Chapter 225

Big sects, medium sects, and small sects…each sect had its own calculations. Under the guidance of the five major sects of both the righteous and demon cultivation, the big competition of the whole realm started…

In the first round of the competition, the Xuan Yu realm was divided into two large areas. The righteous and demon cultivation had to first select a hundred disciples from their own realms to enter the second round of the competition.

The righteous cultivation alone was divided into five large competition areas.

Each competition area must select fifteen outstanding players. In order to avoid some hidden operations, the remaining 15 places were handed over to the central competition area jointly supervised by the Tian Yu sect and the Liu Guang sect.

In this competition area, all players were not limited to sects, and only their level of cultivation would be considered. If they could successfully advance to the top fifteen, no matter what their status was, as long as there was no violation of the rules during the competition, they could then participate in the second round of competition.

As one of the five major sects of Liu Guang sect and Tian Yu sect, each sect had won five seed quotas. Xu Ziyan, as the well-deserved leader of the younger generation of Liu Guang sect, undoubtedly occupied one of them, and Xu Zirong took another share…

Most people in the sect had no special opinion towards this kind of distribution. A small number of people liked to say strange things, and they would be scolded by some people who supported Xu Ziyan. It’s obvious with the Xu brothers’ cultivation base, and if anyone didn’t like about it, they’d better try reaching golden core themselves!

In a rush of a month, nearly half of the competition in the five major sects had been carried out. The results of the competition had basically not exceeded everyone’s expectations. After all, the strength of each sect was there, and it’s really rare to encounter cultivators like the Xu brothers, who managed to have their cultivation base increase so rapidly after just going out for once…



“Jiang Ying and the others are outer disciples. They plan to participate in the competition in the central area. Are you going to see it?”

In order to become seed players, the Xu brothers didn’t need to pay much effort to participate into the pre-selection competition, and they had plenty of time.

Xu Ziyan thought for a while and felt that it would be good to see the fun, not only to cheer Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui, but also to see how well other cultivators were.

Although he had the level of golden core, it’s hard to tell if there were any monsters with the base of Qi condensation that could defeat him. After all, they were able to kill an elder of nascent soul by coincidence when they were at the level of Qi condensation. This really proves that anything can happen in the world – especially this competition did not limit the use of magic weapons (as long as one’s spiritual power could support it), did not limit the use of pills (as long as one could withstand the backlash of the medicine). There was also no restriction on the use of talisman (as long as one could afford it), and no restriction on the formation of arrays (as long as one had the time)…

In a word, as long as one could win, there’s no problem in throwing bricks as well!

During this month, Xu Ziyan had already seen all kinds of attack methods in this cultivation world of the competition area. The magic attacks, magic weapons and other ordinary attack methods could no longer stop these fanatical cultivators who were pursuing victory. Even the most despised tricks were used as well and some cultivators obtained good results from them.

That competition was a battle between a man and a woman. The woman was very beautiful, but her methods were extremely insidious. She untied her clothes in front the man, and when the man started to lose his focus, she used a five-thunder talisman to hit his lower half.

Xu Ziyan swore that at the time, the entire stadium heard the sound of many male cultivators taking a deep breath, even if they were just looking at the distorted expression of that unlucky male cultivator, many people felt that their lower body was aching as well.

Gosh, this lady was just too horrifying! Cherish your life and stay away from female cultivators!

Since that competition, Xu Ziyan had been scared by female cultivators. He looked at his obedient brother (the hell with it!) and felt comforted. Zirong was the best after all!

The central area was set up in True Dragon City, and True Dragon City was also the capital of the Wei family.

In the entire Xuan Yu realm, only the Wei family had this kind of strength. As a family, it competed with other righteous sects for the benefits of the opening of Meng Path. Only the Wei family could achieve this – opening up all the arenas of the entire city. Of course, they made sure to earn profits from the cultivators who went there to watch the fun…

Since the participating members in the central area were the most complicated and large in number, there were even many people planning to go here to try their luck because they had failed in the selection.

Xu Ziyan admired the size of True Dragon City, and at the same time, he was surprised by the lively scene of people coming and going on the streets.

He stretched out his hand to stop a passing cultivator and arched his hand, “cultivator, why are you in a rush?”

The cultivator glanced at him, and his unhappy expression changed after seeing the jade medal of the Liu Guang sect.

He smiled and said, “I’m guessing that you come from the True Dragon City.”


“Oh, that’s a coincidence.” The cultivator patted his thigh, “you are lucky, as you met me as soon as you were there.” He looked up at the sky and looked a little embarrassed. He tentatively asked, “shall we talk as we walk together?”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrow, “cultivator, where are you going?”

