“It’s not a big deal.” Xu Zirong sounded very relaxed, but the real situation was far from simple.

The consciousness hidden in the blood mist was quite cunning. In the dream of the sacred tree, when Xu Zirong almost reached the stage of deity, the blood mist showed its real nature and tried to get into Xu Zirong’s body, but Xu Zirong knew what it’s going after and got rid of that drop of essence blood even though it meant his cultivation level getting affected.

Unfortunately, Xu Zirong had only reached golden core and that consciousness was still new. It’s easier to solve but still very hard to find.

In desperation, Xu Zirong could only use a clumsy method to refine the blood of his whole body. Therefore, no matter where the drop of essence blood was hidden, it would not be able to escape this complete refinement.

Later, he was able to find the drop of blood that had just mutated. Facing Xu Zirong’s powerful divine consciousness, that new drop of blood had no resistance at all and it’s easily removed.

After eliminating the hidden danger in the body, Xu Zirong was naturally thrilled. He lied on his elder brother’s back with a smile and acted coyly, “brother, I’ve reached the middle stage of golden core too. Aren’t you going to reward me?”

Xu Ziyan rolled his eyes. If Zirong was happy, he wanted a reward, and when he’s upset, he needed comfort. Zirong had all kinds of reasons to ask for intimacy.

Although they couldn’t do anything special due to the environment of the fighting tower, Xu Ziyan was still worried if he could stand up straight after getting out…_(:3∠)_

After counting a bit, they realized that it had been more than nine months since they entered the fighting tower.

Seeing that they were about to leave the fighting tower for less than three months, Xu Ziyan could only seize every opportunity to challenge.

They took part in individual and team battles. With their current level of cultivation, they fully exerted the strength as if they’d reached the later stage of golden core, all the cultivators of golden core in the tower were wailing…

Generally speaking, cultivators of the same race wouldn’t be selected to fight with each other, but things could be different if one chose to challenge proactively.

Most of Xu Ziyan’s previous participations were battles with demons and monsters, so when he was challenged by a human cultivator, he couldn’t help but feel a little dazed.

Although he wouldn’t really die in the fighting tower, it’s not ideal to hurt his divine consciousness either. How come this person didn’t want to talk things out in the casino but to join a battle?


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