Chapter 234

“What?” Xu Ziyan asked coldly.

The old man suppressed the anger and arched his hands, “fellow cultivator, actually I’ve admired the fragment that you’ve just bought since long time ago…”

“So?” Xu Ziyan asked directly without listening to him.

The old man choked, and a trace of resentment flashed in his eyes, “so, I really hope that my fellow cultivator can be so kind to return that fragment to me. Of course, I’ll…”

“No way!” Xu Ziyan rejected sharply, turned and left.

What a joke. An old man who sounded so rude while he’s making a request? Who did he think he was?

If you need to ask someone for a favor, you’d better act politely. You think you’re qualified to speak to me like that?

Xu Ziyan sneered in his heart and he immediately pushed the old man back.

He had the habit of respecting the old and caring for the young. If the old man really fell in love with a piece of magic weapon, and if he chose something without the artifact spirit, then Xu Ziyan was willing to hand it to him.

However, the old man’s tone was so arrogant that Xu Ziyan felt so uncomfortable after hearing it. He simply cut the crap and rejected the old man.

“Fellow cultivator!” The old man’s facial expression changed drastically, “let’s do both of us a favor. I don’t think it’s a good idea to reject me so quickly.”

“Well, what if I insist?” Xu Ziyan sneered coldly, “so? You think no one else could buy something that you like?”

The old man got angrier and he started threatening Xu Ziyan, “of course you can buy it. I’m just worried that you won’t have the life to enjoy it.”

Xu Ziyan raised his eyebrows, “then it all depends whose life is shorter.”

“Humph!” The old man snorted angrily, gave Xu Ziyan a ruthless look, then turned around and left.

Xu Ziyan looked at his back and pouted, not knowing why the old man had the confidence to threaten him.

He’s an elite disciple of Liu Guang sect, and if anything happened to him, it could be very shocking to everyone.

Without the need for Liu Guang sect to take action, the Wei family had to go an extra mile to look for the murderer in order to be “clean”.

Of course, if the old man was confident that he could kill him and Xu Zirong silently, then it was not impossible for him to escape. However, just based on what he said in this market that day, he couldn’t escape the net of Liu Guang sect at all.

“Let’s go, let’s go back.” Xu Ziyan turned around and patted Xu Zirong on the shoulder.

Xu Zirong’s face was icy cold. He was looking at the back of the old man leaving, a tinge of blood appeared in his eyes.

This old thing dared to threaten my brother… just kill him simply!


After being patted on the head by his brother, Xu Zirong turned his head in confusion. He saw Xu Ziyan looking at him with a speechless expression, “let’s go, don’t think nonsense. There are many people who like big talk. Are you going to kill them all then?”

The people around them had no idea why Xu Ziyan said so. Only Xu Zirong understood that it’s his brother reminding him not to murder easily.

Although he felt that the old thing deserved death by threatening his brother, he should still spare his life for the sake of his brother.

Xu Zirong was in a good mood, and it happened that Fang Tianrui and the others were about to enter their competition, so he simply asked his brother to watch the game together.

Before leaving, Xu Ziyan deliberately asked the cultivator who set up the stall about the magic weapon fragments that the old man wanted to buy, and learned that it was the same cultivator who wanted to buy the fragments at a low price two days ago. He thoughtfully glanced at the direction where the old man left.

Xu Ziyan touched his chin, and it seemed that he was not the only one who noticed that there was an artifact spirit in the fragment.

But whatever, ╮(╯▽╰)╭, it should always have been on a first-come-first-served basis. It’s impossible for the old man to take it away!

In the afternoon, Jiang Ying and the others advanced very smoothly. Their opponents had a slightly higher cultivation base than them, but they were not that powerful at all. Jiang Ying and Fang Tianrui both made it alive out of the Fire Hell Demon Realm. It’s incredibly easy for them to win.

“Well, we’ll continue working hard tomorrow!” Xu Ziyan patted Fang Tianrui on the shoulder and encouraged him.

Fang Tianrui smiled, and he knew that Xu Ziyan definitely contributed to his achievements today, so he was most grateful to Xu Ziyan in his heart.

It’s such a pity that Xu Zirong was so clingy. And every time he tried to get close to Xu Ziyan, he could feel his back chilling and he could only send his thankful thoughts to Xu Ziyan through his gaze…

The four of them were chatting happily, but no one noticed that in a corner of the ring, a pair of resentful eyes was staring at Xu Ziyan, and it slowly turned to Fang Tianrui.

That night, Xu Ziyan received a message from Yu Hao, saying that someone had bought news about him in the Qianwen Pavilion that day.

As the background boss of Qianwen Pavilion, Xu Ziyan did not ask Qianwen Pavilion not to sell his own information. After all, the best way to hide a tree is to hide it in a forest.

No one would have imagined that the boss behind the Qianwen Pavilion would not mind selling his news.