The monk laughed and did not hide, “it’s nothing, no, the next competition is about to start. I’m in a hurry to go to Qianwen Pavilion to buy news.”

“Oh?” Xu Ziyan’s eyes flashed.

“Why? Cultivator knows about the Qianwen Pavilion too.” That cultivator knew what it’s about after seeing Xu Ziyan’s expression and he laughed, “I didn’t expect that you’re one of us. Come here, if we still don’t buy the news, there will be no time to bet!”

Xu Ziyan nodded, “I still don’t know where the Qianwen Pavilion, I will have to trouble cultivator to lead me the way.”

The cultivator was overjoyed. He was just a small disciple of the outer sect. It would be very lucky to have the opportunity to build a relationship with the disciple of the Liu Guang sect.

He quickly led the way; making sure to introduce some interesting anecdotes of Qianwen Pavilion as he walked forward, which naturally also included several accurate predictions made by Qianwen Pavilion after the start of the gambling game.

While Xu Ziyan was listening, he did not forget to give his approval from time to time, which immediately made the cultivator feel very proud and it even made him more talkative.

Xu Ziyan also heard a lot of news from him, such as the situation of the recent competition and some newly emerging stars.

Recently, the most popular in True Dragon City was a female cultivator named Lan Mo’er. This girl looked very charming and cute, but she was an evil one, being proficient in all kinds of strange poisons. After dozens of competitions, there was no one who could walk down from the arena normally. Everyone ended up having a bruised face or being unconscious.

Every time the girl would smash out a bunch of sand, blocking everyone’s sight. After a few breaths, she would call the referee to lift the poor opponent down.

In other words, until now, no one knew exactly how the little girl made her move, and even the cultivators who were lifted off couldn’t tell what had happened after regaining their consciousness.

“Well, Lan Mo’er? It sounds a bit familiar.” Xu Ziyan touched his chin after hearing the name.

Zirong whispered in his ear, “she’s from our sect, a girl who’s always with a green snake.”

“Oh.” Xu Ziyan remembered. The little girl looked cute, but her little snake was quite scary. Um…if he remembered correctly, that snake seemed to have reached beyond the level of golden core.

Thinking of this, Xu Ziyan couldn’t help but feeling speechless. He could see how cunning the girl was, since she’d definitely face restrictions if taking the competition with someone from the same sect. Instead of doing that, she’d rather try her luck in the central area. Lan Mo’er had only reached the level of Qi condensation, but her snake gave her many advantages.

“Here, this is Qianwen Pavilion.” The cultivator said and stopped in front of a private house.

“This one?” Xu Ziyan didn’t believe it. There weren’t even any signboards around, so that’s where the Qianwen Pavilion was?

The cultivator looked a little proud and waved his hand, “you don’t know about this, the Qianwen Pavilion is a hidden one. If I didn’t lead you the way, I’m sure that you wouldn’t be able to find it.”

“Then why is this Qianwen Pavilion such a secret? Could it be that they have done any unreasonable deeds?” Xu Ziyan asked deliberately.

The cultivator was taken aback, shook his head quickly and replied, “never! I promise, this Qianwen Pavilion never dared to make any unreasonable deals, they are purely selling news, but… you know, like them, it’s just like fetching food from the hands of the Wei family, so you can’t act too obviously. You understand?”

“I see.” Xu Ziyan nodded.

“Ahem, by the way, let me remind you – here in the Qianwen Pavilion, you can buy a lot of news. Also, if you have any side news, you can sell them as well. According to the importance of your news, they will make a quotation. All in all, trade is a freedom here. And if you don’t agree with the price, no one would force you.”

“Oh?” Xu Ziyan deliberately showed a hesitant expression, “really? Any kind of news?”

“Of course, any news is ok, but that kind of well-known news should be avoided, it’s meaningless. Now the highest price in Qianwen Pavilion is about the secret of Lan Mo’er, if someone can sell any news related to the spells of Lan Mo’er, then he can get 1000 spiritual stones.” When talking about the 1000 spiritual stones, the cultivator showed a dreamy look on his face. For a little cultivator of his level, it would be a huge amount that he couldn’t make in his entire life.

“Hehe, that’s really a lot. It’s a pity that I don’t know about it.” Xu Ziyan spread his hands.

The cultivator didn’t expect him to know, so he naturally wasn’t disappointed. He just laughed, “even if you don’t have big news, you can still sell some small ones. For instance, if you happen to know a player and his tricks, you can sell that for some money too.”

After finishing speaking, he sighed, “it’s a pity that I’m a small potato, all I know are all about the players already eliminated in the first competition. And now, those are all high-level players, so it’s impossible that I’d know them.”


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