Chapter 264

“Uh…You’re welcome, since you’re all right, we’ll go now.” Xu Ziyan said reluctantly, and without waiting for Xi Yanliu’s reply, he decided to turn around and leave.

Xi Yanliu held her words in her chest and she almost vomited a mouthful of blood in depression…

Could this be even called a man? Seeing such a poor woman half-buried in the ground, he had the nerves to turn around and left without saying that she should be rescued first.

Haven’t you righteous cultivators always been very sympathetic? Is it really okay to leave me, a weak woman here?

Xi Yanliu felt depressed in her heart, but she couldn’t show it on her face. She could only show a shallow wry smile, “thank you for your help, I also know that because of my master, some of them may be scared of me, but I still someone to help me get out of here, my legs are probably broken, I’m really…helpless.”

Her eyelashes fluttered slightly, tears flashed in her eyes, and her not-so-beautiful, yet delicate face successfully aroused the sympathy of the men there—not including those who had seen her true look.

Ahem, that is to say, only Xia Rongsheng and Mao Da were deceived by her…→. →.

“Um…she…” Mao Er just wanted to speak, but Mao Da hit him under the ribs with his fingers, which immediately shut him up.

Mao Da looked around, pulled Mao Er back a few steps, and made up his mind that silence was necessary.

Although Mao Er was very sympathetic to this female cultivator, he always followed Mao Da’s ideas. Although he didn’t understand why Mao Da did this, it did not prevent him from following.

As a casual cultivator, Xia Rongsheng naturally didn’t think simply. However, because of his status as a Buddhist cultivator, he was born with a compassionate heart for the others.

Mao Da and Mao Er did not dare to speak, and the rest seemed to have to mind Xu Ziyan and Xu Zirong’s attitude. After all, the biggest guarantee for their group was the two cultivators of golden core. If they didn’t agree, nothing would work.

“Okay, since you want to go with us so much, let’s go.” Inexplicably, Xu Zirong suddenly revealed a very bright smile and said warmly.

Xi Yanliu’s eyes suddenly burst into a light. She was extremely puzzled, but her face was full of joy, “thank you all, fellow cultivators.”

Since Xu Zirong agreed and Xu Ziyan did not object, the others naturally had no other opinion. Soon, Mao Da and Mao Er dug Xi Yanliu out of the cave, made some simple dressings, then flew down again.

On the way, Xi Yanliu was the slowest because of her injuries that were more serious than Zuo Shen back then.

Mao Er took the initiative to take the responsibility of helping him, which really pissed Mao Da off. He really wanted to knock his stupid brother and remind him…

Xia Rongsheng had a little sympathy for Xi Yanliu, but he was not stupid. Xi Yanliu tried to get some information out of his mouth, yet he didn’t leak a single word. Xi Yanliu struggled for a long time, she didn’t come up with anything except some useless stuff…

After leaving Xi Yanliu behind to fight with Xia Rongsheng, Mao Da and Mao Er, Xu Ziyan quietly came to Xu Zirong’s side and asked in a low voice, “didn’t you dislike her before? Why did you suddenly agree to take her with us?”

Xu Zirong smiled mysteriously, “brother, I don’t know what’s going to happen for a while. If we need to find a way, don’t you think that she’ll be very useful?”

Xu Ziyan, “…”

So you just plan to use her as sacrifice?

“Brother, don’t worry, this woman can easily escape. It’s the most convenient way to help us find the way. Originally, I wanted Zuo Shen to go, but now someone can take the risks for him, wouldn’t that be great?”

Zuo Shen, “…should I thank you for your consideration…”

Xu Ziyan patted his forehead helplessly. Forget it, just let him be, Zirong knows his bottom line anyway, and he wouldn’t not do anything that crosses the line anyway…

Everyone flew for about an hour, and they finally vaguely saw the abyss below.

Xu Ziyan motioned Wei Qing to put some fireballs down, and when they saw the situation below, everyone couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

There wasn’t any terrifying scene, but no one expected that there would be a river at the bottom of this extremely quiet abyss.

Yes, it was a river. It was as black as ink and calm without waves. If there wasn’t a leaf falling on the water and floated down along the current, they would have regarded that river as dead water.

“This river is too weird, why doesn’t it make any sound when it flows?” Le Hu couldn’t help smacking his tongue.

“Something is wrong.” Xia Rongsheng looked at the pitch-black river, and even though he was a very knowledgeable person, his scalp felt numb when he saw that river.

Perhaps it was his delusion, but he always felt that a deep and terrifying power emanated from the calm water surface, and this power was making him very uncomfortable.

