Chapter 256

Xu Zirong shrank his neck silently, as he knew that he mustn’t mess with his brother when he’s pissed off. It was a lesson he had exchanged with blood and tears for so many years. Looking back now, he still felt a dull pain in the buttocks. He’d rather not think about those experiences again…

Since Zuo Shen got the Soul Resentful Fruit, he had kept an expression of disbelief on his face. He gently touched the Soul Resentful Fruit and swallowed his saliva forcefully. He felt like everything had been like a dream.

Xu Zirong glared at Zuo Shen in disgust. If it wasn’t for this guy, how could his brother get into a violent state? He’s really not pleasing to the eye. If Zuo Shen didn’t die to save him in his previous life, he really wanted to kill him…

Xu Ziyan was irritated, while Xu Zirong was staring at Zuo Shen resentfully who was stroking the Soul Resentful Fruit with a dreamy look. Just as the three of them maintained a strangely peaceful state, the male spider finally completed its evolution.

This male spider was already very strong, with the nourishment of the Soul Retaining Grass, it could advance to be a spider king very smoothly.

When the male spider woke up again, there was already a faint and extraordinary aura on its body. Compared with the previous appearance, not only was it taller, but there was also a metallic color on its eight chelated feet.

“Ka ka ka!”

The spider king opened its mouth and roared, making a deafening roar. Following this excited roar, numerous human-faced spiders swarmed outside the stone chamber, and the male spider that followed made a similar clicking sound.

“What do I do next?” Xu Ziyan asked Xu Zirong softly as he watched the human-faced spiders let out cheers.

Xu Zirong bent the corners of his mouth, “next, we just need to follow the spider king, the only purpose of its existence is to mate with the queen and produce strong offsprings. So, it will definitely go looking for the queen right now.”

Xu Ziyan’s expression suddenly stiffened, so—are they going to spy on the mating of the queen and the spider king?

Seeing Xu Ziyan’s facial expression going wrong, Xu Zirong said lightly, “brother, don’t worry. How could I let my brother watch such a disgusting scene? We should just let Zuo Shen do this thing.” Xu Zirong glanced at Zuo Shen, a malicious smile appeared on his beautiful face, “Isn’t Zuo Shen going to follow you anyway? Who else would do this kind of thing if he wouldn’t?”

Zuo Shen, “…”

So, in order to “prove” Zuo Shen’s belief that he wanted to follow Xu Ziyan, this matter was happily decided by Xu Zirong. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Following the male spider, the three of them soon came to the lair of the queen.

The queen’s lair was huge. Average male spiders occupied only the size of an ordinary room, but the queen’s lair was comparable to those halls accommodating hundreds of people.

A large piece of white sticky spider web was hanging above the lair. From a distance, it was similar to a bead curtain. When one walked inside, he could find that there were a large number of monsters tied up on those spider webs, most of which were the huge mosquitoes that they’d seen before, and a small part were some human stumps.

The queen of human-faced spiders was similar in appearance to the male spider, with a human-shaped upper body and eight chelipeds and a bulging belly on the lower body. There was also a small opening at the tip of the lower abdomen, and from time to time, there was a white spider egg discharged from it.

The queen of human-faced spiders was gorgeous. It’s with black and shiny hair, watery black eyes, and full red lips. If you don’t look at her lower body, she can definitely be called a beauty.

It’s a pity that such a beauty’s two sharp fangs exposed its true identity, especially when its cherry mouth was still chewing a giant mosquito; such a contrast already made anyone feel nauseous.

The queen’s lair was full of low-level human-faced spiders. These human-faced spiders hurriedly crawled around, constantly transporting the white spider eggs laid by the queen to the incubation room.

The queen hardly moved around usually. All she needed to do every day was to eat and drink, then lay a large number of spider eggs to make the whole group grow.

“Ka ka ka!”

As soon as the spider king entered the queen’s lair, there was a clicking sound of excitement, and the queen stopped chewing and squinted at the ugly spider king.

The spider king raised its head and swayed its belly with a strange gesture.

Xu Ziyan noticed that after the spider king assumed such a pose, the glands on both sides of its lower abdomen emitted a faint fragrance. The whole lair was full of this sweet smell.

“What is this…?” Xu Ziyan only felt tightness in his chest and a kind of heat in his heart, as if there was a rise of temperature in the air.

“Damn it.” Xu Zirong knew that something’s not going well. He knew too little about the evolution of male human-faced spiders, and there was no detailed information in the encyclopedia of monsters at all.

None of them expected that the spider king would emit an aphrodisiac aroma when it invited the queen to mate…

Mr. Little Square could only prevent them from being noticed by the divine consciousness, but it couldn’t separate the air, so everyone could smell it.