Of course, Xu Ziyan was not dumb either. The information that Qianwen Pavilion could collect was only superficial, such as his status as a disciple of the Liu Guang sect, or the fact that he was cultivating the thunder system, but there was no more specific information. It was impossible to really sell those deeper secrets out.

However, Xu Ziyan reckoned that the person who investigated his information must be the old man he had met in the market before. It is also the consensus to investigate clearly before starting, so as not to provoke people who should not be provoked.

Now that his identity as an elite disciple of the Liu Guang sect was known, the old man wouldn’t look for troubles if he’s not too stupid. To a certain extent, it’s like lessening his burden.

Putting this matter aside, Xu Ziyan didn’t care too much about the existence of the old man anymore.

Originally, it was just a transaction in the market, not a life-and-death feud. He never imagined that someone would deliberately take revenge for such a trivial matter, and he even took revenge on Fang Tianrui, who knew nothing… …

“Tianrui!” Jiang Ying’s eyes were blood red and his eyes seemed like splitting. If Xu Ziyan hadn’t stopped him, he would definitely have rushed up and killed the kid in the ring.

“Jiang Ying! Wake up!” Xu Ziyan’s eyes were cold, looking at the provocative eyes of the people on stage, there was a rare murderous intent.

Jiang Ying was sobered up by Xu Ziyan’s shout. He looked at the people on the stage full of resentment, turned and rushed towards Fang Tianrui who was being carried down.

At this time, Fang Tianrui had turned into a bloody man, as his whole body was dripping with blood, and there were countless shallow or deep wounds on his whole body. He could even see the bones inside.

“Tianrui!” Jiang Ying cried out, holding Fang Tianrui’s body in pain.

Fang Tianrui was heavily injured. Even if he could be cured, there would be long-term side effects. His future development would become uncertain too.

“Not…die…” Fang Tianrui forced to open the corners of his bloody mouth, uttering two words with difficulty.

Jiang Ying burst into tears, hugging Fang Tianrui and refusing to let go.

“Get out of the way!” Xu Ziyan was surprisingly calm at this time. He slapped Jiang Ying away sharply and held Fang Tianrui.

As soon as he touched him, the outer robe on his body was soaked with blood almost immediately. Before he could check it, he directly took out a large amount of Primordial Powder from Mr. Little Square and sprinkled it on Fang Tianrui’s body without hesitation.

Layers of light green powder quickly covered Fang Tianrui’s entire body. Except for the few deep wounds with visible bones, the rest of the small wounds began to wriggle rapidly, and they began to heal.

Xu Ziyan’s spiritual power traveled through Fang Tianrui’s body, and his facial expression became really bad. The spells released by the other party not only hurt Fang Tianrui’s body, but it also left a large amount of explosive, wind-type spiritual power.

This spiritual power was entrenched in Fang Tianrui’s body, constantly destroying his meridians. If things went on this way, Fang Tianrui would not be able to continue cultivating, and he might even lose his current level of cultivation.

Xu Ziyan’s face turned dark and he looked at the arena coldly.

He didn’t understand it at all, it was just a competition for the qualification places, as long as he won, it’d be enough. Why would someone act so ruthlessly?

Since the match was over, the cultivator who had just won was slowly walking down from the arena with a proud smile.

Following the direction he was heading, Xu Ziyan’s pupils shrank suddenly.

There was the old man of golden core opposite to the young cultivator. It was the same person who’d argued with him the day before.

The old man seemed to sense Xu Ziyan’s gaze and looked in his direction. Although there was no expression on his face, the hidden pleasure in his eyes still deeply hurt Xu Ziyan.

Xu Ziyan clenched his fists sharply, and the anger in his heart was burning.

Since the other party found out his identity, he did not dare to attack him, so he took out his anger on his friend! It’s something that Xu Ziyan would never tolerate!

He had to admit that the old man had such a brilliant idea. First of all, there were many people who died on the arena, and it’s not a big deal at all to be severely injured. Even though Xu Ziyan wanted to make someone responsible, he couldn’t do so. Furthermore, Fang Tianrui and Jiang Ying were just outer disciples of Liu Guang sect, and the upper level of it would never look for troubles for these two outer disciples.

In light of this, the kid who ruined the old man’s plan had no way to threaten him in the name of Liu Guang sect.

The old man was very proud and looked at his disciple with a look of relief.

“Yi’er, you did a great job today.”

The young cultivator followed the master’s gaze and noticed that Xu Ziyan was looking at him with a cold expression. He raised his eyebrows, “if master has an order, the disciple should surely obey.”

The old man was very satisfied and he patted Gao Yi on the shoulder, “you played very well today, as long as you keep it up, you will definitely have a share of the fifteen places in the True Dragon City competition area.”

Gao Yi nodded casually and looked away slightly, but he happened to see Xu Zirong who had been standing beside Xu Ziyan.


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