Xi Yanliu, who came down with Mao Er, was stunned when she saw the black river.

She moved her lips and did not make any sound, she half lowered her eyes, covering the horror in her eyes.

How could…how could something like that appear here?

That is…

With a shudder in her heart, Xi Yanliu raised her head abruptly and met Xu Zirong’s half-smiling eyes.

He knew it too!

This idea appeared in Xi Yanliu’s mind for the first time, but she was quickly overruled by herself.

This kid named Xu Zirong had no way of knowing this secret. Her broken jade slip was given by her master, and the process of obtaining the jade slip was a near-death experience for her master. She would never believe that this kid from the Liu Guang sect could understand such a secret.

Gently squeezed out a smile, Xi Yanliu quickly looked away. Although she was sure that Xu Zirong would never know about it, she was afraid that her eyes would reveal something.

If it was before, she would never believe that a man could find out any secrets on her, but Xu Zirong had already exposed her twice, which inevitably made her a little unconfident. Xu Zirong might know more than she’d expected.

Xu Zirong seemed to have a mocking yet pleasant smile. In fact, even he did not expect to encounter the things described in the broken jade slip of Xi Yanliu under such circumstances.

Staring blankly at the black river, Xu Zirong knew that it was a rare opportunity for thousands of years, however——

He frowned slightly. Although it was a good thing, there were still two problems that needed to be solved.

First, Xi Yanliu also knew the value of this thing, and it was very difficult to hide such a thing from her.

Secondly, although it was a precious item, it also came with great danger. Also, this thing was so huge and they didn’t know how to take it away. After comparison, Xi Yanliu was not a big problem after all, as she couldn’t take it away even after knowing how precious it was.

“What the heck is this?” Wei Qing looked at the silent river while shivering in his heart.

Although there were many ancient books in the Wei family, he had never seen such a peculiar thing.

Xu Zirong turned his face calmly. It was an extremely nice item, and since it’s so nice, he didn’t intend to tell Wei Qing either.

In his opinion, no matter how good the relationship between Wei Qing and his brother was, he would never forget that Wei Qing was likely to be the next head of the Wei family. As the head of the family, Wei Qing had the responsibility and obligation to seek benefits for his family. He would never believe that Wei Qing wasn’t interested in this item since even cultivators of deity would want it.

Instead of using this kind of thing to test the trust between him and his brother, it’s better not to tell him directly, and if it’s a big deal, it’d be sufficient to give him some benefits in the future.

“What should we do?” Mao Er couldn’t help but feel anxious when he saw that no one spoke. The bottom of the abyss was not the way to the outside as he had imagined, which inevitably made him feel uneasy.

“Don’t be impatient.” Mao Da patted Mao Er’s shoulder.

“Let’s look around, everyone.” Xu Ziyan pondered for a while before asking everyone to spread out and look around.

He believed that the secret door would definitely not point them to a dead end, but if this way of life was hidden in those caves, it would be troublesome. On the way down, they saw at least hundreds of caves. If they planned to check one by one, they would at least need one month’s time. If there were other monsters in the cave, it would be even worse. If they encountered another fleshy monster, they would have to take the initiative to retreat or the others wouldn’t even be able to escape.

“Mao Er, thank you. I’m a little tired, you can put me here.” Xi Yanliu smiled at Mao Er, who had been taking care of her, and said in a gentle tone. ,

Mao Er immediately flushed, and at a loss, he wanted to put Xi Yanliu on the gravel beside him. Then, as if remembering something, he took out a robe from the Qiankun bag, spread it on the ground before putting her on it.

Xi Yanliu looked at Mao Er gratefully and nodded to him.

Mao Er’s eyes drifted. When he was about to say something, someone slapped him on the back of his head. It was Mao Da who came over.

“Let’s go, let’s check over there.” Mao Da grabbed Mao Er by the collar and dragged him away, with his back to the crowd. He thought that he’d been protecting his brother too well. Previously, he taught Mao Er that the more beautiful a woman is, the more he needed to resist her. He also needed to teach Mao Er that he even had to pay attention to women who appeared to be weak!

“Le Hu and I will go to check there.” Wei Qing and Le Hu took the initiative to undertake the investigation task in the other direction, and they quickly disappeared into the darkness.

Xia Rongsheng chose another direction and left. On the bank of the black river, only the Xu family brothers, Zuo Shen and Xi Yanliu were left. Three of them stood together and only Xi Yanliu sat there with a weak face on Mao Er’s robe. It seemed that she was being bullied.

“Okay, stop pretending. What do you want exactly?” Xu Zirong didn’t bother to make excuses with this woman, so he asked directly.


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