Xu Zirong saw his brother’s cheeks turn red and his breathing became more and more rapid, and he couldn’t help but feel a kind of desire.

If it wasn’t for the wrong time and place, he really wanted to—

At this moment, Zuo Shen’s expressionless face suddenly appeared in front of him, “is my master okay?”

Xu Zirong: …

He almost forgot that in addition to the two spiders, there is such a big light bulb!

Looking at Zuo Shen’s gloomy face, all desires already disappeared…

“Brother.” Xu Zirong called out, then forcefully turned the blushing Xu Ziyan to Zuo Shen.

Xu Ziyan: …

Xu Ziyan, who instantly resumed his conscious state, turned his face red and glared at Xu Zirong, “you stinky kid! Can’t you remind me in some other way?”

Xu Zirong raised his eyebrows and he seemed to be telling his brother, “see! Brother, you also think this guy has gotten into our way, right?”

Xu Ziyan rubbed his forehead with a headache, when he didn’t know how to explain, the ghost-like Zuo Shen appeared again and said slowly, “master, don’t worry. I saw nothing.”

Xu Ziyan, Xu Zirong:  …

“Cough…let’s go out first. Wait outside the stone room.” Seeing that the spider king and queen were already shirtless and they were about to mate, Xu Ziyan naturally had no plans to see it.

He dragged the annoyed Zirong and the calm Zuo Shen out of the stone chamber and guarded outside, thinking when the mating would finish.

The physical strength and endurance of monsters were naturally much stronger than those of humans. Fortunately, these two spiders would not make any flirtatious moans when mating, otherwise the three humans guarding outside would be too embarrassed…

Six hours later—

“This mating process is just too long.” Xu Ziyan said helplessly as he listened to the sound of clicking in the stone room.

Xu Zirong glanced at his brother with a half-smile, “it’s almost over.”

“How do you know?” Xu Ziyan asked in confusion.

Xu Zirong curled the corners of his lips, “brother, I told you to read more books…didn’t you hear that the frequency of the clicking sound inside decreased?”

“Does this mean the spider has no physical strength?” Xu Ziyan asked curiously.

Xu Zirong curled his lips, “brother, like this kind of mating that is used to produce offsprings, they usually start eating halfway through the process.”

“What!!!” Xu Ziyan felt really bad when he heard this.

If this queen starts eating halfway through mating, doesn’t that mean…

“That’s right.” Xu Zirong looked at her brother’s face and nodded lightly, “the spider king should have been eaten half by now, so the only thing left is the queen’s own clicking sound.”


Xu Ziyan considered himself a strong guy and he was also disgusted by the strange mating method of the queen. Although Zuo Shen still looked gloomy on the side, Xu Zirong felt that his face seemed paler than before.

“So, Zuo Shen should do this kind of thing instead. Doesn’t he want to follow you? Of course, this kind of hard work has to done by him then.” Xu Zirong looked at Zuo Shen with a very bright smile on his face. .

Zuo Shen was shivering after his smile, but when he thought of the Soul Resentment Fruit that he just obtained, he became even more determined to follow Xu Ziyan.

Since his master was able to give away such a precious treasure casually, he must be a blessed one. If he couldn’t grab his master tightly, then he’d really be the stupid one.

“Okay. We’re almost done.” Although he was always irritating Zuo Shen, Xu Zirong didn’t forget to always monitor the stone chamber.

Xu Ziyan looked worried, as he really didn’t want to look at the disgusting scene now, yet they couldn’t stay if they wanted to kill the queen.

Pressing the urge to vomit, Xu Ziyan walked into the stone chamber with a deadly expression on his face. However, the stone chamber was not covered in blood as he had imagined, but it was very clean and tidy. Also in a leisurely manner, the queen was leaning lazily on a pile of soft cobwebs.

“Ka Ka!” The queen slowly opened its eyes, and a clear clicking sound came out of her mouth.

Xu Zirong explained in a low voice, “it should be calling other male spiders, signaling that it is going to bring up the next generation of queens.”

The queen stood up slowly, its bulging lower belly swelled a bit more than before, yet its egg-laying opening was closed, as if it was ready to give birth to the next generation of queens.

Following the queen’s order, many low-level human-faced spiders began to make clicking sounds. Soon, Xu Ziyan and the others who were guarding the door heard the familiar footsteps.

About eight male spiders rushed over from a distance at a fast pace. They had no idea how these human-faced spiders communicated, but Xu Ziyan was very fortunate to find that among the human-faced spiders approaching, there was the one that besieged Wei Qing before!

With Wei Qing and the others, without the male spider in the center, those low-level and intermediate-level human-faced spiders couldn’t compete against them at all, and when the human-faced spiders came back, they did not bring food for the queen, which means that Wei Qing was still very safe.


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